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  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty


  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty



    TraceyBellprovides 360degreerejuvena-

    tiontreatments andexclusiveproductsall

    under oneroof.From generaldentistryto

    creatingperfect smiles,revitalising skinon

    theface andbodyto treatingmedical con-

    ditionssuchas acne, weightproblems and

    varicoseveinremoval, to simple effective

    beautytreatments.There are threeTracey

    Bellcentresin Isleof Manoffering thelatest

    inglobalinnovation,technology andtreat-

    ments forall yourdental andmedical

    needs.Our philosophyis Education,Ethics,Evidencebasedresultsand Emotive beauty

    and itis ouraiminthispublicationto give

    youaninsightinto ourpassion and to

    demonstrateour highstandardswithin the

    industry. Someof youmay alreadyknow us

    asCraigend Dental,KensingtonClinicand

    Apt, howeverin 2009all of these health

    andbeauty businessesare being brought

    toyou exclusivelyunderthe newly branded

    TRACEYBELLumbrella andwe think you

    will beas excitedas weareabout the fan-


    SpaScription, SlimScription and Surgi-

    calScription treatments and productswe


    Head Office 1 Kensington Road,

    Douglas, Isle ofMan IM1 3ER


    ntroductionto theTeamA guide to nonsurgical proceduresGrowthMarket figuresEmotive BeautyNonsurgical Make-over CarolineKirkhamLookingGood FeelingGreatPreventativeApproach Fillers andBotoxGet Hot to Look HotLaser Treatmentstattoo removal,

    acnetreatmentand hairremovalLaser Offer?

    A newapproach toWeightManagement

    The SmileScription TeamDental HygienePlaqueTerminators TheRise of theHygienists

    What does your smile say aboutyou? Firstimpressions arelasting

    impressionsFear of the dentistPaulineChrispI wasterrified of thedentistRestoring a SmileRestorative DentistryDental ImplantsA newspecialistjoining

    Smile Make-oversNotall dentistsare thesameDental PricelistsMove Over Ugly BettyOrthodonticsInvisalign

    Preventative DentistryAnotherFirstThePersonalDentalPlanOral Cancer Screening

    TheTeamHead,Shoulders, Body,Hands andToesA guideto ChemicalPeels& theNewMoth BeamPeelProductBenefits InternationalBrand SkinScription advertChiral SkinCare andMineralMake-upBeauty Make-overs

    A newTraceyBell centreofexcellenceBringingdisciplines together

    2009 Development & Conclusion

    WelcomeTo the first edition of the Tracey Bell Magazine Whilst you cant stop time, you can significantly slow its

    effects. In the right hands, the vast array of procedures and

    products now available can produce life-changing results!

    Weoffer youa selection of proce-

    dures thatare simpleandsafe

    but effective.From botox to

    chemical peels andmicroder-

    mabrasion to laser skinresurfac-

    ing,we'll assess your

    requirements and recommend the

    besttreatments for you

    Meet theSkinS




    Tracey Bell BDS Hons

    Whilst Tracey specialises in restorative den-

    tistry over the last 7 years she has been re-

    searching and qualifying in advanced aesthetic

    medicine all over the World. Traceys philoso-

    phy the teeth are the internal scaffolding of the

    face, led her to creating perfect smiles, which

    then lead to her interest in wanting to produce

    360 degree rejuvenation. She is a validator for

    Allergan in the use of Vistabel and Botox prod-

    ucts and a clinical evaluator for Juverderm (Al-lergan) December 2007. She also delivers

    workshops in the use of other injectables such

    as Q-med Restylane Fillers for other practition-

    ers and was the Chairperson for Association of

    Facial Aesthetic 2006 -2007 and is an advisor

    for the Consulting Room. Tracey is recognised

    in both dental and aesthetic industries. She is

    a much sought after speaker and professional

    writer on the subject of integration of all fields,

    along with the importance of teamwork, her vi-

    sion and the future of the industries in general.

    Alison Moore RGN

    Alison has 23 years in the

    became a registered nurse

    also qualified as a midwife

    trained in lasers and Restyl

    aesthetic nurse. With a full

    program in place Alison is

    Liposound and Skin Analys

    be qualifying in botox and r

    She is a very welcome new


    Gina Molinari

    Skin Rejuvenation Exp

    Gina Molinaris perfect glow

    ment to her talent. Gina is

    juvenation and she is the p

    doctors how to work the W

    Laser System. She is an Ita

    Brooklyn and met Tracey in

    whilst working for Radiancy

    Whisper Laser. Gina is hig

    medical spa industry in the

    ogists to plastic surgeons a

    ing and knowledge. We are

    Gina working with us.

    SPRING - SUMMER 2009

  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty


    Pixel Photo Rejuvenation

    The Pixel by Harmony is a safe and effective

    treatment for fractional ablative skin resurfac-ing on the face, neck, chest, arms and

    hands. Designed to treat aged and photo-

    damaged skin, and improves the quality, ap-

    pearance and texture of the dermis while it

    stimulates collagen regeneration. Skin resur-

    facing with the Pixel is a gradual process

    that happens over several treatments. The

    skin around the treatment area feels firmer

    and tighter with a smoother surface texture.

    Approximately 3 to 5 treatments are recom-

    mended at 2 weekly intervals and take

    around 45 minutes with no recovery time.

    Laser Hair Removal

    An excellent and popular treatment to re-

    move unwanted hair. There are three differ-ent types of laser for different skin types and

    parts of the body. During a treatment, light

    passes through the skin and is absorbed by

    the melanin in the hair shaft. This absorption

    raises the temperature of the hair follicle and

    thermally destroys the cells responsible for

    re-growth. Most hair colour can be treated,

    from blonde to black, as well as most hair

    textures, from coarse to fine. It is effective in

    treating hairs on all parts of the body, includ-

    ing anywhere on the face, the bikini line,

    legs, underarms or a man's back and chest.

    Treatment takes between 15 to 45 minutes

    and a course of six is required at 4 -6 week


    Laser Tattoo Removal

    Almost any tattoo can now be removed with

    the use of lasers. The treatment works by

    breaking down the particles of ink sus-

    pended beneath the skin, enabling your im-

    mune system to naturally eliminate them.

    Three types of laser are employed to remove

    different colour groups. Pulses of light from

    the laser are directed onto the tattoo break-

    ing up the tattoo pigment. Over the next

    several weeks the body's macrophages re-

    move the treated pigmented areas. From 3

    and up to 12 monthly sessions may be re-

    quired, treatments vary on the size of the

    tattoo and can take between 15 to 45 min-utes.

    Other Laser Applications include

    Acne treatment, leg veins, stretch marks,

    cellulite reduction, rosacea and port wine

    stains, skin tightening.

