W29-Engaging Millenial Students with Web 2.0 Tools

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Tools for live blogging and collaboration in (and out) of class.


<ul><li>1.W29 Engaging Millennial StudentsWith Web 2.0 Tools<br />Mark Frydenberg<br />Bentley University, Waltham, MA<br />Twitter:@checkmark<br /></li></ul> <p>2. http://tinyurl.com/ctconf2009<br />3. kids back then didnt expect to be engaged<br />by everything they did<br />4. 5. 6. Todays Students<br />7. 8. tweet @poll 39728 and your message<br />9. Live Blogging:coveritlive.com<br />Create a backchannel <br />Ask students to take notes<br />Post questions<br />10. Digital Students:<br />Continuously multi-tasking<br />Work in teams<br />Create and consume content<br />Handle lots of information<br />Google everything<br />Are always connected<br />11. Learning?<br />12. Todays students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach.<br />Mark Prensky<br />http://www.markprensky.com/writing<br />13. Learning with Web 2.0 Tools<br />Web 2.0<br />14. Learning Today<br />Happens Anywhere<br />Experiential<br />Relevant / Real World<br />Engaging, Active<br />Problem Solving<br />Critical thinking<br />Collaborative<br />Produce, Consume, and Organize Knowledge<br />Figure it out attitude<br />15. Learning in a Web 2.0 World<br />What do you want to learn?<br />Where does the data /information come from?<br />How can it be shared?<br />What do we know?<br />What connections can we make? <br />16. Memorize<br />17. Analyze,Synthesize<br />18. Tools for Engaging Todays Students<br />19. Whose class is it?<br />20. Whose class is it now?<br />Wikis<br />Google Sites<br />21. Hint:Use Your Google Site as a Course Entry Point in Blackboard<br />To change your landing page in Blackboard, go to Control Panel <br />Course Options Manage Course Menu External Link. Create an external link to your Google site.<br />Then go to Control Panel Settings -&gt; Course Entry Point and select the Google site as the entry point.<br />22. Live Polling<br />Embed on Blog or Web Site <br />Include in PowerPoint<br />Some offer Cell Phone or Twitter Polling<br /><br />23. Scheduling EventsPolls<br />24. Create Web Video:viddler.com<br />Video for yourBlog or Web Site<br />25. Slide Sharing:slideshare.net<br />26. CollaborativeBrowsing:<br />Dimdim.com<br />twiddla.com<br />27. Live Video Streaming:ustream.tv<br />Turn your PC into a TV Studio<br />Chat with your viewers.<br />28. Desktop Sharing:crossloop.com<br />Download the Crossloop client.<br />Yuuguu.com is another browser based crossplatformdesktop sharing tool<br />29. Micro-blogging:Twitter<br />Find people like you to follow<br />Twhirlclient on your PC<br />Build a social network!<br />Twitter Educators to follow<br />30. wiffiti<br />31. How cool was that?<br />Mark FrydenbergTwitter: @checkmarkEmail:mfrydenberg@bentley.edu<br /></p>