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7 Sacraments. Baptism 2. Penance/Confession 3. Holy Eucharist 4. Confirmation 5. Matrimony 6. Last Rights 7. Holy Orders. Church had Powerful Political Leadership. Coronation of Charlemagne by Pope Leo III 800 A.D. Papal States- King Collected Tithe Tax 1/10th of your wealth. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 7 SacramentsBaptism2. Penance/Confession3. Holy Eucharist4. Confirmation5. Matrimony6. Last Rights7. Holy Orders

  • Church had Powerful Political LeadershipCoronation of Charlemagne by Pope Leo III800 A.D.Papal States- KingCollected Tithe Tax 1/10th of your wealth

  • Priests are central to SalvationMost people were illiterate and did not know LatinChurch services in LatinFaith taught from advice and teachings of priestsFaith taught from statues, paintings, stained glass

  • Final Judgement

  • Faith based on Fear

  • Inquisition to fight Heresy

  • Corruption In ChurchMany priests were illiterate and poorly educatedLay InvestitureSimonyGood Works=$

  • Scholasticism:faith+reason = factPtolemy adopted by the churchGalileo 1633- interrogated by Inquisition (house arrest)Galileo not pardoned and book banned until 1983St Thomas AquinasSumma TheologicaReason was gods gift. Reason fits in harmony with faith

  • Spread of Monasticism

  • Influences of Monasteries1. Preserved and copied ancient and classical textsa. Illuminated manuscripts2. Schools3. Hospitals4. Soup kitchens and orphanages5. Guest houses for weary travelers6. Taught peasants farming and animal husbandry7. Advances in manufacturing and craftsa. cheese, wine, cloth

  • Benedictine Order529 founded a monastery in Monte Cassino ItalyRule of St. Benedict became a model for monastic communitiesManual workMeditationPrayerLife of Prayer, Silence, Poverty, Chastity

  • Franciscan OrderIn 1208 St. Francis of Assisi took a vow of povertyReceived stigmataCommunicated with animalsFollowers dedicated to working with the poor

  • Babylonian CaptivityBoniface VIII created crisis by asserting his Papal Authority and political supremacy.Popes forced to flee Rome in dispute over Papal authority with the King of France. Who had power of taxation and courts?

  • Great SchismTwo Popes fight for recognitionDramatically undercuts the claim to Papal SupremacyStrengthens the power of the clergyStrengthens Kings