    Chemical Peels

    Chemical peels can be light (non ablative) or

    deep (ablative). A light chemical peel will re-

    move the superficial upper layers of the skin

    without downtime, although the skin can ap-

    pear pink for a few hours after the treat-

    ments. Chemical peel solutions include

    retinoic acid, low concentration TCA and

    glycolics. They give an almost instantaneous

    improvement in the skins appearance, as

    the dead skin cells are removed and new

    skin regeneration is stimulated. It takes ap-

    prox 30 minutes and if repeated every three

    weeks the results will continue to improve

    every time.

    Deep chemical peels rem

    ers of the skin to smooth

    scars and to treat irregula

    tion and are usually a high

    TCA. They can also be us

    of acne. It takes approx 3

    hour with a local anaesthe

    can vary from 2-4 weeks.


    Microdermabrasion is a p

    uses vacuum suction and

    tals which deeply exfoliate

    skin. It can be used on all

    and face to remove dead

    dress fine lines, blocked p

    minor scars and dull skin

    ment is effective in specifi

    and results improve after

    session. The skin looks b

    feeling smooth.

    A guide to non surgicalprocedures

    Botox TM Injections(Botulinim Toxin Type A)

    Botox is one of the most common non sur-

    gical procedures with a reported one million

    injections administered in the UK last year.

    As we age our expression lines, laughter

    lines and fine lines from ageing can appear

    more definitive around the eyes, on the fore-

    head and in between the eyes. Botox con-

    tains a substance which inhibits the facial

    muscle actions, thereby decreasing the

    brow and forehead furrowing and the skin

    around the eyes wrinkling and creating

    creases. These areas become at rest and

    hence the lines diminish and disappear tem-

    porarily. The effect of the injections takes up

    to 9 11 days to appear fully and lasts up to3 to 4 months and then the muscles begin

    to work again. Botox must be prescribed by

    a doctor and a patient should fill in a medical

    questionnaire and sign a consent form.

    Botox can also treat excessive perspiration

    to the under arms, soles of the feet and

    palms of the hands. Only a doctor, dentist or

    aesthetic nurse practitioner should adminis-

    ter Botox injections. No anaesthesia is re-

    quired and the treatment takes between 5 to

    10 minutes to administer.

    Fillers Temporary and Semi-Permanent

    Some of the most popular volumizing tem-

    porary fillers are from the Q-MED familyRestylane and include Restylane; Lipp, Vital

    Light and Perlane, other are Juvederm, Hy-

    laform and Evolence they are mostly

    Hyaluronic Acid, these last between 3-6

    months or more. The semi-permanent ones

    are Sculptra and Radiesse and may require

    more than one treatment to achieve full and

    longer lasting results up to 2 years. As we

    age the skin loses elasticity and the collagen

    production slows down, the face loses vol-

    ume and its youthful plumpness. Fillers are

    designed to be used in the face to enhance

    soft tissue volume and re-contour as well as

    fill in and smooth out depressed areas, such

    as around naso labial and marionette lines

    around the nose and mouth. Filler is used toaugment the lips and lip line to enhance defi-

    nition and restore natural fullness to the lips;

    it can also be used to re contour the upper

    and lower face and jaw line. A local anaes-

    thetic cream or sometimes an injection is

    used to numb the area and the procedure

    takes between fifteen minutes to an hour.

    Laser Skin Re-surfacing Ablative

    The most commonly used ablative lasers are

    the carbon dioxide or erbium yag where the

    upper layers of the skin are removed to

    smooth fines lines and wrinkles, for scar re-

    vision and to treat irregular skin pigmenta-

    tion. The Whisper laser peel is a treatment

    that requires 3 sessions over 3 months for

    optimum results and the effects are longlasting allowing for natural ageing, as long as

    sun protection is used along with a good

    skin maintenance regime. The Harmony er-

    bium YAG is also used in minimally ablative

    skin re-surfacing. The treatments can take

    between 30 minutes and an hour and the

    recovery time is 2-3 weeks

    Example quotation,Ask client to pick appro-priate quote from text.

  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty



    emotive beautyOne of the things that has amazed me the most is the internal

    emotive change that these physical alterations can instigate...

    After years of transforming and re-invent-

    ing smiles, faces, skin and bodies, I have

    obviously witnessed the physical charac-

    teristics of my patients changing over the

    course of their treatments, but one of the

    things that has amazed me the most is

    the internal emotive change that these

    physical alterations can instigate.

    I have seen confidence grow, contentment

    and self esteem spread, zest and vitality for

    life and in a way, a form of empowerment.

    We already know that every thought can

    produce a physical reaction and by chang-

    ing the way a person thinks and feels about

    themselves it can produce an emotional


    Their physical body language alters and the

    way they communicate and present them-

    selves changes, their image or dress sense

    gets tweaked and they start to emit a new

    found confidence, I have always main-

    tained that its not just about physical

    beauty, its about putting that spring back in

    your step and feeling good on the inside.

    It is powerful beauty a sort of Beauty and

    the Brain process, a combination of look-

    ing in the mirror and liking what you see,

    which builds confidence. Scientific studies

    at the University of California have shown

    results that our brains are trained on a pro-

    portion of attractiveness and beauty. Whilst

    eyes are the vehicle for receiving visual im-

    ages, the brain decides how attractive

    those images are. Attractiveness appears

    to be related to how easy you can wrap

    your brain around a face.

    A stimulus becomes attractive if it falls in

    to the average of what you have seen andis therefore simple for your brain to

    process, said study author Piotr Winkiel-

    man of the University of California, San

    Diego. In our experiments we show that

    we can make an arbitrary pattern likeable

    just by preparing the mind to recognize it

    quickly.Ref: Live

    A patient of mine Caroline came to me

    with very ill fitting dentures and as a result

    a sunken face. Caroline, I learned used to

    be confident, attractive, had the world at

    her feet and four beautiful children, a

    good husband and a highly successful

    florist business. She always had a sense

    of pride and enjoyed taking care of her-

    self, looked good and enjoyed life.

    Ten years ago that all changed when her

    husband had a serious accident, her life

    fell into what seemed like a black hole

    and her priorities changed. It seemed as

    if overnight her confidence disappeared

    along with her life, beauty and looks.

    With her husband requiring constant care

    not only did her home life, but her social

    and emotional life changed completely.

    Caroline had what I call a truth moment

    on one of her visits to me when I asked

    her how she was, half an hour later her

    last eight years had spilled out to me.

