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  1. 1. The Power of the Facebook Gaming Platform Julia Ognieva, Head of Gaming Partnerships, Russia and CIS
  2. 2. Why were here...
  3. 3. Games are social
  4. 4. Source: comScore Mobile Metrix, US March 2013 More time is spent on Facebook than anywhere else on mobile Facebook & Instagram are of all mobile time spent daily 27%
  5. 5. A user checks Facebook on their mobile on average 14 times A day
  6. 6. My Country 2020 Game Insight
  7. 7. Facebook SDK for Unity Enable users to play with friends Connect gamers x-platform Grow your audience Easy integration & deployment
  8. 8. Build Grow Monetize Facebook Platform
  9. 9. Build
  10. 10. Parse Pricing UNLIMITED up to 30 requests/second UNLIMITED up to 1,000,000 recipients UNLIMITED data points
  11. 11. Township // Playrix ~4M downloads in three months
  12. 12. Grow
  13. 13. You are here App Store >900,000Apps Google Play >900,000Apps You are here
  14. 14. Find the right customers and drive installs Mobile App Ads: Demographic Mobile Custom Audience & Lookalike audiences Social 1 2 3 4
  15. 15. Mobile App Ads for Installs
  16. 16. Mobile App Ads for re-engagement 66% of app users open apps between 1 and 10 times
  17. 17. Custom Audiences Reach your customers and prospects on Facebook using their email, phone, or user IDs to create unique targeting groups
  18. 18. Lookalike Audiences Generate a targeting group of people with the same characteristics as those in your Custom Audience across 100s of parameters
  19. 19. Deploy. Measure. Optimize. Desktop App Ads
  20. 20. Use tools like the Share, App Center and Requests to engage people on Facebook Sharing 4Pics1Word doesnot use Login,yet allowsusersto post to Facebook with the
  21. 21. New App Center & App center videos
  22. 22. Making requests more relevant and compelling Improved requests Send dialogs Notifications Home reminders
  23. 23. Monetiz e
  24. 24. Monetize Your App with Facebook's Audience Network
  25. 25. Audience Network
  26. 26. The right ads for your audience Access to Facebook Advertisers Successful ad units
  27. 27. Build Grow Monetize Identity Parse Stability Guarantee App Ads Sharing App Center Payments Audience Network
  28. 28. Best practices
  29. 29. >30% Total payers increased for the 3 day sale period 68% Sales brought more people who hadnt purchased in the last 28 days Promotions Go forth and have sales
  30. 30. Criminal Case is one of the best examples of the power of A/B testing A/B Testing 98% organic traffic and > 660K installs per day
  31. 31. Build Grow Monetize Identity Parse Stability Guarantee App Installs Sharing Messaging Payments Audience Network
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Our Team Is hiring! Partner Engineer, Gaming London, UK
  34. 34. Julia Ognieva: