the middle ages: the germanic kingdoms there are three heirs to rome germanic kingdoms eastern roman...

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  • The Middle Ages: The Germanic Kingdoms There are three heirs to Rome Germanic kingdoms Eastern Roman Empire Islamic Empires
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  • Three Heirs to Rome
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  • The Visigoths Settled on the Danube by Rome Adrianople 378 A.D. Sack of Rome 410 A.D. Migrate to Spain 410-440 A.D. Vandal Invasion 440-450 A.D. Vandals driven to Africa 455 A.D. Rome Sacked again 455 A.D. Odoacer deposes the last emperor
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  • Valens Draws up His Army
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  • Valens attacks/The Gothic Cavalry Arives
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  • The Roman Collapse
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  • Visigothic Spain Coexist with the Romans Warrior caste dominates the Roman bureaucracy Intermarry with Catholic Romans Never developed orderly system for selecting kings (civil wars) Muslims conquer Spain in 711 A.D.
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  • The Ostrogoths Subjects of the Huns until 453 A.D. Allies of the Eastern Roman Empire after the death of Attila
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  • Ostrogothic Italy King Theodoric commissioned by the emperor Zeno to attack Odoacer Theodoric rules independently of Zeno Integration of Roman government and German culture Separate legal systems for Goths and Romans Goths control the army Religious friction (Arians vs. Catholics) Conquered by Byzantium in 535 A.D. Conquered by the Lombards in 554 A.D.
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  • The Merovingian Franks 456 A.D. to 751 A.D. Clovis 456-511A.D. Converts to Catholicism during a battle Supported by Popes to fight Arianism Religious justification for expansion 3 sons divide the Kingdom
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  • The Franks
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  • Frankish Society Clovis sons cannot maintain political control Nobles power grows Agriculture increases, trade declines Clergy is corrupt and is dominated by nobles Drifting towards feudalism
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  • Frankish Culture Extended family/male dominated Kingship is limited Kings elected Military councils Loyalty to persons or kings, not the state
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  • Frankish Law Salic Law Customary Laws - Offenses are personal not crimes against the state - Fines for insults, wounds, and murder - Punishment stratified by class - Trial by battle, ordeal, or oath - Rough and ready methods of settling disputes
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  • Frankish Family Extended family Male dominated Arranged marriages Bride price Virginity verified Divorce permitted Widows can own property
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