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This is the complete set of challenges for the "Badges: New Currency for Professional Credentials" MOOC. It presents an argument for how badges can be used in professional development.


  • 1. EmployeeTrainerSupervisorEmployees need minimum number of PD hours per yearEmployees seek out and attend training opportunitiesSupervisor reviews evidence of PD for annual performance review

2. Aaron is an instructional designer for a state college. In order to document his Professional Development, he keeps copies of seminar descriptions, certificates of attendance, receipts, whatever artifacts he can, hoping its enough. He often thinks he learns as much from online resources, but since he cant prove it, he attends often boring and uninformative workshops, just to get the certificate of attendance. 3. Asha is the owner of a small company that offers workshops and seminars for a variety of organizations. Each organization seems to want something different to verify employee attendance: a certificate, an assessment, or just a receipt for payment. She gets frustrated when attendees just show up for the credit, clearly not interested in what shes trying to teach. 4. Phil is Aarons supervisor. He reviews and approves PD activities, but generally has to just trust his employees. The certificates of attendance dont prove knowledge, and he doesnt know if employees attend conference sessions, or just socialize in the lounge. And conferences are so expensive! Sometimes it seems like off-site PD is just a nice way to get out of the office. 5. Instructional Technology is a relatively new as a field, though people have been performing difference aspects of it for a very long time. Having different paths to enter other than a specific college degree provides opportunities for those with informal learning and experience to work as Instructional Technologists. Using portfolios provides evidence of skill and ability above just having a degree, which varies widely from institution to institution. 6. Association for Educational Communications and Technology American Society for Training and Development International Society for Technology in Education International Society for Performance Improvement 7. Mozilla Open BadgesOpen Badges for Lifelong Learning Open Badges Google+ Community 8.


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