Three ways to prepare your car for a road trip

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<ul><li><p>Three Ways To Prepare Your Car For a Road Trip </p></li><li><p>Going for a long road trip is the best way to test your car. But, it is </p><p>important that the car is in perfect condition because even the minutest </p><p>problem like imbalanced tire or worn out windshield wiper can yield to a </p><p>lot of problems. </p><p>Performing an under-hood check: </p><p>The first thing to notice and check before you plan for the trip is to check </p><p>under the hood. There are many areas under hood that are prone to leaks. </p><p>See if there is any leakage. Check whether or not the battery terminals are </p><p>clean? Also, see if the drive belt is wearing out or not. </p><p>Check your car owner's manual: </p><p>Do not forget to place the owner's manual in the glove box. The owner's </p><p>manual is one of the most important things as it contains all the relevant </p><p>information like how to change the flat tire to how to tow a trailer.The </p><p>owner's manual also has information about when to refill the engine oil </p><p>and other necessary fluids. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Check engine oil: </p><p>One thing that should not be missed is to check the engine oil. Park your </p><p>car on a leveled area, warm your engine and stop it. </p><p></p></li></ul>