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Week Without Walls Thailand 2014

Week Without Walls Thailand 2014By Isaac Miller 7E

WhatFor my activity I went to Thailand and learned about globalization and sustainability. We did different activities like visiting villages and taking notes about the things that we learned about the different villages. For example we visited three different villages: Baan Mae Sa Mai, Baan Pa Nok Kok, and Doi Pui. In those villages we learned about how people lived in different parts and also about how the actions their villages take affect their lives in many ways. We also did fun and challenging activities such as rock climbing and repelling.

Baan Mae Sa Mai, a hill tribe.

So WhatThe Thailand was the best experience in my life so far. I learned so much about other cultures and yet had so much fun. I learned that what we take for granted is important to Some of the Thai people I met who dont have as much as we do but always seemed happy, this gives me the attitude to be happy always for what I have and not to be sad for what I dont have. One example was when I was buying an item at the market and let the owner of the stall keep the change, they were extremely happy to have and extra 10 baht and that is about 1 QR. If that makes someone really happy then that means they might not have that much money and every little bit counts. I really enjoyed shopping at the night markets because I met a lot of happy people and made people happier because I bought their products.

So What Continued The Most Important idea I learned is to always be happy for how safe of an area we live in and how much luxury items we have compared to the Thai people who are happier than we are.

Now WhatDuring the trip I developed my responsibility and independence. I developed these skills by living only with my roommates and we had to clean ourselves and manage our self or else we would face the consequences.