why publicity? attract students attract funding attract research partners attract new staff enhance...

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  • Why publicity?Attract studentsAttract fundingAttract research partnersAttract new staffEnhance the reputation of the University as a centre of excellence.

  • Research or event?Publicity splits roughly into two categories

    Research storiesEvents

  • Events storiesPrize givingsWorkshops with other organisationsVisits from celebrities, MPs etc.

    These will gain you LOCAL publicity

  • Research storiesMurray Watsons English immigrants workRhona Dolevs terrorism and childrenVictors online Scots dictionary

    These have something new to say and challenge the status quo attracting wider and possibly NATIONAL publicity.

  • Some recent storiesTrevor Harley on psychology of love hits in Financial Times, P&J, Courier, Radio Tay.Rona Dolev on terrorism and children hits in Herald, Courier, Reporting Scotland, BBC online, Scottish TV, Radio Scotland, Wave 102, Radio Tay, Kingdom FM, Real Radio, and River FM.Scots online dictionary hits in Sunday Times, All Scottish radio stations, Scotsman, Herald, P&J, Courier, Newsnight, Grampian TV and more.

  • Spotting a storyIs it original?Is it a first in the world, UK, Scotland?Does it have implications for the public?Furthering of knowledge is good, but discoveries with major implications make big headlines.Is it quirky?

  • How to channel your storiesCall or email the Press Office. A press officer will advise on the strength and likely coverage of your story and prepare it for release to the media.Fill in the media guide form.Email any events to [email protected] identifying a press office contact person in your department.

  • Fielding coverageIf you have a strong media line, the press officer will prepare a press release and issue it on a day you are available for interview.More complicated or subtle stories can be dealt with by inviting a journalist to visit and interview you.Intensive media training is available book your place with Head of Press.