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This workshop will help administrators of the John E. Fogarty Internal Center's AIDS International Training and Research Program (AITRP) explore options for using social media to connect to program alumni. Farra Trompeter will provide an overview of ways organizations use online communications to keep audiences engaged around the world, and will discuss ways to connect with fellows to strengthen future research collaborations that address global health needs.


  • 1.Using social media to engage alumni9th Annual Fogarty International Administrators Meeting October 22, Farra Trompeter @farra *

2. What is social media? 3. Its about reaching and connecting people 4. traditional mediasocial mediaEncyclopedia WikipediaBrittanica New York Times TechCrunchPrint newsletter eNewsletter, Twitter,Facebook 5. 6. Why should we use social media? 7. Maybe you shouldnt Social media is not Free An opportunity to control your message An opportunity to tell everyone what you think Inherently appealing and cool to millenials An alternative to clear messaging/mission 8. That said Social media is Pretty low cost Growing by leaps and bounds, nationally andinternationally An opportunity for conversation A great way to reach certain audiences A complement to the messages youre sharingthrough other channels 9. Average social network user = 37 Feb 2010 10. 11. 12. How do people participate? 13. Ways universities use social media to engage alumni Helping alumni find jobs and connect Training alumni to use social media Meeting alumni where theyre at Providing tools to spread information Sparking alumni-generated content Promoting alumni networks Mobile reunionsSource: Mashable 14. Great! So now what do I do? 15. Start by listening robertcarlsen 16. Listening OnlineSet up Google alerts, Technorati search, Twitter search, etc. Your name and people connected to your organization Your institutions name Program or event names Peer/competitor names and program/event names Your tagline or other key phrases URL for any web properties (main website, blog) Related issues/topics Common misspellings Source: Beths Blog, Beth Kanter 17. Dive in and learn the lingo Encourage top-level staff to join Facebook, Twitter, etc. etiquette/ facebook_etiquette_10_rules_for_better_socializing.html 18. Find out where your Fellows are online.Jeffrey Beall 19. Send a survey or questionnaire 20. Select the right tools based on goals andaudience. BoomeraATV 21. Source: Mashable 22. 23. Key features of Facebook Groups Create a group and add users to it without opt-in Automatic notifications Email address to post to the group on the fly Group chat Collaboration on documents Discussions & link-sharing Can be open, closed, or secret 24. 25. Other social media options Yahoo groups: Google groups: Grouply.comWiserEarthGroups Schoolology Saywire 26. Create a social media policy Scan sample policies from other orgs Agree on contents Write them in a way that addresses concerns, but feels friendly and easy to follow Try Rollout through staff trainings/meetings Update 2x/year 27. Consider the resources you have available.Photograph: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images 28. india.html 29. Managing a community takes time 30. In sum Social media conversation Social media usage is growing Look before you tweet! Listen and planbefore diving in Choose the tools that are right for you,and be flexible and open 31. Resources 32. Resources NTEN: We Are Media Social Technographics Beths Blog: Social Media and NGO/CSR Workshop in India Frog Loop: Build Your Own Listening Dashboard Using Social Media To Meet Nonprofit Goals Nonprofit Social Media Benchmark Study 33. Lets stay in touch 34. Thanks! Jeremy Crow 35. Want a copy of these slides?


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