12 effective ways to manage your time

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12 Effective ways to manage your time and get as much work done in a day as possible, without burning out in the process!


  • 1. Make the mostof your time

2. How did it get so late so soon?Its night before its afternoon.December is here before its June.My goodness how the time has flewn.How did it get so late so soon?Dr. Seuss 3. Spend 15-30 minutes at the beginning of your day -- planning your day1 4. Plan your day in a way that accounts for disruptionsTry not to let them fluster you2 5. Make appointments with yourself for your jobsUse an appointment book and stick to the times3 6. Avoid distractions at all costsIf viable switch off phones, TV, etc.4Block the websites that keep drawing you in 7. You have phone calls scheduled?Plan 5 minutes ahead of the call -- Know what you want to achieve5 8. Have a set time when you answer emailsIf you can, only read and answer them twice a dayYou can set up an auto responder that informs people of this6 9. Accept you wont get it all doneStrive to do as much as possible7Sometimes the distance you need to cover, is just too much for one day 10. Prioritise8Dont put off tough jobs that need doing today -- for easy jobs that can be done tomorrow 11. Find the most productive time of the dayComplete your hardest jobs in that time9Find why that part of the day is best and try and integrate it into the rest of the day 12. Schedule with family and friends in mind10Include them in your daily life as much as possibleThey will keep you motivated on those tough days 13. SleepMake sure you get 7-9 hours of sleepHigh quality sleep11Turn off your phone, so youre not waiting for notifications 14. Keep a notepad on hand12Take notes of any thoughts and ideas you haveYou will waste less time trying to remember what great idea you had earlier 15. ekmPowershop.comUK's Leading Ecommerce Website Solutionhttps://www.facebook.com/ekmpowershophttps://www.twitter.com/ekmpowershophttps://www.youtube.com/user/ekmpowershop0333 004 0333