a woman's nightmare

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  • A womans NightmareFor adults onlyIf you are under 18 press escape

  • Imagine: an incredibly handsome guy.

  • A romantic supperin your favorite restaurant

  • He is cool, intelligent, and rich.

  • He kisses wonderfully,dances like a god.

  • All your friends are crazy about him.

  • Your parents adore him.

  • In one word: a man of your dreams.

  • He asks you to marry him.

  • but there is one but.No sex before marriage.

  • You- of course -agree to all.

  • You get the most beautiful wedding dress.

  • The cake is equally fantastic

  • The wedding party is an eventof the century.

  • And then ..And then ..And then ..And then ..And then ..

  • What ashocking shock!!!