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Weekly news for the Australian and New Zealand Timber and Forestry industries.


  • 1SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 | PAGE

    THE Forest Products Association of Canada and its members are working with environmental groups in the largest conservation agreement ever signed.

    The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement will collaboratively seek solutions to economic and environmental challenges.

    Even with this impressive record, the forest products industry is pledging under its Vision2020 to go even further and improve its environmental credentials by an additional 35% by the end of the decade, says David Lindsay, president and

    CEO of the association.Vision2020 also sets a goal

    of generating an additional $20 billion in economic activity from new innovations and new

    markets.New ways of using renewable

    wood fi bre are only limited by our imaginations, he says. This

    Fashionable .. timber divan and timber fi bre clothes.

    Wood fashionablefor green buyers


    Setting the standardfor sustainable forest


    Globally recognised by PEFC,the worlds largest sustainable forest

    management certification scheme.

    TheNATIONALvoice for

    TimberMerchants Suppliers


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    ISSUE 337 | September 29, 2014

    Delivered weekly to timber merchants, sawmillers, wood processors, foresters, members of national, state and trade organisations and

    associations throughout Australia, New Zealand and various countries.

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    10 years of successful use means maximum Peace of Mind

    Not only have treated frames performed in Australian houses, ongoing high intensity fi eld testing continues to confi rm that Determites highly termite repellent formula is a standout.


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    Consumer campaigns promote fi brefor car parts, cosmetics and clothing

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  • PAGE | SEPTEMBER 29, 20142

    AFTER producing and editing more than 400 editions of Timber&Forestry enews, Jim Bowden is stepping down from the weekly industry on-line journal.

    He will continue as a timber journalist but will pursue special projects, including fi nishing a humorous book about his exploits as an agriculture writer over 57 years and publishing an illustrated series of childrens stories, in rhyme, on Australian wildlife and what children can learn from animals about respect for families, parents and friends.

    Now in his 7th decade, Jim has no thought of retiring.

    The move just opens a lot of new avenues for creative writing and photography, he said.

    Jim started his writing career at Queensland Country Life, rising to production manager, chief of staff and associate editor to his mentor Wallace Skelsey. He later became promotions manager for the Rural Press Group.

    His work has taken him to most overseas countries, including an eight-month stint in England and Wales in the 1970s as UK correspondent for Country Life.

    He founded Australian Timberman in 1977 and formed his own PR consultancy in 1987, publishing and editing Australian Timberman, Australian Cattleman, Australian Handyman, Go-Camping Australia, National Four-Wheeler magazine, and Eco-Farming newspaper.


    Skills and practices that work


    25 March 2015Canberra

    This program has been produced with the assistance of funding

    provided by the Australian Government through the Department of Industry.

    ABN: 39 946 785 543

    Save the Date

    The 7th Annual Industry Development Conference followed by the AFPA and ForestWorks Gala Dinner

    at Parliament House.


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    Jim cuts anew pathin industry

    Colin MacKenzieset high standard

    Jim Bowden .. new pursuits.

    )y 10M )6>D,N

    HE hates the term, but if the hard hat fi ts, wear it.

    Colin Elliott MacKenzie, Dip. Eng. (Civil), M.I.E. Aust., C.P.Eng., RPEQ, NPER, has truly earned the sobriquet the Guru of Timber Standards.

    About 60 friends, colleagues, workmates, industry leaders, scientists and just plain admirers gathered in Brisbane last Thursday to pay homage to a man who himself set a standard in the timber industry that will be hard to emulate

    With his wife Christine by his side, Colin, 65, said au revoir to the gathering which marked his retirement as timber application and use manager with Timber Queensland Ltd but it was not goodbye.

    Although he retired from full-time employment in July, and now acts as a consultant to TQ and industry generally, Colin remains glued to the industry he loves.

    Educated in Melbourne, he graduated with a Diploma of Engineering (Civil) from Caulfi eld Institute of Technology in 1974. He was employed

    as a technical assistant and technical offi cer with the CSIRO Division of Forest Products (later Division of Building Research) and for seven years until 1976 gained extensive experience in timber technology, timber and materials testing and laboratory practices and procedures.

    He joined the Timber Research and Development Advisory Council of Queensland (TRADAC) as an engineer in 1978, later to become technical director. In 2003, TRADAC and the Queensland Timber Board merged to form Timber Queensland.

    For the past 39 years Colin has been active in all facets of timber engineering and design. His areas of special interest include domestic engineering including high wind design, durability design, stress grading, the design and application of timber in commercial construction, fi re resistance design and the development of Australian standards and building codes for timber.

    He has been an active long-time member of Australian standards committees including the timber structures, structural timbers, timber framing code and timber preservation committees and is still a

    Active in allfacets of timberengineering

    New directions for respected engineer

    A new phase .. Colin MacKenzie and his wife Christine receive words of encouragement from Rod McInnes, CEO, Timber Queensland (left) and Dr Bob Leicester, former chief research scientist at CSIRO.

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  • 3SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 | PAGE

    could include the production of higher value bio-energy, bio-chemicals and other bio-materials everything from car parts to cosmetics and clothing.

    In Australia, a campaign has been launched to target a growing number of discriminating consumers who are paying attention to where products are manufactured and where materials are sourced.

    Buying green and protecting the environment has become an important goal one that has sparked discussion on the value of using forest products to produce fabrics, such as rayon

    and viscose, for fashion and other textiles.

    FSC Australia has launched a national awareness campaign to educate shoppers about the difference they can make through their purchasing power of products that carry forest certification.

    The FSC Friday campaign looks to build on the positive impacts the not for profit is having on Australian managed forests, following increased

    demand for responsibly sourced FSC forest products by Australian businesses, retailers and manufacturers.

    With a 38% increase in the number of FSC certified Australian products in 2013, shoppers are being encouraged to lookout for the FSCs mark of approval on the back of a growing number of products on the supermarket shelf.

    The FSC logo can be found on everything from paper and

    timber items like tissues, pencils and matches to the not so obvious honey, rubber, charcoal, cellophane and even latex gloves.

    FSC Australia CEO Natalie Reynolds said: When a consumer buys an FSC certified product they can be confident every stage of its life has been assessed to ensure its sourced from a responsibly harvested natural or plantation forest, which meets the FSCs rigorous economic, environmental and social standards.



    Buying green has become an important goal

    Campaign targets growing list ofdiscriminating green consumers

    Children and trees .. learning about the importance of responsible forestry on FSC Friday.

    Cont P 12

    member of TM 010 Timbers Structures and Framing.

    As well as the SAI committees, Colin has represented Australia on the ISO committee TC 165 Structural Timber on numerous occasions.

    Importantly, Colin was instrumental in the writing and publishing of documents for TRADAC, Timber Queensland, the National Association of Forest Industries, the National Timber Development Council and Forest and Wood Products Australia. These include the (TRADAC) Queensland Timber Framing Manuals, MRTFC publications, AS 1684, some of the data files in the NAFI timber manual and the Timber Service Life Design Guide.

    Some activities recently completed include the project

    management for a $6 million-plus national durability design project, R&D into timber framing systems, recycled timber grading rules and timber flooring performance. Recently, he finished the preparation of design guides for FWPA, covering moisture affected timber and lightweight timber systems for noise transport corridors.

    Colin was awarded the 1999 Stanley A. Clarke Medal, Institute of Wood Science Australia, for services to the Australian timber industry in te