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This presentation was given during Pubcon New Orleans 2014 talking about the visual side of content marketing.


  • Visual Side Of Content Marketing The @matt_siltala
  • Visual Side Of Content Marketing The @matt_siltala
  • What is content? @matt_siltala
  • The trend is going visual @matt_siltala
  • Of info submitted to the brain is visual 90% 60,000x Images process faster than text @matt_siltala
  • What is easier to process? or @matt_siltala
  • Going Visual On Instagram 150,000,000 Users 257 MINUTES/MONTH Avg. time spent on Instagram 55 MILLION Photos uploaded every day 16 BILLION Total shared photos 1.2 BILLION Likes per day 70% Of users check Instagram daily @matt_siltala
  • Going Visual On Pinterest 70,000,000 Users 14.2 MINUTES/DAY Avg. time spent on Pinterest 80% OF PINS Are re-pins BEST IMAGE SIZE: 600 x 800 80% Of users are female 78 CENTS IN SALES/PIN On average. Up 25% from 2012 10 MILLION U.S. monthly unique visitors (Faster than any independent site in history) @matt_siltala
  • Going Visual On Pinterest On Instagram, you can create: How-tos, recipes, checklists, and more. @matt_siltala
  • Pinterests Pin It button has Now overtaken Facebooks Like button and Twitters Tweet button on Brands product Pages. 62% Of brands Have Pin It buttons 61% Of brands Have Tweet buttons 59% Of brands Have Like buttons 42% Of brands Have Google+ buttons
  • Going Visual On Facebook 1,230,000,000 Users 18 MINUTES/DAY Avg. time spent on Facebook 350 MILLION Photos uploaded every day 72 MILLION Likes per day 144 MILLION Friend requests per day 216 MILLION Sent messages per day @matt_siltala
  • Going Visual On Facebook Cover Photo: 851 x 315 Profile Photo: 160 x 160 Shared Photos: 403 x 403 Facebook Page Post Images: 960 x 960 Link previews: 90 x 90 Ad image size: 100 x 72 Sponsored Story Images: 194 x 139 Milestone or Highlighted Post: 843 x 403 @matt_siltala
  • Going Visual On Twitter 645,750,000 Users 12:51 MINUTES/DAY Avg. time spent on Twitter 500+ MILLION Tweets every day 2.1 BILLION Twitter search engine Queries per day 60% Of users are on mobile 208 FOLLOWERS Per user (on average) @matt_siltala
  • Going Visual On Google+ 300,000,000 Users 6.9 MINUTES/MONTH Avg. time spent on Google+ 1.5 BILLION Photos uploaded every week 20 MILLION Mobile monthly users 33% OVERALL Growth per year 56% GROWTH In usage for members (Ages 45-54) @matt_siltala
  • 6 Billion Photos uploaded each month Photos & Images get 50% More Interaction than other content 10x More Shares than links 7x More Likes
  • 90% Videos on landing pages Increase page conversion Rates by 94% Posts with Visuals receive 60% of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose images appear in search results More page visits and Engagement than Those without @matt_siltala
  • How do I stand out?
  • Become a better writer @matt_siltala
  • See what the buzz is about @matt_siltala
  • Leverage what you've got
  • Give them a window into your inner workings @matt_siltala
  • News Jack
  • Think like a journalist
  • BONUS Brands have caught on and become content marketers @matt_siltala
  • BONUS X2 Even Celebrities Have Become Brilliant Content Marketers @matt_siltala
  • Repurpose Successful Content Blog posts New Releases Linkbait articles Infographics Video Podcasts Images/Memes White Papers Power Points Transform content you already have into: @matt_siltala
  • Case Study Social MEowDIA
  • Case Study Social MEowDIA Avalaunch Media dropped this SWEET infographic I think this infographic is genius PURE GENIUS Best, cutest, funniest infographic ever This infographic is AWESOME LOL! Social Meowdia is beyond absurd. So absurd, that I LOVE IT All other infographics can now go home! the list goes on and on 100,000+ social shares Thousands of Links Build Thousands of $$ generated
  • Case Study Social MEowDIA
  • Case Study Paws vs. Claws 200,000+ Twitter Followers 1.8 Million Facebook Likes 200,000+ Subscribers to Weekly Newsletter Avalaunch Media joined with The Humane Society of the United States and NEADS (Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans). Social MEowDIA Created Paws Vs Claws
  • Case Study Social MEDogIA
  • Repurpose Successful Content Following the success of the Social MEowDIA infographic, Avalaunch Media created these eBooks.
  • Repurpose Successful Content Repurpose into memes and each one could be used for a blog post or shared on SM sites. @matt_siltala
  • Cool Tools Hubspot Pocket PowToon BuzzSumo Newsle Pushover and IFTTT Swayy Talkwalker Canva
  • Remember, the trend is going visual Dont be left behind. @matt_siltala
  • Thank You @matt_siltala