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  • AMS-ISC4K Series AMS-ISC4K Standard AMS-ISC4KS Expanding SDI Input AMS-ISC4KU Expanding USB Input

    4K Input Multi-window Splicer 4-Channel Splicing Processor 4 Layers Can Arbitrary Cross-zone Roaming、Layer Mirror 、Rotation Function

    English4K LED Multi-window Splicer Processor

    ► Support 3840*2160@60Hz Input

    ► Support Four 4K*2K Simultaneously Input

    ► 4 Windows Arbitrary Scaling And Roaming

    ► Largest Splicing Resolution

    15360 *640@60Hz、4096 *2304@60Hz、

    3072*3072@60Hz、960 *8640@60Hz

    ► 10.5 Million Pixel Can Customize Resolution

    ► Customized Input EDID

    ► Image Rotation And Mirror Function

    ►Support Timing Switching And Lock

    ► 10 Mode Saved And 8 Hot Key Call

    ► Black And Freeze Function

    ► Support SDI Or USB Input (Optional)

    ► Synchronization Audio Decoding Output

    ► Support WIFI、RS232 Control

    ► Support 8 Standard Sending Cards

    Can Install 4 Standard Sending Card

  • Main Function Application

    4 Layers

     Windows Arbitrary Scaling And Roaming

    Horizontal Splicing

     Mightiness Hardware Splicing Core

    2*2 Splicing Vertical Splicing

    Custom resolution output, The longest can be to 15360 pixels, The Highest can be to 8640 pixels.

     Image Rotation And Mirror Function

    Normal Input

    90° 180°

    270° Horizontal Mirror mirror

    4K@60Hz Picture Quality Better

     4K Ultra High-definition Input

    Support 4K*2K Input

  • 0

    Front And Real Panel

    Layer Style: Layer Mode

    SIZE: Control layer size

    MIRROR: Layer mirror function

    SAVE: Mode save button

    A、B、C、D:Select the layer to

    be operated

    Menu Operation OK: Confirmation button

    ESC: Return operation key

    Knob: adjust menu parameters

    OLED Display Displaying data& providing human-machine

    Input Signal Source The first opens the layer switch, then selects the layer to control, and selects

    the corresponding input signal source::AV、DP1、DP2、HDMI1、HDMI2、


    BLACK/FREEZE: black screen or picture freeze, can be set up in the menu.

    EXT:extension button,0-9 of the numeric keys can be used.


    M1-M8 hot key for call

    the mode,pressing the

    button, can call the

    corresponding mode

    Power Connector

    Power Fuse

    Power Switch

    Gigabit Net Port

    Output Connector: 4 channel outputs (1, 2, 3, 4).

    Each channel has 2 DVI-I connectors.

    Audio output:3.5 audio mouth

    Communication Port Computer RS232 And USB Control

    Sending Card Installation Slot Support 8 standard sending cards

    Can Install 4 standard sending cards

    Input Signal Connector: The input signal source is:1 DVI、2 HDMI、2 DP、

    1 VGA、1 AV、 1 SDI/1 USB(expand);

    Wi-Fi Antenna

  • Topological Graph

  • DP Input Quantity 2

    Connector DP

    Signal Standard DVI 1.2

    Supported Resolutions VESA, 3840*2160@60Hz, Customized EDID

    HDMI Input Quantity 2

    Connector HDMI

    Signal Standard HDMI 1.4

    Supported Resolutions VESA, 3840*2160@30Hz, 2560*1600@30Hz, Customized EDID

    DVI Input Quantity 1

    Connector DVI-I

    Signal Standard DVI 1.0, HDMI 1.3

    Supported Resolutions VESA, 1920*1200@60Hz, Customized EDID

    VGA Input Quantity 1

    Connector VGA-DB15

    Signal Standard R、 G、 B、 Hsync、 Vsync:0 to1Vpp±3dB (0.7V Video+0.3v Sync )

    75 ohm black level: 300mV Sync-tip: 0V

    Supported Resolutions VESA,PC to 1920x1200

    AV Input(CVBS) Quantity 1

    Connector BNC

    Signal Standard PAL/NTSC 1Vpp±3db (0.7V Video+0.3v Sync ) 75 ohm

    Supported Resolutions 480i,576i

    3G-SDI Input(Option) Quantity 1 (Expanding)

    Connector BNC

    Signal Standard SD-SDI,HD-SDI,3G-SDI

    Supported Resolutions 1080p 60/50/30/25/24/25(PsF)/24(PsF)

    720p 60/50/25/24 1080i 1035i 625/525 line

    DVI Output Quantity 4 Channels - 8 DVI

    Connector DVI-I


  • Signal Standard DVI 1.0

    Supported Resolutions






    2048×1152@60Hz Customized Resolution

    2304×1152@60Hz Single Output:


    2560×960@60Hz 4-Channel: 10.60M@60Hz


    Whole Machine Machine Weight

    Packing Weight



    Size(mm) Machine Size (including interfaces): 485mm(L)X 385m(W)X 98mm(H)

    Packing Size: 540mm(L)X 460m(W)X 200mm(H)

    Power Supply 100VAC – 240VAC 50/60Hz

    Maximum Power 100W

    Temperature 0°C~45°C

    Storage Humidity 10%~90%


    AMS-ISC4K (Standard)

    AMS-ISC4KS (Expanding SDI Input)

    AMS-ISC4KU (Expanding USB Input)

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