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  • Direct to consumer entertainment service Broadcast television Video on demand High quality, resolution, available streamingDelivery over a closed IP, QOS enabled networkFixed wire delivery Offered by last mile network service providerWhat is IPTV?

  • OTT INTERNET VIDEO =VoD Only delivers partial solutions (VoD) that augments PayTV - not replaces

    It is not like watching TV.

  • Traditional video distribution systems have required the installation and maintenance of a separate coax infrastructure.

    World Pipes distribution platform ports the CaTV business and service models over the public Internet leveraging a VPN.

  • Competitors CAPEX Costs Per Household INFRASTRUCTURE$1000 Per Household DEPLOYED

  • WORLDPIPEs CAPEX Costs Per Deployment INFRASTRUCTURE$10 Per Deployment

  • OPEX

  • Last Mile Solution

  • WORLDPIPEs cloud based IPTV solutions

  • VSTB (virtual Set-Top-Box) is a dynamically created (unique WAN ID) application that enables any consumer owned Internet enabled devices to receive high quality video/media becoming a distinct node (account) on WORLDPIPE's closed and private Headend.

    With an embedded VPN client, the VSTB receives and decodes signal ONLY broadcasted from WORLDPIPE's Headend.


  • WORLDPIPEs VSTB product enables any Windows or Android device to become a TV grade set-top box.

    Every enrolled (consumer owned) endpoint is an active node on a private network 128-bit encryption transmission to every endpoint Every endpoint becomes a billable account on a managed service WORLDPIPES framework and OTT topology complies with rebroadcast contracts

  • VSTBH.264 application w/RTP/RTSP stream supported with multi-socket support for rapid channel changing

  • CRM/CMDB (Customer Relationship Management/Configuration Management Database) is a unified, cloud based database which brings together internal cloud device controls and manages VSTB deployments for provisioning and activation, all in a holistic real-time managed solution.



    manage all your users' accounts, billing and support

    compiles VSTB applications from baseline code (VPN,H.264 a/v codecs) for MS Windows and Android OSs for each user accounts

    generates unique WAN (connection) profiles on WORLDPIPE's VPN concentrator within the private cloud infrastructure for each VSTB deployment updates internal permission within WORLDPIPE's cloud LDAP server for each VSTB deployment

  • Other Cloud based assets ~ VPN concentrator to connect an unlimited number of endpoints

    Virtual streaming servers to scale to meet any demand

    First Mile asset management

  • Increase Profitsacquire customers anywhere reaching customers with virtual assets were your competition with fixed assets cannotcreate new RMR streamsreduce network operations and plant costsreduce CAPEX & OPEX Cost increase ad revenues with relevant advertising bridge the Cable/PayTV gap

    eliminate the human element with enhanced deployment services




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