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Social MediaPresence


ObjectivesBuild stronger social media presenceIncrease followers and likesShow Brand-Personality // Brand-IdentityCreate a personal connection with audienceBuild loyalty through showing authenticityCreate multiple platforms to widen market of different types of social media users

- The VALUE Shopper -


Where we areVS.where we want to beWHERE WE AREPosting more direct sale-motive based picturesVariance of coloring contentNon-cohesive

WHERE WE WANT TO BECreate a more life style brand that generates loyaltyEvoke emotion rather than trying to sell consumers *Have our consumers be apart of every aspect of brandLet consumers inside the brand (Brittany // Blog)


Core values // reflectionWe are empowering and reflecting on confident womenNot exclusive but still true to high quality luxury brandInspire women (continue to follow)Celebrate life's biggest momentsBe a clients go to and stress free option


FacebookTO INFORM-A business perspective // 3rd PersonTool for letting people know about events etc.More literal and to the point also incorporating IG postsCan lead people to our blog and instagramThere will be more platforms more incline to look at FBMore likes and follows


blogTO INSPIRE // INFORMFirst personA way for consumers to really connect to BrittanyTake in consumers make sure they come backGaining leads and views (search engine ranking)One post can lead to hundreds of views in future

Reasons Why Businesses Should BlogStay up to date on trends etc.Reflect that there is brains behind the business (show case)Build trust in your followersGrasp that value shopperPotentially another source of income (ads) (opens new doors)

INSTAGRAMTO INSPIRE-Girly content but cool tonesBe on brand and reflect beautini purpleShow personality and authenticityPosting confident empowering womenGaining followers by inspiring and giving content that interests them still relates to beautini


Top Beauty Bloggers of 2015

CarlibelSsssamanthaaAngexlaLupescuevasLora_arellanoAmrezyBeautybymd_Marianna Hewitt

Instagram - Blogger reference

Instagramtop like rate//low like rateTop Like RateLow Like Rate



Instagram:Written contentCaptions:Keep simple and shortWitty and add our quirkiness

Hashtages:#BeautiniBabes #BeautiniFavorites #BeautiniEssentials

Tags/Location Status:Tagging bloggers people we want to connect with our brandTag brands featured in picture (show up on their page associate beautini with them)


Instagram Breakdownweekly // images


Fashion (going to ) (1-2x)Brittany going to meetingsEvent planner/staff going meet a clientCute outfit heading to the airportAt a cool place/event (in an awesome outfit!)

Objective: to show how cool our lives are!!!! People are curious what running a start-up is like and the day to day activities. What events are we attending, where are we traveling, what are we up to?


Beauty Close-ups (1x/week)Hair dos (braid, blowout, updo)If Updo, mention something about weddings/special eventsDifferent Beauty LooksNatural dewy skin lookBedtime routinesMostly Brittany but also inspirational shots of women (Olivia Culpo on our Insta)


Beauty Product Pics (1x/week)Up above shotsMakeup/skincare products with other propsTag CPG Companies

Regrams from promos (bi-weekly) #beautinibabes

Groups of girls posingGroups drinking bubblyHaving a fun time getting ready

Indirect Pics (2-3x/week)

Coffee Breakfast meetingsLemon WaterDonuts/desserts picsShoes on tableSmoothies for healthier skin

Bridal Photos (1x/week)Hair StylesFlowersCakesGetting ready

Behind the Scenes (1x/week)Anything to deal with the Beautini teamEvents (whether its actually at the event or not)Meeting different peoplePhoto shootsOffice Meetings Brittanys Home? To correlate to blog postBusiness in action

Video Clips/Slideshows weekly/bi-weeklyVideos of recent Youtube UploadsPicture Slideshow RecapsExample: Marianna Hewitt

Beautini Blog Presence

CategoriesBeautiniAbout beautiniEvents we've doneYour story about starting etc. BusinessTipsAdviceNew business trendsBeautyEssentialsTipsEnticing Articles (Did You Know?)Interview some of our makeup artists/hairstylistEventsSpecial eventsWeddingsInspirational looksTrends for weddings/special eventsMet GalaLifestyleTravelHealthFashionMotivational adviceCURRENTLYOBSESSED


Statistics Continued

Statistics Continued

Top bloggersMiss MavenLa La Mer

Top bloggersBeauty BanterBeauty is Boring

Take away from these bloggersMISS MAVENFormer actress to increase exposure for her careerLA LA MARKnown to be a Kim K look alikeBEAUTY BANTERInterviews celebrity makeup artistsKourtney Kardashians friendBEAUTY IS BORINGMakeup artist worked on Olivia Wilde and Eva Mendes A way to connect on personal level and create more exposure

Statistics Continued instagram5PM Wednesdays BEST TIME TO POST2AM & 5PM are the best times to post for most engagementWorst times are 9AM and 6PMWednesday best day of the week

2AM & 5PM less people are posting more people are just using5PM end of the work day procrastinating before they leaveMON7pm 10pm

TUES3am 10pm

WED5pmTHURS2am 7am

FRI2am 7am

SAT2am 12am

SUN6am 5pm

Instagram Take away1. Post frequently bloggers posting at least twice a day, if not five times a day. Consistency keeps followers engaged.

2. Captions - mention brands, hashtag, add humor or emotion whenever we can to trigger relation keep followers coming back

3. Capture Often include what we are working on behind the scenes and create brand more personality

4. Showcase your style. Instagram users love to see your fashion, so embrace the #OOTD hashtag and share your personal style with your followers all the time.