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Welcome IB Freshmen. Housekeeping. Respect the Media Center Clean up your area-throw away your trash Put chairs back – 4 to a table Make sure you sign in for attendance Listen when others are speaking Keep all your IB handouts in one place. Agenda Reminders Log into M anagebac . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Welcome IB Freshmen

Welcome IB Freshmen

HousekeepingRespect the Media CenterClean up your area-throw away your trashPut chairs back 4 to a tableMake sure you sign in for attendance

Listen when others are speakingKeep all your IB handouts in one place.



Log into Managebac.In Managebac, Join the Group: MYP Class of 2017

Continue doing community service Get Involved!!!

https://chandler.managebac.com/homeStay connectedSign up for Remind 101 Follow us on Twitter @CHSMYP

Justine Enns

This is not an optional assignmentIt is required of all IB Middle Years Program (IBMYP) students around the world.

IB MYP Personal Project The 3 Ps:

The Process JournalThe Personal EssayThe Product

Is group work allowed?

Your project may involve others (for example, directing a play, organizing an exhibition or starting a new student or community organization). However, the individual students contribution must be clearly evident in all stages of the development of the Personal Project and the Personal Report must be written by each individual.

The Personal Project is always assessed individually for each student.

Any project that involves a group of people must beapproved before summer vacation.How do I pick a topic?What is involved in creating a IBMYP Personal Project?How much work will I really really have to do?Just Start!

Start your journal on Managebac.

Journal Entry #1: How I feel about the Personal Project.

Journal Entry #2: What do I like to do in my spare time?What are some activities, tasks, subjects I do well?What would I like to learn to do better?What is a question you have always wanted to know the answer to?What improvements would you like to make in your community?Journal Entry #3My Personal Project topic is With my Personal Project I want accomplish (what is my goal?)

Log in and go to DP& MYP Projects

Open the Process Journal Tab

How I feel about the Personal Project.

After you save your entry, you will be able to add other journal entries throughout creating your Personal Project.

The process journal is one of the assessment criteriaTime Line

April 17 Journal Entry #1 & #2 due IB election Packets available Continue PP journal entries

May 15 Personal Project topic Due Officer elections for 2014-2015 Continue PP journal entries

June Continue Community service Continue PP journal entries

July Personal Project Advisor assigned