appendicular skeleton

Appendicular Skeleton Ch. 8

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Appendicular Skeleton. Ch. 8. Consists of:. Shoulder (pectoral) Girdle Upper extremities Pelvic Girdle Lower extremities. Shoulder Girdle. Sternum + clavicle = sternoclavicular joint Clavicle + scapula = acromioclavicular joint Scapula held in place by muscle only - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Appendicular  Skeleton

Appendicular Skeleton

Ch. 8

Page 2: Appendicular  Skeleton

Consists of:

• Shoulder (pectoral) Girdle• Upper extremities• Pelvic Girdle• Lower extremities

Page 3: Appendicular  Skeleton

Shoulder Girdle• Sternum + clavicle = sternoclavicular joint• Clavicle + scapula = acromioclavicular joint• Scapula held in place by muscle only• Upper limb attached to girdle at shoulder

Page 4: Appendicular  Skeleton

Shoulder Girdle - Clavicle

• S-shaped bone

Page 5: Appendicular  Skeleton

Shoulder Girdle – posterior scapula

• Acromion process

• Glenoid cavity

• Spine• Coracoid


Page 6: Appendicular  Skeleton

Shoulder Girdle – anterior scapula

Page 7: Appendicular  Skeleton

Upper Extremities

• 30 bones each• Humerus, radius, ulna• Carpal bones in wrist• Metacarpals in palm• Phalanges in fingers

Page 8: Appendicular  Skeleton


• Head• Greater tubercle• Lesser tubercle• Deltoid tuberosity• Lateral epicondyle• Medial epicondyle• Capitulum• Trochlea

Page 9: Appendicular  Skeleton

Radius and Ulna

• Radius– Head– Styloid process – Radial tuberosity

• Ulna– Styloid process

Page 10: Appendicular  Skeleton

Wrist and Hand

• Carpals• Metacarpals• phalanges

Page 11: Appendicular  Skeleton


Page 12: Appendicular  Skeleton

Metacarpals and Phalanges

Page 13: Appendicular  Skeleton

Pelvic Girdle

Page 14: Appendicular  Skeleton

Pelvic Girdle

• Ilicac crest• Anterior/superior

iliac spine• Acetabulum• Spine of ischium• Obturator formaen• Pubic symphysis

Page 15: Appendicular  Skeleton

Tortora & Grabowski 9/e 2000 JWS 8-15

Female and Male Skeletons• Male skeleton– larger and heavier– larger articular

surfaces– larger muscle

attachments• Female pelvis– wider & shallower– larger pelvic inlet &

outlet– more space in true

pelvis– pubic arch >90 degrees

Page 16: Appendicular  Skeleton

Lower Extremities

• 30 bones each• Femur• Patella• Tibia• Fibula• Tarsals• Metatarsals• phalanges

Page 17: Appendicular  Skeleton

Femur and Patella

• Head• Greater

trochanter• Lesser

trochanter• Lateral

epicondyle• Medial


Page 18: Appendicular  Skeleton

Tibia and Fibula

• Tibia– Medial and larger– Tibial tuberosity– Lateral condyle– Medial condyle– Medial malleolus

• Fibula– Lateral and smaller– Head– Lateral mealleolus

Page 19: Appendicular  Skeleton

Tarsals – Metatarsals - Phalanges

• Calcaneus• Talus• Cuboid• Navicular• Cuneiforms