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<p>BRAND INNOVATIONTRUNG HIUPH CNG</p> <p>Brand innovation = Invention + Commercial</p> <p>Brand Innovation is realized transforms your brand into a dynamic, relevant asset,then directs it with purpose and creativity to a position of preference in your markets. It requires a new way of thinking and the courage and commitment by executive management toseek real and positive change.</p> <p>Definition</p> <p>Brand Innovation Mix</p> <p> Product innovation Communication innovation Channel innovation Process innovation Packaging innovation Pricing innovation</p> <p>OMO</p> <p> Product innovation </p> <p>1922-2012</p> <p>Stain removal</p> <p>2012-present</p> <p>Unilever has patented better whitening technology that will deliver wins on whitenessThere is a new fragrance that wins and makes clothes smell fresh and cleanThe stain removal ability has been boostedIt has a new ingredient which provides a slippery solution, thus preventing dryness of the skin</p> <p> Channel innovation</p> <p>From 2005 mass advertising on TV, radio , traditional channels, Omo focus on PR &amp; Social marketing such as 10 standard parks in Viet Nam, activities outside for kids to encourage them to develop themselves.</p> <p>From the first day in Viet Nams market, Omo always use functional benefit to convince consumers using Omo with tagline : Stain removal and using mass advertising From 2002 , beside Advertising traditional &amp; marketing mix base on Stain removal expert, Omo applied the first PR campaign Ao trang ngoi sang tuong lai with many success.From end of 2005, base on the stable benefit that increased Best Omo ever , Omo also focus on building kids developments through experiences while they are playing and get dirty. All of their communications followed this activity. The Dirt is good strategy proposed that Getting dirty is learning, discovering, having fun, and getting to know life. With these propositions, Omo set out to create an emotional bond with mothers who are focused on the healthy development of their children as they are growing up</p> <p> Communication innovation </p> <p> Packaging innovation</p> <p> Pricing innovation</p> <p>In 2002 , Omo &amp; Tide compete in price , so Omo reduce 7500 VND -&gt; 5500 for 500gr pack and they compete with each other in a long time still Tide decrease 30% of price and Omo is 26% of price, they have to increase the price to exist. From now on, Omo increase about 10.000 VND/ kg</p> <p>Omo price chart</p> <p>2002</p> <p>Now</p> <p>Brand Innovation Process</p> <p>There are 9 problems to get through to fully reach the innovation of the brand</p> <p>Create</p> <p>Frame</p> <p>Cluster</p> <p>Enable</p> <p>Extend</p> <p>Connect</p> <p>Resonate</p> <p>Optimise</p> <p>Impact</p> <p>Each problem has to go through a process of 3 steps to solve:</p> <p>Creativity(ideas, more ideas) </p> <p>Evaluate, Measure(possibilities, potential) </p> <p>Innovation</p> <p>Funnel model</p> <p>Ideas</p> <p>Ideas</p> <p>Ideas</p> <p>Idea</p> <p>Idea</p> <p>Idea</p> <p>Process, define, divide and evaluate</p> <p>INNOVATION</p> <p>Creativity</p> <p>Evaluation</p> <p>Action</p> <p>OMO example</p> <p>Frame</p> <p>Innovate the brand purpose(focus on people and passions)</p> <p>Wash clean &amp; white care about kids development and release tension for moms</p> <p>Create</p> <p>Innovate the brand concept(real experiences enabling more)</p> <p>Expert in washing playful experience for kids through concept DIRT IS GOOD</p> <p>Resonate</p> <p>Innovate the brand story(enable resonance with real-time stories)</p> <p>Functions advertising engage consumers with interactive activities (ngy hi nhng chic ti ti nng, o trng ngi sng tng lai, hc hi iu hay, ngi g vt bn, )</p> <p>Cluster</p> <p>Innovate the brand solution(brands are platforms to innovate business)</p> <p>Functions advertising engage consumers with interactive activities (ngy hi nhng chic ti ti nng, o trng ngi sng tng lai, hc hi iu hay, ngi g vt bn, )</p> <p>Example: OMO Dirt is good</p> <p>Enable</p> <p>Innovate the brand experience(branded experiences focus on enabling)</p> <p>1 way communication moms and kids have changes to understand and experience Dirt is good</p> <p>Connect</p> <p>Innovate the brand relationship(between brand-people and between peoples )</p> <p>Customer-brand relationship only moms-moms (debate on how to develop children by letting them play dirty freely), moms-children</p> <p>Extend</p> <p>Innovate the brand range(build around bigger ideas)</p> <p>Dirt is good is the core concept of all kind of products such as OMO Matic (powder, liquid) </p> <p>Optimise</p> <p>Innovate the brand portfolio</p> <p>OMO has not moved into this criteria yet </p> <p>Impact</p> <p>Innovate the brand value(measured by profits and potential)</p> <p>Concept Dirt is good is so strong that it can be used to execute into many different ways in the future</p>