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Langara College Domestic Student Viewbook 2014


  • This is Langara.Viewbook 2014-2015


    Information Line 604.323.5686

    Main Switchboard 604.323.5511

    Bookstore 604.323.5525

    Continuing Studies 604.323.5322

    Library 604.323.5462

    Security 604.323.5270

    reGistrar and enrolment serVices

    Applications 604.323.5241 - ext 2

    Admissions Advising 604.323.5241 - ext 3

    Transfer Credit 604.323.5241 - ext 2

    Transcripts 604.323.5241 - ext 1

    Registration Helpline 604.323.5595

    student serVices

    Services for Aboriginal Students 604.323.5645

    Child Development Centre (Daycare) Three-to-Five Centre 604.323.5204 Toddler Centre 604.323.5662

    Co-operative Education 604.323.5480

    Counselling 604.323.5221

    Disability Services 604.323.5509

    Financial Aid 604.323.5376

    Health Services 604.323.5256

    International Education 604.323.5023

    Langara VOLT 604.323.5700

    U-Pass BC 604.323.5775

    student life

    Athletics & Intramurals 604.323.5682

    Langara Students Union 604.324.3881

    LSU Health and Dental Plan 1.866.369.8796

    The Hub: Student Engagement Centre 604.323.5091

    Theatre Arts at Studio 58 604.323.5227

    Contact us.

    Copyright 2014 Langara College Designed, edited, and produced by Langara College Communications & Marketing

    Photography by KK Law, Jennifer Oehler, and Tourism Vancouver.

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  • Getting here is easy. transit options



















    ht S



    er S



    n St









    bar S






    e St


    41st Ave.

    49th Ave.

    12th Ave.

    4th Ave.

    Robson St.Davie St.


    To Lions Gate Bridge, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver

    Stanley Park


    Commercial Drive/Broadway Station


    Queen Elizabeth Park

    John Hendry Park








    Lonsdale Quay

    Oakridge Mall

    Burrard Inlet

    Fraser River

    To Burnaby, C

    oquitlam, and Sim

    on Fraser University

    To Point Grey, Pacifi c Spirit Park, and U

    niversity of British C


    Main Campus

    West BroadwayCentre


    Bike Lane

    Nearest Canada Line Station

    Canada Line

    Millenium Line

    Expo Line

    Popular Bus Route

    SeaBus Route

    Transfer Station


    Shopping and Food

    To Richmond and Ladner To Delta and Surrey

    Langara Campus

    Langara College is centrally located in

    Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is in a great

    residential neighbourhood in South

    Vancouver and is bordered on three sides

    by green space. Just steps away from Main

    Street, there are many ways to get here:

    bikeIt is convenient to cycle to Langara along the nearby

    37th Avenue Bikeway (Ridgeway Greenway) or along

    the Ontario Street Bikeway. Take advantage of special

    features like cyclist-priority crosswalks and speed-

    controlled intersections. We have bicycle racks all

    around campus. There is also a locked bicycle

    parking cage and a compressed air hose for your

    convenience. Showers are available in the gym.

    busThe bus is a great transportation choice. The 49th

    Avenue bus stops directly in front of the campus,

    while Main Street and Cambie Street buses are only

    a few blocks away.

    As a Langara student, you are part of the U-Pass BC

    program. For an affordable fee, eligible students have

    unlimited, all-zone access to the entire TransLink

    system of buses, SkyTrains, and SeaBuses, as well as

    discounted fares on the West Coast Express.

    skytrainTo get to the main campus, use your U-Pass to hop on

    the Canada Line, get off at Langara-49th Avenue Station,

    and walk two blocks east. The Langara campus is only

    13minutes from downtown Vancouver and 12 minutes

    from Richmond Centre.

    carpoolJoin a carpool and get a dedicated space near a campus

    entrance. Visit

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    3 About lAngArA

    4 university, cAreer, And continuing studies

    5 credentiAls

    6 ProgrAms And courses

    8 Arts

    10 business

    12 science And technology

    14 humAnities And sociAl sciences

    18 heAlth

    21 Flexible study oPtions

    22 student suPPort services

    24 Activities Around cAmPus

    26 exPlore the neighbourhood

    28 Athletics & intrAmurAls

    29 studio 58

    30 cost oF tuition

    32 APPlicAtion Process

    33 Admission detAils

    34 the lAngArA cAmPus

    36 the new science And technology building

    37 trAnsit oPtions

    Langara College

    100 West 49th Avenue

    Vancouver, BC V5Y 2Z6


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  • This is not just a college. Its a springboard. Its a catalyst. Its conversations as well as lectures. Students instead of numbers. A compass to help you navigate the great beyond. Its not the start, or the finish. Its a makeover for your mind.

    This is Langara. The college of higherlearning.

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  • Langara College, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, provides University, Career, and Continuing Studies programs and courses to more than 21,000 students annually.

    Our range of offerings lets you choose your own educational path. We offer four bachelors degrees as well as a variety of associate degrees, diplomas, certificates, and citations.

    We are Langara. The college of higherlearning.

    2 #Thisislangara

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  • Langara is a community of learners, constantly

    investigating ideas and transforming thoughts.

    We encourage a culture of exploring new ground,

    digging deeper, and striving further. We value

    exceptional learning experiences. Our focus is

    on you and your experience here.

    Whether you are on a set path or navigating

    your way through a sea of options, you will

    be surrounded by thinkers, collaborators, and

    mentors on your journey.

    Unlike any otherWe provide a well-crafted launching pad to take you closer to

    your academic, career, and personal aspirations.

    We do this by offering:

    Tailored learning experiences in small classes

    Passionate and knowledgeable instructors

    Rigorous and innovative curricula

    An expansive range of more than 1,000 courses

    Opportunities for hands-on industry experience

    Affordable tuition

    Open enrolment

    Support services around every corner

    The college of higher learning.aboUt langara

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  • University stUdiesUniversity Studies means taking your

    first couple of years of university-level

    courses at a college like Langara. Credits

    earned in University Studies can be

    applied to bachelors degrees at Langara, or

    transferred to the second or third year of

    a university like UBC or SFU. Our courses

    equip you with the same knowledge you

    would receive at a university.

    At Langara we offer the most

    comprehensive selection of university-

    transferable courses in BC. You can choose

    from more than 1,000 courses, learn from

    teachers who are experts in their field,

    excel in small classes, and get real value

    from lower tuition rates.

    Weve got options for you.University, career, and continUing stUdies

    career stUdiesCareer Studies is more experiential,

    teaching a strong academic core and

    hands-on, relevant skills. Programs are

    designed with the input of community-

    based advisory committees and taught

    by dedicated instructors with years of

    industry experience.

    Gain real-world skills through Career

    Studies in industries like magazine

    publishing, early childhood education,

    social service, business administration,

    journalism, nursing, and more.

    For more information on university or

    career studies visit

    continUing stUdiesWe offer a rich and diverse range of

    lifelong learning opportunities. Whether

    the objective is to improve business

    skills, acquire new languages, enhance a

    career path, expand individual creativity,

    or develop a more holistic approach to

    personal well-being, Continuing Studies

    offers more than 800 courses and more

    than 40 certificate programs designed with

    your needs in mind.

    Visit the Continuing Studies website

    for programs, courses, and admission

    requirements at

    4 #Thisislangara

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  • Look what you can earn.credentials

    bachelors degreeWant a bachelors degree? You can earn one

    at Langara through full- or part-time studies.

    Just complete a minimum of 120 credits

    of un