    Caroline had a smile make-over using

    dental implants and new dentures and

    once she had the perfect picture, she

    was motivated to get the beautiful frame

    to that picture. When I talk to my patients

    I dont judge them, I gain their trust ask

    them to show me what bothers them and

    so often the solution is not extreme, but a

    combination of natural and subtle en-

    hancements, that when all put together

    have an amazing effect on how someone

    looks and feels.

    Carolines combined aesthetic treatments

    consist of a SkinScription chemical skin

    peel, a little Botox in the Glabellas and

    forehead, lip enhancement with Resty-

    lane Lipp, lower face and upper lip area

    rejuvenation with Restylane Vital and

    cheek augmentation with Restylane. The

    results speak for themselves and Caro-

    lines account of what happened to her is

    highly emotive and I would imagine that

    many people out there will relate very

    strongly to how she felt.

    its not just aboutphysical beauty, itsabout putting thatspring back in your

    step and feelinggood on the inside.

    I realised that I had gone to Tracey with

    the problem of my teeth and mouth be-

    cause, they were ugly and it did bother

    me, but what Tracey also realised, without

    me telling her, was that I was lacking in

    confidence and assertion. By giving me

    the opportunity and the push to talk to her,

    I was able to pinpoint those physical signsand get them out in the open.

    And so began my Reinvention. So where

    did I begin, my mouth of course. The single

    thing that I had hated the most, the lines,

    the teeth, the loss of my luscious lips that

    many years ago had kissed the man I

    loved and married. So the magic of Tracey

    began with her team, my smile was trans-

    formed with dental Implants and new den-

    tures- the confidence I gained from this

    alone was tenfold. I could smile, laugh and

    eat and they didnt move. wow I

    thought. The lovely picture Tracey had said.

    Now for the Frame my lips and soft tis-

    sue around my lips were transformed in to

    a frame that houses a masterpiece.

    With the use of Restylane for the lips and

    Vital for the fine lines my lips were restored

    to their original plumpness. I caught my re-

    flection in the shop window and smiled

    not bad I thought, things w

    From then on I was transfor

    and my skin was improved.

    in the brow and eye area an

    cheeks, something I would

    thought about before, but w

    education and treatments, m

    grew and my personal metacontinued. I even had some

    Vital Light treatments on my

    which had sun damage and

    sult is remarkable. I didnt th

    would ever be the type of pe

    treatments of this nature, bu

    that I considered it and wen

    On reflection, my looks cha

    circumstances, state of min

    didnt like what I saw in the

    confidence dropped and sta

    years. Tracey Bell and her te

    rected that confidence and

    change has resulted in an e

    change for me. What is also

    my husband has improved

    could it be that my new foun

    go and my smiling on the in

    side feeling has had an effec

    think so.

    Caroline Kirkham patient o



  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty


    eTracey Bell Clinics demand for

    skin tightening and body shaping

    is soaring to new heights and

    temperatures, increasing by

    260% more than this time last


    Why? The demand can partly be ex-

    plained by emotive beauty and of

    course the results. So what is the secret

    of the clinics that are certainly the

    hottest in town and a haunt for celebri-

    ties? Combination treatments utilising

    Liposound, Accent RF and the PixelLaser all these energy based and heat

    treatments can provide you with solu-

    tions to your demands of body re-

    shaping and facial lifting and tightening

    making you look sensational.

    Tracey Bell has seen that the demand

    for body shaping, weight loss and skin

    tightening is out stripping supply in her

    clinics in the Isle of Man and Liverpool.

    The technique is a combination of treat-

    ments that consists of three main


    1.Liposound2.Accent RF


    Primarily, the liposound machine is

    utilised, a painless strip of conductors

    that deliver ultrasound producing Nora-

    drenalin that in turn has an effect on the

    fat cells producing natural lipolysis.

    Combined with the delivery of the ac-

    cent RF or neocollagenesis as Tracey

    Bell describes that heat is delivered to

    the deep dermal tissues producing in-

    flammation, collagen, expansion / pro-

    duction. In turn the effect is Slimming,

    Toning, Firming with wow factor results.

    Tracey Bell says:

    You can certainly come in during your

    lunch time to have it done. It is the ideal

    treatment for those who find it difficult to

    exercise and plan their health, because

    they are time sensitive and want to look

    good, but more importantly feel good

    Cost per session of Liposound / RF is

    145 recommended number of treat-

    ments is 12.

    The Tracey Bell centres have certainly

    found a huge increase in the number of

    clients seeking a body shaping pro-

    gramme that is result driven and easy to

    follow. The treatment neocollagenesis

    can also be combined with the Slim-

    Scription programme. A specific nutri-

    tionally prepared diet consisting of 4


    1. ReStart

    (Diet / Portable Protein Pack)

    2. ReShape (NeoCollagenesis)

    3. RePlenish

    (The use of Nutraceuticals)

    4. ReInvent (Time to make a change)

    These Treatments are not just confined

    to the body, heat based treatments are

    increasing as part of the new non-surgi-

    cal face lift. Do you eever look in the

    mirror and say if I could just do this

    and pull your face back with your fin-

    gers? Well now you can, get a lift with-

    out surgery with a completely

    non-invasive treatment that has guaran-

    teed results. A machine like the Der-

    mawave TM offers the ultimate in

    reduction of jowls and facial wrinkles, it

    reduces jowls, tightens skin and im-

    proves the skins texture whilst toning. A

    course of treatments is required to

    achieve results which are fabulous.

    Physical change is what happens over

    the days and weeks during those treat-

    ments but the by-product of physical

    change is certainly emotive beauty.

    If you look good you feelgood and if you feel good,you look good, its a synergybetween both inner andouter beauty.Body Shaping and Skin Tightening. We are tightening our purses in

    this economic climate and it seems our figures are too...


    One client Kelly can

    cut jeans and waist hug

    result of Neocollagenes


    Having had two ba

    too self conscious and

    wear figure hugging clo

    display her once perfec

    excess skin and stretch

    After hearing abou

    and Neocollagenesis pr

    consultation with Tracey

    of Man clinic followed b


    The treatment was

    amazing, I have had 6 m

    ment and the stretch m

    skin have reduced ama

    sults for me are wow

    client of Tracey Bell.

    case s

    LO- RES

  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty



    In the busy lives that we lead our

    bodies can become neglected

    due to lifestyles and attitudes to

    food. Working hard, looking after

    our families and juggling all our

    commitments can mean that we

    have less time to make informed

    choices about our food when

    shopping, cooking and eating


    The types of food we eat, when

    we eat and how we eat has a

    major influence on how we l ook

    and feel. Adding to that food can

    become a habit or an addiction

    and it can be difficult to break the


    All of those elements can lead a person

    to become depressed and unhealthy,

    with the person on the outside not re-

    flecting the true person on the inside.

