w29-engaging millenial students with web 2.0 tools

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Tools for live blogging and collaboration in (and out) of class.


  • 1.W29 Engaging Millennial StudentsWith Web 2.0 Tools
    Mark Frydenberg
    Bentley University, Waltham, MA

2. http://tinyurl.com/ctconf2009
3. kids back then didnt expect to be engaged
by everything they did
4. 5. 6. Todays Students
7. 8. tweet @poll 39728 and your message
9. Live Blogging:coveritlive.com
Create a backchannel
Ask students to take notes
Post questions
10. Digital Students:
Continuously multi-tasking
Work in teams
Create and consume content
Handle lots of information
Google everything
Are always connected
11. Learning?
12. Todays students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach.
Mark Prensky
13. Learning with Web 2.0 Tools
Web 2.0
14. Learning Today
Happens Anywhere
Relevant / Real World
Engaging, Active
Problem Solving
Critical thinking
Produce, Consume, and Organize Knowledge
Figure it out attitude
15. Learning in a Web 2.0 World
What do you want to learn?
Where does the data /information come from?
How can it be shared?
What do we know?
What connections can we make?
16. Memorize
17. Analyze,Synthesize
18. Tools for Engaging Todays Students
19. Whose class is it?
20. Whose class is it now?
Google Sites
21. Hint:Use Your Google Site as a Course Entry Point in Blackboard
To change your landing page in Blackboard, go to Control Panel
Course Options Manage Course Menu External Link. Create an external link to your Google site.
Then go to Control Panel Settings -> Course Entry Point and select the Google site as the entry point.
22. Live Polling
Embed on Blog or Web Site
Include in PowerPoint
Some offer Cell Phone or Twitter Polling

23. Scheduling EventsPolls
24. Create Web Video:viddler.com
Video for yourBlog or Web Site
25. Slide Sharing:slideshare.net
26. CollaborativeBrowsing:
27. Live Video Streaming:ustream.tv
Turn your PC into a TV Studio
Chat with your viewers.
28. Desktop Sharing:crossloop.com
Download the Crossloop client.
Yuuguu.com is another browser based crossplatformdesktop sharing tool
29. Micro-blogging:Twitter
Find people like you to follow
Twhirlclient on your PC
Build a social network!
Twitter Educators to follow
30. wiffiti
31. How cool was that?
Mark FrydenbergTwitter: @checkmarkEmail:mfrydenberg@bentley.edu