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Weekly news for the timber and forestry industries in Australia and New Zealand


  • 111 AUGUST, 2014 | PAGE


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    ISSUE 330 | Aug 11, 2014Delivered weekly to timber merchants, sawmillers, wood processors, foresters, members of national, state and trade organisations and

    associations throughout Australia, New Zealand and various countries.

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    Full steam aheadon skills trainingWorking groups focus on supply chainTHE ForestWorks ISC innovation skills program is running at full steam, providing ample opportunity for industry to get involved in learning and discussion through working groups and forums.

    ForestWorks, in conjunction with the Victorian Association of Forest Industries, the Timber Merchants Association and the Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association, will hold an innovation skills forum at Mount Waverley, Melbourne on August 22.

    The four-hour forum, aptly

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    The shape of the future .. Emman Taleb demonstrates the intricate wood-working ability of Italian manufacturer Biesses bSolid technology, featuring virtual machining simulation, at AWISA 2014 in Brisbane. See special coverage this week.

    Biesse says benvenuti

  • PAGE | 11 AUGUST, 20142

    A NEW engineered wood product that utilises logs destined for woodchips aroused lots of interest at the AWISA 2014 exhibition in Brisbane last week. Inspecting Tasmanian regrowth forest logs used in the manufacture of Hardlam on the Forestry Tasmania stand are Laminex New Zealand representatives Rachel Cox, national distributor manager, and Matt Miller, raw board and veneer manager, both based in Auckland.

    Dr Matt Wood, a senior technical analyst in product development at Forestry Tasmania, said pre-production of Hardlam was expected by mid-2015 and plans had been drawn up for a manufacturing plant to be built near Hobart.

    He said Forestry Tasmania was confident the new laminated hardwood process laminated veneer lumber produced from rotary peeled veneer, with the individual veneers glued together would be a much sought-after gap to the high-quality saw logs that had been used for decades to produce sawn timber.

    Hardlam, currently processed in China but with manufacture eventually to be based in southern Tasmania, had a number of qualities that would satisfy both consumers and entrenched critics of Forestry Tasmanias practises, Dr Wood said.

    It utilises small-diameter low grade logs that would normally be used for woodchips and possesses exceptional strength and durability, he said.

    Its an incredibly versatile product that will be used in a wide range of applications.

    Hardlam has already

    captured the markets attention, with architect Scott Verdouw predicting a bright future for the innovation.

    We think its a fantastic product that weve been trying to get into a couple of buildings, Mr Verdouw said.

    The fact that its a stable product and can be machined up reasonably quickly means it can be used in a number of different ways. And it has a huge advantage over traditional timber because you can get it in different sizes.

    Prominent Tasmanian furniture designer Linda Fredheim also delivered glowing praise, saying many other furniture makers were genuinely excited by its strength and beauty.

    Matt Wood added: Right now we are using regrowth logs, which gives us a lot of

    hardness and stiffness for items such as table tops. Much of Hardlams appeal is in its versatility and flooring is one use offering huge potential.

    We can start with wide boards that you just cant get in Tasmanian Oak.

    Mr Wood said the cost of Hardlam compared favourably with traditional timbers such as Tassie oak.

    Tassie oak will always have its market and uses, but Hardlam will certainly start to fill those gaps where larger end-section boards are becoming harder to find, he said.

    Forestry Tasmania has



    AWISA 2014 buzzes overnew laminated hardwoodRevolutionary process uses low-grade woodchip logs

    Proposal for Hardlam mill in Tasmania

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    Flooring one use offering huge potential

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    themed Improving, growing and changing our business, will give attendees the opportunity to participate in a practical group discussion on innovation within the industry and its organisations.

    ForestWorks CEO Michael Hartman will open the forum with a presentation on maximising opportunity and minimising risk in order to improve competitiveness and profitability.

    Mark Kelly, Department of Industry, will look at practical case studies of how businesses are doing things differently today.

    Our industry is changing. We are becoming more innovative and more collaborative and we have the potential to change even further, Michael Hartman said.

    ForestWorks ISC is supporting industry during this period of transformation by ensuring leaders, managers and workers have the right skills to support the opportunities ahead of them.

    ForestWorks ISC is also working with the Timber and Building Materials Association (TABMA Australia) on a series of innovation forums in New South Wales and South Australia.

    Registrations for the Mount Waverley innovation forum can be made by contacting Angela Flynn on (03) 9321 3514 or visit www.forestworks.com.au/innovation/innovation-events

    Mr Hartman said information gathered from innovation forums along with industry feedback had led to the creation of seven working groups. These working groups focused on specific topics affecting different sectors across the supply chain.

    Four groups are already under way and engaging in activities:

    David Quill, an industry leader in the Green Triangle region, heads the innovation solutions to specific skill shortages group, which is focused on developing and implementing solutions to skills shortages in regional forestry districts.

    A working group delving into the topic of pulp and paper sector HR development solutions is being facilitated by Jim Henneberry and led by Adele Elice-Invaso of Appita. The

    Industry is becoming moreinnovative and collaborative

    We have the potential for further change

    From P 1

    Kersten GentleMichael Hartman David Quill Jim Henneberry Simon Dorries

    Matt Holiday of Altendorf Asia-Pacific talks panel saws with Jassey and Col Harris of Harris Timbers, Armidale, NSW.

    Serving up service and fresh cappuccinos on the FIAA stand are Monique Penton, human relations adviser, and Kristy Cole, administration services.

    Georgia Weatherall displays the product range on the New Age Veneers stand for Hugh and Nicky Armstrong, joiners from Invercargill, NZ.

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  • PAGE | 11 AUGUST, 20144

    taken Hardlam on the road to Sydney and Melbourne.

    Everyone is very excited about it and on the back of that we have had a lot of follow up and have secured some large orders, Mr Wood said.

    We have started to sell small amounts to wholesalers who want to spend more time looking at the product and

    on some of their own market testing.

    It is an exciting product that ticks all the boxes; its a really good news story about value-added sustainability.

    He said Forestry Tasmania was also working with blackwood and expected to trial other speciality timbers such as celery top pine and myrtle, along with plantation timbers.

    info@forestry.org.au | www.forestry.org.au

    From P 2

    Ticks all boxesfor sustainability

    Excited about the future for Hardlam .. Forestry Tasmania representatives Andrew Duncan, domestic sales and export (left) and Dr Matt Wood, senior technical analyst (product development), second from right, confer with federal Department of Industry o cers Andrew Trainer, manager, pulp, paper, print and furniture, and Sean Thomas, assistant manager, manufacturing performance.

    Spreading the timber industry careers message at AWISA 2014 are TABMA Australia representatives Steve Cunningham, national training and development manager, Sydney, and Alicia Oelkers, state manager, TABMA Queensland.

    Hosting the busy Woodtron stand are Melbourne-based Serrin McCallum and Jennie Sellman, wife of founder and managing director Geo Sellman. Mr Sellman has utilised his years of experience with major European brands to build the state-of-the-art Woodtron CNC routers for the Australian market.

    Hettich Australia WA Australia area manager Andrew Buckingham welcomes AWISA 2014 visitors from Peel Cabinets, Perth the Robson family Daniel, Geo , Jackie and Margot Robson.

  • 511 AUGUST, 2014 | PAGE

    AUGUST 201411-12: DANA conference, Rotorua, NZ. The New Zealand forestry and forest products sector: its situation in 2014 and trends going forward.