    After a period of time feeling over weight

    and not liking what you see when you

    look in the mirror can totally de-motivate

    a person and strip away their confi-


    The expert team at Tracey Bell have de-

    veloped a synergistic approach to

    weight loss and body shaping taking in

    to account all of the elements that can

    help us to lose weight, reduce calorie

    and carbohydrate intake, manage ap-

    petite, shape and sculpt the body,

    tighten and firm skin, tone the physique

    and re-gain inner confidence with emo-

    tive beauty.


    A controlled nutritional program thats

    easy to understand and follow.


    Aesthetic shaping treatments such as

    Liposound, which opens up the fat cells

    which in turn the body burns and ener-

    gises. Radio Frequency tightens and

    firms the skin.


    A super combination of natural oral sup-

    plements which help to manage metab-

    olism and helps to accelerate the

    burning of fat calories.

    ReInvent The emotive beauty which

    helps to promote inner confidence and

    motivation to change how you feel

    about yourself and like what you see.

    Lindas Story: Linda has struggled with

    her weight for years and agreed to take

    part in one of our trials in 2008 I have

    struggled with weight loss all of my life.

    Yes Id tried every diet, had the medals,

    badges and rosettes to show my worth,

    but the same old story kept repeating it-

    self over and over again. I would get

    geared up, get on the diet, claw my way

    to the finish line and hit my target, but I

    never felt quite complete, I felt some-

    how duped. Yes I had lost the weight,

    but my shape and how I felt about my

    body, never seemed right and insecuri-

    ties set in about how I felt when I looked

    in the mirror and guess what before I

    knew it I was back to being five stone

    overweight, plus a few extra pounds

    each time.

    So what was the difference this time? I

    found confidence, thats what, I began

    to like what I could see and also realise

    how important my weight loss and

    changing shape was, to my brain. Slim-

    Scription certainly isnt just any old diet,

    its not just about lowering your calorie

    and food intake, and in fact it was out

    with the scales and I focused purely on

    body, shape and image, all of the visual

    instruments which promote beauty to

    the brain and of course education in the

    program of:





    I learnt that these are the four stages of

    body evolution. Now Im a convert. For

    the first 4 weeks it was about control,

    re-educating myself on diet, low carbo-

    hydrate and high protein and how it af-

    fects my health, but I could start to see

    the difference and I got excited and in-


    The weight loss combined with me be-

    ginning to regain my shape My eyes

    began to like what they could see. I can

    see and feel the difference, I havent got

    the saggy bits I had before when I lost

    weight, I am not hungry and not con-

    stantly thinking about food and I feel full

    of vitality and lust for life! I feel proud of

    what I have achieved and my confi-

    dence is growing, people keep telling

    me how wonderful I look and I feel so


    Case Study: Linda Turpin



    SlimScription is being launched in March 2009 for more information or to regis-ter your interest for the launch details email us with your contact details at

    [email protected] and put SlimScription in the subject box or

    please call us on 01624 613323

    With twice weeklyLiposound andRadio Frequency Ihave been able tosee my bodyre-shaping as I slim.

    LO- RE

  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty


    Intro blurb: Ask client for appro-

    priate introduction if possible.

    Intro blurb: Ask client for appro-

    priate introduction if possible

    Intro blurb: Ask client for appro-

    priate introduction if possible

    uxMMeet the SmileScriptionTeam

    Tracey Bell BDS Hons

    Tracey has a special interest in restorative den-

    tistry and implantology and has undertaken

    numerous diplomas and courses since gradu-

    ating from Manchester in 1993. She is

    renowned within the professional industry for

    her Smile Creations and is frequently asked to

    contribute clinical articles for the dental and

    medical aesthetic press. She is a member of

    so many professional associations that there

    are too many to mention not just her in the UK

    but internationally such as;

    British Dental Association

    British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists

    International Association of Facial Aesthetics

    Chair 2007

    American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

    Association of Dental Implantology

    PREP Panel Birmingham University

    Tracey also delivers presentations and semi-

    nars to other dentists and aesthetic practition-

    ers on clinical procedures and business. Most

    recently Tracey has been to New York to re-

    ceive an honorary Fellowship in to the Interna-

    tional Academy of Dental-Facial Esthetics

    (IADFE) for which she was nominated by the

    President Elect of the British Dental Associa-

    tion Amarjit Gill.

    Dr Ivan Santa

    Our Hungarian born dentist graduated in 2004

    in Budapest and is due to undertake a Mas-

    ters degree FGDP in Implantology in January

    2009 at the Royal College of Surgeons in Lon-

    don. Ivan studied aesthetic dentistry in Ger-

    many and joined us from a practice in York to

    advance his techniques in smile design and fa-

    cial aesthetics. Experienced in tooth whitening

    and has a special interest in minor periodontal


    Dr Darren Stone BDS

    Darren attended Liverpool University and

    gained his Dentistry degree in 1997. Darren

    also won a national prize for the presentation

    of his elective research project. Darren has a

    special interest in orthodontics and is now a

    Platinum Invisalign Practitioner a clear remov-

    able aligning system.

    Phyllis Georgeson

    Phyllis graduated from Glasgow in 1990 and

    held a post as a tutor in dental hygiene for Ed-

    inburgh University. She has been with the

    practice for 8 years and is a highly experi-

    enced dental educator and Hygienist who re-

    ally can help you keep your teeth in tip top

    condition. Phyllis has also recently completed

    post graduate education in Invisalign a sys-

    tem to align teeth without the use of brackets

    and braces.

    Gayle Roberts

    Gail is a full time hygienist and been with us for

    two years. Gail was educated at Glasgow

    Dental School. Gail has a wealth of experience

    for many periodontal (gum) problems and is a

    caring individual who can assist you in main-

    taining a happy healthy smile. Gail has a smile

    for everyone.

    Rebecca Dawson

    Becky has been with the p

    and is a registered dental n

    experienced patient co-ord

    great deal about dentistry.

    ing in Dental Health educat

    some non-surgical proced

    very friendly and reassuring

    Kerry Gallagher

    Kerry has been with the pr

    She is a trainee dental nurs

    fully trained Invisalign Nurse

    Clare Winn

    Clare is a trainee dental nu

    with us for 8 months and c

    hard in her quest to be the

    Rachel Houlbrook

    Rachel has 24 years exper

    She is a fully qualified dent

    and also has 5 years aesth

    She has accompanied Trac

    dental and aesthetic confe

    Rachel's wealth of experie

    and expertise allows the pa

    Craigend and Kensington t

    they are in safe hands.

    All of the staff at Tracey Be

    Practice is registered with t

    fessional Development pro

    that they constantly attend

    ing programs. Tracey has o

    with the General Dental Co

    ricular courses.

