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Establish a Social Media presenceGautham

Sounds easy, right?

Yes, its pretty easy :-)

You already know how to do this better than us :-)

So let me not get into what to do

Let me get started with the What not to dos

Establishing Social Media PresenceSetting up a Facebook page!=Not all companies need a Facebook page!

Social Media is just any place online where your target audience is hanging out, connecting with and interacting with each other

It could be any of the followingA WhatsApp groupA slack communityAn online forumHackerNewsMedium BlogSnapchat TwitterA Facebook group etc etc

For most early stage startups, building a blog audience is the best thing you can do to establish a social media presence

Theres incentive in gaining some credible number of activity (Likes, in the case of Facebook)

It showcases Credibility

A Facebook page which is unresponsive to messages like a mobile number that never answers calls

Write great copyThis goes a long way

Dunzo, made social media engagement through Whatsapp. Since the app was conversational commerce, they focussed on building WhatsApp engagement alone. They beta launched their product through WhatsApp chat

How to decide which SM platform to be on? Define your customer personaFigure out where they hangout onlineSetup presence exactly there and start informing, connecting and engagingDont just go to your favourite platform of choice

Setup MeasurementGet Google Analytics up on your blogCheck your Facebook page engagement Learn how to measure if youre getting the right audienceYou only improve what you measure

A new page also lets you experimentThe early days of a page is when you can try some off-beat experiments to engage audienceInvolving the audience in a fun and engaging manner will keep the audience coming back for more

Some other tipsGetting started early helps you reserve a nice name and keep itGet a nice name people will easily recollect and intuitively search for. LmntrX, watch out! :-)

This page will soon be abuzz with activity. Follow it to see original creative ideas for engagement

This page run by a film-maker in Kerala single handedly grew an audience of 5000 highly engaging audience in 1.5 years

Dont forget to have fun building your startup


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