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  • 1. Building your presence on Building your presence on Social Media With Greg Fry
  • 2. What is Networking?
  • 3. Friends. Family Members. College and School connections. Societies and Clubs. Business contacts ex- co-workers and clients. Targeted individuals. Networking events, Conferences and Job Fairs. How to build a Network
  • 4. Top 5 Networking Tips
  • 5. 1. Who do you want to talk to?
  • 6. 2. Look Sharp But dont judge others
  • 7. Know Your Message & Be Prepared
  • 8. 3. Whats Your Story? Have a sharp 60 90 second Elevator Pitch. Who you are. What you do. What you are looking for. What Value can you offer.
  • 9. Time to network
  • 10. 4. The Business Card
  • 11. 5. The Follow Up Send a follow up email. Connect on LinkedIn. Organise a face to face meeting. Stay in touch.
  • 12. Networking Takeaways Believe in yourself and be positive. Know who you are targeting. Dont do all the talking.listen, listen, listen, listen. Dress to make a great 1st Impression. But dont judge otherswe dont know who they are and who they may know. Know your story Who you are, what you do, what you are looking for and what value you can offer an employer. Carry and collect business cards. Always follow up with new connections. Connect on LinkedIn and build a business relationship. Stay in touch with your network.
  • 13. Building an online reputation How can you get noticed by the right people using Social Media? How can you create a LinkedIn profile that gets you found? How can you use LinkedIn proactively in your job search? What about Facebook and Twitter? What about demonstrating passion and ability through a personal blog? How can you achieve this. Video and other tactics. PPC Ads?
  • 14. Write down 20 Companies you would like to work or collaborate with
  • 15. Your Top 20 Companies
  • 16. How can you use Social Media to get noticed?
  • 17. What is your Headline?
  • 18. Good or Bad?
  • 19. Good or Bad?
  • 20. Slideshare Upload a Powerpoint Presentation and add to your profile. Tell your story and showcase your college projects and research findings. Even.Add a YouTube video to Slideshare and showcase a Reasons To Hire Me video.
  • 21. Meet Jordan McDonnell
  • 22. Meet Jordan McDonnell 100K views in 2 weeks. 10+ Job Interviews. 2 Dream job offers. 1 New Job.
  • 23. Blog with passion.. on LinkedIn
  • 24. What makes a good profile? A professional headline and a really good summary. A professional looking photo. A complete profile All Star status. 100 + Connections. A member of 10+ Groups. Frequently updated with articles and/or updates. Recommendations and Endorsements. Add detail of jobs and education including projects and research papers.
  • 25. Network in Groups Find Relevant Groups. Make new Contacts. Demonstrate your expertise. Ask Questions. Follow & get advice from experts. See Exclusive Jobs. Be Seen and let experts and employers find you.
  • 26. Who knows you are looking?
  • 27. What Groups to join?
  • 28. What Groups to join?
  • 29. Use LinkedIn Searches Search by Industry, location and job type. Search for advertised jobs on LinkedIn. Save your top searches. Search groups to find networking opportunities.
  • 30. Search Jobs
  • 31. Find & Connect with Past Graduates Click Interests tab and then select Education to search and connect with past graduates.
  • 32. Follow Companies Click on the Interests tab to find the company section.
  • 33. Follow Companies Click on the Interests tab to find the company section.
  • 34. Meet your Contacts Offline
  • 35. LinkedIn Advertising Target your ad to Employers, Researchers and key industry personnel who match your search criteria. Target your ads to a specific location. OR Set your PPC Budget. Only pay for clicks on your ad.
  • 36. Fancy a New CV? Go to - Sign in with your LinkedIn account. Create your CV or Resume. Other option for creating an online cv
  • 37. 10 LinkedIn Tips 1.Complete your profile. Make sure it sells your skills and abilities. 2. Use a URL like and add to your cv and email signatures. 3. Add Rich links. Eg. 4. Update your status regularly. (Demonstrate your skills and passion) 5. Investigate who your connections are connected to. 6. Search for connections and job opportunities. Follow targeted companies. Run advanced searches (for job opportunities). 7. Make p