    New Member of the Te

    Tracey Bell is pleased and

    Tanya Karamousli to the p

    2009. Tanya graduated in D

    dapest 2004 and will comp

    Aesthetic Reconstructive D

    at the Donan University KR

    will be one of the first resto

    the Isle of Man.

  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty



    So whats the big deal? You brush

    your teeth twice a day, what more

    can a visit to the hygienist do? Lots

    more, but first heres a quick reminder

    of why good dental and oral hygiene

    is so important.

    A major cause of gum disease is plaque that

    builds up on the gum line due to lack of reg-

    ular brushing and flossing. If plaque is left

    there long enough, it hardens into tartar. Tar-

    tar is even more difficult to remove and has

    to be scraped and chipped away by a den-

    tal hygienist. It has tiny sharp edges, so that

    when you do brush, the gums bleed. The

    multiplying and thriving bacteria cause in-

    flammation in the gums, and this is the first

    stage of gum disease: gingivitis

    The second stage of gum disease is Peri-

    odontitis which causes sore, swollen gums

    that recede from your teeth and create big-

    ger pockets between gum tissue and teeth.

    This offers larger breeding areas for the bac-

    teria, and thus a vicious cycle is established.

    Infection will result and if left untreated, your

    teeth begin to loosen and eventually fall out.

    It can also spread to other parts of the body.

    Bacteria can enter the bloodstream and

    travel via the bleeding gums. Researchers

    have found that people with gum disease

    are almost twice as likely to suffer from coro-

    nary artery disease.

    Inflammation caused by Gum Disease may

    also link to other chronic inflammatory dis-

    eases, such as cardiovascular disease, Dia-

    betes and Alzheimers disease and most

    recently a study published in the June issue

    of The Lancet Oncology found that men with

    a history of gum disease are 14 percent

    more likely to develop cancer than men with

    healthy gums.So thats the Big Deal and your Dental Hy-

    gienist should be your new best friend.

    They will educate you and your family not

    just about gum disease but also;

    how to prevent tooth decay,

    show you exactly how you should be brush-

    ing and flossing your teeth,

    how to eliminate Bad Breath,

    and how to keep your tongue healthy.

    Every 6 months a visit to the hygienist for a

    scale and polish and the fresh breath clinic

    could prove to be not just a tooth saver but

    a life saver!

    What does your

    smile say aboutyou?

    First Impressions are Lasting Impres-

    sions.A survey for the Royal Mail found

    that 72% of people perceive those who

    smile frequently to be more happy, intelli-

    gent, confident and successful while 86%

    say they are more likely to strike up con-

    versations with strangers if they are smil-

    ing. Bosses are 12% more likely to

    promote people who smile alot.

    People who have had their smile en-

    hanced by a cosmetic dentist say

    I actually feel younger and fitter and

    smile more!

    People say I look happier and they

    seem to get along better with me

    I feel like I h ave been charged with a

    positive energy!

    So What is standing in between you

    and the perfect smile?

    Here at Tracey Bell the home of Smile-

    Scription we know that how you feel about

    your smile and showing your teeth can af-

    fect you deeply if you have problematic

    teeth, dentures, gaps, discolouration or

    crooked teeth. It is something that we deal

    with every day. Our dentists have discov-

    ered two main reasons that actually pre-

    vent people from coming to the dentist.

    One is a Fear or a Phobia of the Dentist,

    which is very real for some people.

    Plaque Terminators -the Rise of the Hygienists

    One person who hada petrifying fear of thedentist is Pauline Chrisp

    At the beginning of this year Tracey Bell be-

    came my dentist and my relationship with

    my teeth changed forever.

    I had always been scared of the dentist and

    had received terrible treatment in the pastwhich made the problem worse. If I had to

    go to the dentist I was almost paralysed with

    fear for days before hand and was often

    physically ill. Several people suggested I

    change dentists, but for me it was almost

    better the devil you know and I carried on

    as I was with a smile which was usually hid-

    den behind my hand and a terrible fear of

    the dentist that could be set off by just driv-

    ing past a dental surgery.

    Being in my 50s I had accepted that my teeth

    were always going to be as they were, filled,

    crooked and with a partial denture which I

    would never ever let anyone see me without,

    but by a twist of fate, Tracey held a competi-tion to win a make over, including dental work

    and after being entered by my daughter I was

    one of the lucky winners.

    Of course I was delighted but I was also terri-

    fied that one of my worst fears was about to

    be exposed. The night before my first appoint-

    ment I couldnt sleep with worry. By the time I

    arrived at the surgery I was a nervous wreck

    even though Tracey had already explained at

    first I could just come into the surgery and sit

    and have a coffee to get used to it.

    When I arrived at Tracey Bell on Kensington

    Road I was amazed. It was like no where I

    had ever been before, beautifully decorated,

    warm and friendly, no plastic chairs andmoth eared magazines to be seen. It didnt

    even smell like a dental surgery! All of the

    staff were so kind and positive and after

    each visit (and I had plenty!) I began to relax

    and was totally absorbed by Traceys amaz-

    ing attitude.

    Tracey explained to me w

    happen before each appo

    and constantly reassured

    without being patronising

    quickly and efficiently that

    chance to worry wed be

    having an extraction, the t

    frightened of, was over be

    about it. In the past when

    correcting my smile as we

    usual reactive fillings, I wa

    stupid but for Tracey, noth

    trouble and she was dete

    teeth to be proud of.

    The day I could take out m

    look at my finished smile w

    best days of my life, like w

    Im so proud of my new s

    newed confidence that it

    Becoming one of Traceys

    one of the most rewardin

    done. As well as overcom

    my life she has given me b

    smile without feeling self c

    thing I havent done since

    Now I cant stop smiling a

    even wider when I think a

    how she has changed my

    Our experience has show

    people do not bother talk

    about how they feel abou

    cause they think that noth

    or they have had poor tre

    that it could be considere

    want a nice smile. Did yo

    one single Google search

    Help I hate my Smile brin

    858,000 listings. The them

    think that they have a pro

    solved and sometimes th

    dence that they suffer has

    on effect in every aspect o

    Becoming one of Traceyspatients has been one of themost rewarding things I haveever done.As well as over-coming a huge fear in my life

    she has given me back theability to smile without feelingself conscious



  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty


    uxMket. Tracey Bell has a wonderful relationship

    with Straumann and thus is able to provide

    you with the most innovative implant and

    restorative products available in the world.

    Tracey is also a member of the Association

    of Dental Implantology and Ivan is about to

    undertake his Msc in Implantology, so you

    really can be assured of the highest level of

    skill and care with the Tracey Bell Restorative


    We are living in the 21st centuryand Tracey Bell is here to listen topatients wants and to deliver 21stCentury Dentistry.

    Not all Dentists andDental Treatments arethe same

    There are plenty of misconceptions

    about dentists and treatments, but just

    to show you how confident we are in

    the service and expertise we provide

    here are an example of the Tracey Bell

    Dental Prices

    Missing teeth, ill fitting dentures,

    crowded teeth and incorrect bite can

    cause the face and jaw to be incor-

    rectly aligned. Tracey Bell will be wel-

    coming a new member of staff in

    February. Tanya Karamousli will be the

    first Msc in aesthetic reconstructive

    dentistry on the island and she will be

    here to offer you her expertise and in-

    terdisciplinary approach.

    Whether looking to rejuvenate your

    smile, matching to your existing smile or

    totally reinventing your smile, our spe-

    cialist restorative team ensures that your

    teeth, gums, lips and face all comple-

    ment each other. This could involve im-

    plants, crowns, veneers, bridges, gum

    re-contouring, white fillings and cos-

    metic whitening. The results can be

    amazing and life changing for some


    Your smile says so muchabout you Whats yourssaying?A smile can be so inviting,

    sexy and confident.

    A quick guide toperfect smilesVeneers

    Veneers can be used to correct crooked

    teeth or to improve a discoloured, tired or

    ripple edged teeth.

    Beautiful and natural looking, strong and

    stain resistant, high quality porcelain veneers

    can be used to fix just one or multiple teeth.


    For a short, crooked, broken, chipped or de-

    cayed tooth the dentist can apply a colour

    matched resin compound over the top of it.

    The problem tooth is gently filed to allow ad-

    hesion and a special light is then used to

    harden and bond the resin to the tooth un-



    Crowns which are sometimes called caps

    can be used to make a crooked smile look

    straighter, in place of veneers. They are cus-

    tom made to repair broken or damaged

    teeth and sometimes to cover an implant.

    The existing tooth surface is reduced and

    covered with a crown made from porcelain

    or another durable material.

    Cosmetic Contouring

    If your teeth are uneven, pointy, or have

    ragged edges cosmetic contouring may be

    for you. The dentist can create the smile you

    want sometimes by simply shaving away

    small areas of the teeth.

    Gum Re-contouring

    If teeth appear shorter than they should or if

    one tooth is longer than the rest it may be

    that gum coverage is a problem. Re-con-

    touring is a minimally invasive way to correct

    the gum line and enhance the smile.


    Implants are a safe and permanent way of

    replacing missing teeth or restoring a smile.

    Titanium anchor posts are implanted in to

    the jawbone and the covered with a natural

    looking crown on top.


    Professional in office tooth whitening is an

    effective way of whitening the teeth and

    brightening your smile. The hygienist will de-

    scale and polish away superficial stains first

    and then a lightening agent will be applied to

    the teeth and then a special lamp will be

    used to optimize results.

    White Fillings

    White composite filling material sticks firmly

    to the tooth giving it strength. By replacing

    old silver amalgam fillings with white fillings

    or inlays you can restore the natural healthy

    appearance of the tooth and when colour

    matched correctly the white filling can a p-

    pear invisible. Replacing silver fillings with

    white ones can be the first steps to c reating

    a beautiful smile.

    Reliable. Simple. Versatile.

    At Tracey Bell we dont just say we are using

    the best systems, products and laboratories,

    we really are. Tracey and the team travel the

    World to attend dental conferences and

    speak with product suppliers and manufac-

    turers who are making the most advanced

    and innovative, evidence based products.

    This is why we work with companies like

    Straumann. With more than 20 years of clini-

    cal research that have resulted in over 3,000

    independent scientific publications, Strau-

    mann offer the most extensively docu-

    mented, clinically validated and

    practice-proven implant system in the mar-

    Restorative Dentistry -Teeth are the internal scaffolding of the face, get that right

    and you can alter the facial anatomy

    DENTAL Pinserted

    Move OverUgly Betty!Dentistry is evolving; its more than just

    drilling and filling. Its about listening to

    and educating individuals about good

    oral and general health and offering

    choices. Beautiful Smiles can be cre-

    ated for everyone no matter what age

    you are or how bad you might think

    your teeth or dentures are, we can work

    wonders to reinvent your smile. All of

    the staff at Tracey Bell Craigend under-

    stands the need for a person to express

    how they feel about their smile and to

    express what they would like to improve

    or change and feel understood.


    Braces and aligners are a way of

    straightening teeth and perfecting

    smiles, but its not just the equipment

    and technology that make these treat-

    ments a success. The whole team in-

    cluding the dentists, nurses, hygienistsand patient co-ordinators are vital in ed-

    ucating the patient from young children

    to older patients in what to expect from

    their treatment and in choosing the best

    treatments to suit their lifestyle. Darren

    Stone here at the practice is Platinum

    Invisalign Practitioner and has a special

    interest in orthodontics. Pic of Darren

    also images from Invisalign


    are clear aligners that are custom

    moulded to fit you. The virtually invisible

    aligners gradually reposition your teeth

    into a smile you'll be proud of.

    The convenience and ease of use of theInvisalign system have made it the

    choice of over half a million people. In

    fact, Invisalign has been effective in giv-

    ing hundreds of thousands of people

    amazing new smiles. Most people wont

    even notice you are in t

    wont disrupt your lifest

    Remove your aligners

    and floss

    Change aligners ever

    Your teeth move little

    Regular progress che

    dentist or orthodontis

    Results often in 12 m

    WHAT ELSE CBRACES DOOf course it is not just f

    sons that we correct o

    teeth, children and adu

    their teeth, bite and jaw

    help diagnose irregular

    problems such as jaw o

    malities and also affect

    LO- RES

  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty



    Prevention,better than cureTracey Bell was the first practice

    to go private on the Isle of Man

    and since then there has been an

    overall improvement in oral health

    with 97% of our dentistry lasting

    over five years according to our

    last clinical audit.

    By educating our patients from an early

    age and providing high standard den-

    tistry your oral health really is improving

    and this can help to reduce the need for

    extensive corrective and repair work

    later in life as well as help prevent gum

    disease- gingivitis and peridonitis, which

    scientists have proven can have a directcorrelation with heart disease, diabetes

    and others.

    Another First!

    Personal dental planIn January 2009 we will be launching the new Tracey Bell Personal Dental Plan a

    superb way to spread the cost of dental examinations, hygiene visits, x-rays

    and general dental fitness, but with so much more...for just 19.95 per month,

    weve got you covered. The SmileScription TM plan offers you the highest qual-

    ity general family dentistry to the latest in cosmetic smile creations; wed call it

    First Class Dentistry. Apply Today, pick up a brochure at your nearest clinic.

    The Benefits

    2 dental examinations per year

    2 dental hygiene visits per year

    All relevant X-rays

    15% discount on further dental treatment15% discount on other Tracey Bell treatmentsNon surgical facial rejuvenation, body re-shaping, spa visits and laser treatments

    Emergency Treatment *, Redundancy cover

    Enrolement infopack

    24 hr emergancy 2 check ups a yea r 2 scale & po li ushesa year

    All x -r ays Wor ld wi de D en ta ltrauma and

    emergancy call outinsurance

    Your personalisedinformation pack willinclude a welcome

    letter, keyfacts,insurance leaflet, fee

    comparison guide andyour personal

    privatemembers card

    allowing you discountson all other treatments,Smile, Spa, Slim, and


    Your on the door stepdentist offersappointments outsideof normal surgeryhours, you will alsobenefit from 24/7direct contact with amember of the dental

    team for help andadvice.

    Regular dentalexaminations areimportant for themaintenance of ahealthy happy smile.At examination wecan detect early signsof oral disease, gum

    problems and dentaldecay.

    Prevention is betterthan cures regularvisits to a dentalhygenist reduces guminflammation andleads to a freshhealthy whiter smile.

    Dental x-rays assistthe diagnosis of dentaldisease and infection,early detectionminimises risk.

    Should you beunfortuante enoughto have an accidentyou can have peaceof mind that you willbe looked after,wherever you are inthe world.

    Included inyour plan

    In detail

    Apply today, pick up a brochure at your nearest clinic or telephone 01624 613232email us at [email protected]

    One person dies every 5 hours in the UK from Oral or Mouth cancIn the UK around 5000 new cases of mouth cancer are diagnosedThe number of new mouth cancer cases increased by more than 17% percent in the last 4 ye

    3 out of every 190 cases of Mouth Cancer are found in the mouth generally - and one out of

    found specifically on the tongue.

    The British Dental Health Foundation

    Mouth Cancer Survey 2008 found that

    around one in five people have never

    even heard of mouth cancer.

    Early detection can save lives and

    Tracey Bell will be introducing a brand

    new oral cancer screening test to the

    practice early in 2009. Research indi-

    cates heavy smokers and drinkers are

    at a higher risk of contracting oral can-

    cer, so advice is to try and quit smoking

    and not drink excessively. Eating fresh

    fruit and vegetables that are high in

    beta- carotene like bananas, peppers,

    carrots, cabbage, broccoli and beans

    can help to reduce the risk of oral can-

    cer and other types of cancer. During

    2008 we have researched the very best

    testing equipment at the New York Den-

    tal Conference and the World Health

    Anti Aging Congress, where all of the

    latest health screening products are ex-

    hibited and demonstrated. Oral cancers

    can appear as small white or red

    patches on the tongue or in the side of

    the mouth or even present as mouth ul-

    cers that dont seem to clear up. Regu-

    lar checks are essential and your dentist

    will always look out for anything un-

    usual, but the new screening device

    which consists of having a special dye

    put into the mouth and an advanced

    technology light to highlight any poten-

    tial lesions, will be the latest new addi-

    tion to Tracey Bell and available to all of

    our patients, it could be a life saver.

    So we hope youthat the Tracey BScription Team hyour best intereson all counts.Education, ethicbased results, higdentists, hygienisand the most adtechnology andthe World and wyou are proud toof it!

    Keep Smiling!

    Oral Cancer ScreeningComing soon

  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty


    uxM MedicalMicrodermabrasion polish for perfectionMicrodermabrasion is one of the top five

    treatments in the UK and USA for both men

    and women. It does not involve any down-

    time and it is non invasive, so it can be done

    anytime, make up can be applied straight

    after and the results are instant.

    As we age our skin cell turnover slows downas does collagen and elastin production, at a

    younger age the skin turnover rate is approxi-

    mately 4 weeks. The skin cell is produced,

    matures and is sloughed off within that time.

    This is why younger skin retains moisture and

    has a fresh glow. As we age, the turnover

    rate slows down to around 6 weeks. Older

    skin does not hold moisture which makes it

    appear dry and dull so we sometimes at-

    tempt to rehydrate and apply extra mois-

    turiser which tends to pack down the old

    cells and slows down the turnover rate.

    So what can we do to enhanceour skins appearance and tex-


    Speed up the cell turnover rate

    Exfoliate the dead skin off everyday

    Promote collagen and elastin in the dermal


    Nourish and moisturise the skin with topi-

    cal skin care and a healthy diet.

    Medical Microdermabrasion is an excellenttreatment which could be described as gen-

    tly sandblasting the skin. The finest organic

    crystals are sprayed on to the skin whilst a

    vacuum sucks up the dead layer of skin, it is

    an accelerated exfoliation. It helps to pro-

    mote collagen, elastin and cell nutrition and

    speeds up cell production. The results are

    instantly healthier and fresher skin with bet-

    ter surface quality.

    Microdermabrasion is recommended at reg-

    ular intervals of once every 2 or 3 months as

    part of an effective skincare maintenance

    and regime. It can also be highly effective in

    the reduction of fine lines, age spots, acne

    scarring, black heads, open pores, stretch

    marks and skin blemishes and it can beused on most parts of the face and body.

    In these cases a coument would be recoyour therapist for thesults. To speak to somhow microdermabraprove your skin simpl618727 or email us a

    [email protected]

    Superficial chemical peels are one of

    the fastest growing treatments in the cos-

    metic market, not just in the USA but in

    the UK too. It is one of the top five treat-

    ments for men and women but not all

    peels are equal, says Tracey Bell This is

    why I have spent 12 months with my skin

    care development team, which is headed

    up by a respected UK dermatologist, in

    research and development to produce a

    range of peels for Rejuvenation, Purifica-

    tion, Age Management and the Moth

    Bean which is the ultimate anti-ageing

    peel and extremely specialist.

    Having a peel used to involve quite a lot of

    downtime, redness, and irritation and occa-

    sionally time off work or missing out on so-

    cial events, but now you can literally have a

    peel in your lunch time and go back to work.

    It is now hailed as an integral part of the

    maintenance and regime for anti-ageing be-

    cause the benefits of having regular peels

    are; an increase in collagen and elastin stim-

    ulation, also deep cellular penetration to ac-

    celerate cell turnover, all of which improve

    texture, tone and skin health in the fight

    against anti-ageing. Suitable for people of all

    ages from teenagers with acne prone skin to

    older people with mature skin.

