3 cells, tissues, and organs

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  • 1. CELLS, TISSUES, AND ORGANS Prepared by: Mrs. SehrishDated 22-02-12

2. OBJECTIVESAT THE END OF THE LECTURE STUDENTS WILL BE ABLETO: Define the meaning of medical terminology of cellstissue and organs Recognize and understand basic medical terms Identify medical abbreviations Spell and pronounce basic medical terminology Analyze unfamiliar terms using the knowledge ofword roots, suffixes and prefixes used in the medicallanguage.4/7/20132 3. Tissues: Cells are organized into four basic types of tissues that perform specific functions1.Epithelial tissues Epithelial tissue covers and protects body structures and lines organs, vessels, and cavities.2. Connective tissue Connective tissue supports and binds body structures. It contains fibers and other nonliving material between the cells. Examples are adipose (fat) tissue, cartilage, bone and blood3. Muscle tissuesMuscle tissue (root my/o) contracts to produce movement.4. Nervous tissueNervous tissue (root neur/o) makes up the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. It coordinates and controls body responses by the transmission of electrical impulses. 4. BIOPSY: Biopsy is the removal and examination of a living tissue todetermine a diagnosis. Biopsy comes from the Greek word biosmeaning life, opsis meaning vision. Together they mean thevisualization of living tissue.IN VIVO:"in the living bodyIN VITRO:literally means in glass ,and refers to procedures and experiments done in labs.IN SITU: means in its original place, used to refer to tumors that have not spread 5. Technicolor terms Leuk/o = whiteleukemia (overabundance of white blood cells) melan/o = blackmelanoma (black tumor of the skin) cyan/o = bluecyanosis (blueness may be due to cold or notenough oxygen in blood) xanth/o = yellowxanthoma (yellow tumor) 6. Tumor talkAdding - oma (a swelling) to organ and tissue word roots names tumors. Notall tumors are malignant (cancerous). Many are benign (not life-threatening). Aden/o = gland adenoma Lip/o = fat lipoma My/o = muscle myoma Lymph/o = lymph tissue lymphoma Carcin/o = malignant carcinoma Osteo/o = bone osteoma 7. Thank you!