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Why Should We Care About. Computer Programmers?. Every aspect of computing has experienced exponential improvement. Processing capacity Storage capacity Network bandwidth Sensors (Astonishingly, even algorithms in some cases!). You can exploit these improvements in two ways. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Why Should We Care AboutComputer Programmers?Processing capacityStorage capacityNetwork bandwidthSensors(Astonishingly, even algorithms in some cases!)Every aspect of computing has experienced exponential improvementConstant capability at exponentially decreasing costExponentially increasing capability at constant costYou can exploit these improvements in two ways

Credit: Intel Corporation4The past thirty years

5The past thirty years

6The past thirty years

7The past thirty years

8The most recent ten years SearchScalabilityDigital mediaMobilityeCommerceThe CloudSocial networking and crowd-sourcing

9In the next ten years,well put the smarts in Smart homesSmart carsSmart bodiesSmart robotsSmart science (confronting the data tsunami)Smart crowds and human-computer systemsSmart interaction (virtual and augmented reality)

10Computer science has a rich intellectual agendaAdvances in CS accelerate the pace of discovery in nearly all other fieldsAdvances in CS drive economic growthNot just through the growth of the IT industry, but through productivity growth across the entire economyAdvances in CS touch everyones lives they change the way we live, work, learn, and communicateAdvances in CS are inextricably linked to our ability to address our major national and global challengesAdvances in CS have major public policy implicationsRanging from e-voting and identity management to the nature and global spread of democracyComputational Thinking is essential for all 21st century citizens!Computer science is unique in its impact and importance11Self-explanatory.(The blob on the right is meant to connote the transformation of science.)CORE CSE machine learningnatural language processingHCIcloud computingbig datamobilesensorsCORE CSEmachine learningnatural language processingHCIcloud computingbig datamobilesensorsEnergy and SustainabilitySecurity andPrivacyTechnology for DevelopmentMedicine andGlobal HealthEducationScientificDiscoveryTransportationNeural EngineeringElder CareAccessibilityInteracting with the Physical WorldCORE CSEAnd there are jobs out the wazoo:nationally Source: Bureau of Labor StatisticsScience & Technology Job Growth (2010-2020)85%70%60%15And there are jobs out the wazoo:nationally

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Science FoundationAnnualized Job Openings vs. Annual Degrees Granted (2010-2020)16And there are jobs out the wazoo:and regionally 17Source: Washington State HECB, SBCTC, and WTECB: A Skilled and Educated Workforce, 2011 Update. Analysis of Employment Security Department and IPEDS data.17Is this a great time, or what?!?!


Job OpeningsDegrees Granted

Sheet1Job OpeningsDegrees GrantedComputer Science13662061323Engineering52600108083Life Sciences5830110664Physical Sciences357031123Social Sciences5650290997To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.