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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 World Bank Apps Brochure</p><p> 1/3</p><p>The frst global competition or sotwareapplicationshelp us reduce global poverty</p><p>See your app on the World Banks websiteReach global audiences</p><p>Compete or exciting prizes</p><p>The Apps or Development Competition aims</p><p>to bring together sotware developers and</p><p>development practitioners to use World Bank data in</p><p>the creation o innovative sotware applications.</p><p>The Competition challenges participants to develop</p><p>sotware apps related to one or more o the</p><p>Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The apps</p><p>About the Millennium</p><p>Development Goals (M</p><p>The MDGs represent a colleambition or our world. Simput, they express a vision oworld where extreme poveh h b l</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 World Bank Apps Brochure</p><p> 2/3</p><p>The Apps for Development Competition aims to bring together softw</p><p>developers and development practitioners to use World Bank data in th</p><p>creation of innovative software applications.</p><p>For more information, go to</p><p>The frst global competition or sotware applicationshelp us reduce global po</p><p>Heres your chance to</p><p>See your app on theWorld Banks website</p><p>Reach globalaudiences</p><p>Compete forexciting prizes</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 World Bank Apps Brochure</p><p> 3/3</p><p>Sign up for email alerts</p><p>Follow us on Twitter @apps4dev</p><p>and use #apps4devShare on</p><p>We challenge participants to develop</p><p>software applications related to one or</p><p>more of the Millennium Development Goals</p><p>(MDGs). The applications could serve to raise</p><p>awareness, measure progress toward, or helpachieve the MDGs. For more information on</p><p>the MDGs, go to the Competition website at</p><p></p><p>The proposed application should also</p><p>use one or more datasets from the</p><p>World Bank Data Catalog found at</p><p></p><p>We invite you to participate in this</p><p>competitionhelp to create apps whi</p><p>leverage the data curated by the World</p><p>The deadline for submissions to the</p><p>Apps for Development competition isJanuary 10, 2010.</p><p>Learn more</p></li></ul>