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  1. 8 Essential Ingredients of Content Reuse
  2. Content marketers have an elephant- sized problem.
  3. 70% to 80% of B2B goes unused.* *Source: SiriusDecisions
  4. Were creating content landlls.
  5. Why is this?
  6. 10% 30% 50% 70% 90% Brand Awareness Customer Acquisition Lead Generation Retention Thought Leadership Engagement Web Traffic Nurturing Sales 2013 2012 2011 Because we have too many goals for content. Which is as bad as having none. Source: Content Marketing Institute
  7. Too many goals leads to one-o content.
  8. REPURPOSE so your content can hit specic goals.
  9. But reusing content is not as simple as JUST DO IT.
  10. There are eight steps you need to follow if reuse is part of your content strategy.
  11. 1. Put together a content game plan.
  12. Yes Most marketers dont have a documented content strategy. No Unsure Source: Content Marketing Institute
  13. Content without a documented strategy ends up abandoned.
  14. 2. Appoint a content boss.
  15. 73% of B2B companies have someone overseeing content strategy. Source: Content Marketing Institute
  16. The goal isnt too add bureaucracy.
  17. Its to save time spent on redundant content and tasks..
  18. Marketing Sales Customer Service 3. You need an editorial board. Product Executive Team
  19. Deciding what to dump and what to recycle requires bringing key stakeholders together.
  20. Tips! for assembling your editorial board. f k N W Keep a regular meeting schedule. Include a mix of department heads and staff. Review goals or objectives at every meeting.
  21. 4. Perform a content audit.
  22. Remember that scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark where the ark is hidden away in a giant warehouse?
  23. Heres where we keep the eBooks. Finding your content shouldnt be that dicult.
  24. s A content audit identies where your content lives. what theme it covers. how its performed.
  25. 5. Figure our which channels you use and...
  26. and who owns those channels.
  27. B2B marketers are using an average of 13 content tactics. Source: Content Marketing Institute
  28. B2B marketers are using an average of 13 content tactics. Imagine how many channels are used for each tactic!
  29. Customize your content for each channel so it gets the most exposure.
  30. 6. Invest in content pillars.
  31. A content pillar is a large, meaty asset that can be turned into many other smaller assets.
  32. In fact, one eBook can be turned into 260 content assets. Click on this eBook to learn how.
  33. 7. Build clear workows.
  34. A clear workow is like a good checklist
  35. it answers the important questions behind every project. Who? What? When?
  36. Without workows reusing content is as painful as starting from scratch.
  37. 8. Get an editorial calendar.
  38. If you dont have a calendar, its nearly impossible to keep track of what youve made and what youre making.
  39. Tips! for assembling your editorial calendar. 4 w R Make it visible across teams, departments and regions. Organize by content type, task owners and deadline. Keep it fresh by updating regularly.
  40. Mix together these eight ingredients and cook a content feast.
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