The next billion dollar e-Sports industry: Focusing on Casual Gamers, Professional Gamers & Marketers

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>1Define e-sportsLoL season 3 viewers</p> <p>1League of Legends World Championship Season 3</p> <p>218,000 people had tickets ^32 million online2</p> <p>Launched in 2007Platform for Live Stream</p> <p>In 2014: Purchased by Amazon for $970 Million100 Million Unique Viewers</p> <p>33</p> <p>4</p> <p>4</p> <p>Industry Value2014: $194 Million2017: $465 Million** Based on Conservative Approach5Based on Newzoo research5</p> <p>$10.9 Million6</p> <p>$2.1 Million7</p> <p>8</p> <p>Players Participate in forum discussions</p> <p> Stream games</p> <p> Consumers</p> <p> Purchase virtual goods9enjoying the fun of watching top players compete, participate in blog discussion, spend some of his income on in-game merchandise and do not participate in top international tournaments.Consumers = bring along your catherine box art. Buy merchandise</p> <p>9</p> <p>10Newzoo research in 18 key countries in 201310</p> <p>Sellout KeyArena in Seattle, USThe International 4 Finals, 20141111</p> <p>1213</p> <p>Pro Gamers Full-time career</p> <p> Monthly salary guaranteed</p> <p> Compete regularly</p> <p> Sense of achievement</p> <p> Power obtainment14</p> <p>14MarketersGame DevelopersNon-PC Brands15Coca-Cola</p> <p> Collaborates with Riot Games</p> <p> Features League of Legends Characters</p> <p> Sponsors tournaments in Korea16</p> <p>17Red Bull</p> <p> Sponsors e-Sports tournaments worldwide</p> <p> Official energy drink</p> <p> e-Sports Web page18</p> <p>19American Express</p> <p> Collaborates with Riot Games</p> <p> Official payment partner</p> <p> Earn Riot Points20</p> <p>Why this industry?2122</p> <p>Conclusion High potential to grow</p> <p> Young &amp; vibrant consumers</p> <p> Suffers from recognition</p> <p>Difficult to be profitable for now</p> <p>Relatively a new industry</p> <p>23High potential to grow = digital age, live stream, fictional settingsYoung &amp; vibrant consumers = willing to spend, generation Y and Z</p> <p>Suffers from recognition = ESPN director, call it a competition, not a sport like chessDifficult to be profitable for now = With over one third of the industry revenue coming from online advertising, it is still not enough when you compared it to traditional sports broadcasting like football. Sports fans contribute $20 a year per person where as an e-sports fan is estimated to contribute only $2.20. Relatively a new industry = started to really accelerate in 2007, marketers still havent got a strategy for it23</p> <p>24Questions &amp; Answers Session25</p>