    The Moth Bean Peel contains an extract

    known as vigna aconitifolia which is like a

    botanical version of Vitamin A. The small

    brownish bean from North West India con-

    tains between 21 -34% protein and it is

    combined with trichloracetic acid for deep

    cell penetration. This ground breaking

    blended formula has been praised for an-

    tioxidant properties and its free radical scav-

    enging strengths. The ultimate in

    anti-ageing, great for reducing sun damage,

    acne scarring, fine lines, wrinkles and blem-

    ishes, it leaves the skin looking and feeling


    For further information on the anyof the SkinScription Peel range orfor further advice on specific skin

    conditions you can telephone01624 613323 or email us [email protected]


    PDF INFORMATIONinserted here

    SkinScription Clever Skincare

    The Tracey Bell SkinScription range is

    advanced, clever and pure skin care. The

    science behind it is Chirality which purifies

    all of our ingredients to perfectly fit the

    chemistry of the human body. Every com-

    pound which makes up our ingredients

    has been researched so finely that we can

    Revive, Restore, Correct and Protect

    every skin type. Purification is the key

    character, and no matter what your skin

    type, tone or concern there is a product in

    the range for you. SkinScription targets

    acne and acne scarring, fine lines and

    wrinkles, photo damage and dark pig-

    ment, melasma, ageing skin and rosacea.

    The appearance of youthful, radiant skin is

    something that we all strive for and Tracey

    Bell, along with respected British derma-

    tologist Sandeep Cliff, has developed a

    high tech cosmeceutical skin care range

    which bridges the gap between cosmetic

    skin care and pharmaceuticals.

    Sandeep Cliff is Consultant Dermatologist

    and Dermatological Surgeon at Surrey

    and Sussex healthcare, as well as Hon-

    orary Senior Lecturer at Londons St.

    Georges Medical School. He is also an in-

    ternational speaker on aesthetic dermatol-

    ogy and has been a featured

    dermatologist on the television program

    Ten Years Younger. Sandeep has an in-

    terest in aesthetic treatme

    jectables and lasers and a

    ise in the medical and clin

    dermatology made him th

    choice with the developm


    The key formula in SkinS

    Spin Trap an intelligent fo

    everything together and d

    free radicals. This along w

    livery system brings you a

    product and gives you res

    scription to target specific

    The range includes cleans

    problem solvers and reple


    For more information

    SkinScription prodvisit www.traceybell

    and click on SkinScyou can call us on 0

  • 8/14/2019 Tracey Bell - Emotive Beauty



    the FutureIn 2009 Tracey Bell will be opening a

    Centre of Excellence in Douglas on the

    Isle of Man which will bring together all

    of the synergistic disciplines already

    available and will also offer the very best

    surgical care.

    The surgical team will consist of visiting

    specialists from all over the world with

    expertise in breast surgery, rhinoplasty,

    vaserlipo and dermatological surgery.

    This, incorporated with the most ad-

    vanced non surgical and laser solutions,

    weight management, dentistry and im-

    plantology will bring a total 360 degreerejuvenation and well being centre to

    your doorstep on the beautiful Isle of

    Man. It will offer first class standard of

    care, ethics, education and evidence

    based results along with an after- care

    program on the island or in the UK.

    Tracey Bell already an innovator of

    dentistry and non surgical treatments

    as well as professional skincare,

    brings the next frontier in

    beauty.Mineral Make Up.

    Tracey Bell teamed up with Wendy Camp-

    bell an award winning Supreme Consultant

    for Christian Dior who has spent many years

    as a make up artist, to produce a range of

    pressed Mineral Make Up and skin perfect-

    ing tools of the trade. Wendy is a colour ex-

    pert and knows exactly all the insider tips to

    fantastic make-up application.

    Endorsed by leading cosmetic surgeons,

    dermatologists and aestheticians this exten-

    sive clinical make up features skin caring for-

    mulas for even the most hyper-sensitive and

    allergic of skins.

    Sourced from nature and fused with sci-

    ence, skins life sustaining minerals, the

    purest elements of the earth, are the key to

    the pressed mineral line. Micronized minerals

    protect and correct without irritation. Miner-

    als with an SPF chemical free sun block;

    naturally shield the skin against the suns

    damaging rays. Their powerful, light reflect-

    ing properties also make flaws and imper-

    fections appear less visible.

    Virtually weightless, second skin formulas

    mineral make up allows the skin to breathe

    freely whilst shielding against environmental

    aggressors. The products are free of heavy

    fillers and pore-clogging ingredients. Our

    skin-safe formulas contain no potential irri-

    tants, such as fragrance, oil, talc & dyes.

    Every formula is hypoallergenic.

    Because of its unparalleled purity, Mineral

    Make Up is the prefect choice after cos-

    metic surgery, chemical peels, laser treat-

    ments and waxing, or even more for those

    who suffer from acne, rosacea, hyper pig-

    mentation and other common skin condi-

    tions. Fortified with clinical grade nutrients

    and freeze dried vitamins A and E, the for-

    mulas nourish the skin while offering extraor-

    dinary antioxidant protection.

    The Result:A pure make up that protectsand corrects with clinical support to reveal

    the skins natural radiance.

    International Brand

    This make- up is fast becoming an interna-

    tionally distributed brand, it has secured a

    slot on the Ideal World TV Shopping Chan-

    nel and has been on every month since Oc-

    tober 2008 with demand for the product out

    stripping stock levels. It is also available to

    purchase worldwide at

    If you would like to know moreabout APt Mineral Make Up, toolsof the trade and dates for Ideal

    World you can email us [email protected] and putAPt Make Up in the subject box toask any questions. You can also callus on 01624 613323 and speak to aconsultant.

    Age Perfectingmineral make upUnearth the secret to beautiful skin


    Tracey Bell has previously won

    Best Practice and Best Dentist at

    the Private Dentistry Awards in

    2006. Tracey Bell clinics received 3

    Highly Commended Status recom-

    mendations at the 2008 Aesthetic

    Medicine Awards for Best Clinic,

    Best Customer Experience and

    Best Website. 2009 sees Tracey

    Bell shortlisted for Best Clinic four

    rooms or more and Best Business

    Development, the awards cere-

    mony will take place on 7th Febru-

    ary at the Royal Garden Hotel

    Kensington, London so watch this


    BooksTracey Bell has 2 books to be pub-

    lished this year;

    The Secrets to a perfect smile and

    Age Perfection and The secrets of

    Wrap up from Tracey Bell

    I hope you havethe first edition oare lots of choicthere and sometreatments. Alwaquestions so that

    make informed on your health abeing. I always sthree most impoare your health, and your life -chlook after them athe most of themof all....Smile

    Tracey Bell


    Tracey Bellawards

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