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  • COMMUNICATESYo u r i n d u s t r y , y o u r v o i c e n e w s f r o m t h e C u s t o m E l e c t r o n i c D e s i g n & I n s t a l l a t i o n A s s o c i a t i o n

    ISSUE 23 | SUMMER 2012

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    Cinema DesignWorkshop

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    with Darren Bown

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    for the Future ofHome Technology

    A recent study of more than4000 consumers in the USA,UK, France and Germany, hasfound that 75% of connectedTV owners are using their TV to connect to the internet,with connection rates highestin France - at 71% - and lowestin the UK, at 56%.

    This is just one of the findingscontained within the FuturesourceLiving with Digital report whichimpacts on the CI marketplace.

    The rapid expansion of internetconnectivity has radically changed theway that consumers live their lives,carrying out interactions and functionson the move that were previouslyconfined to the home or office.Watching TV and movies and playinggames on the move have all becomecommonplace, while online shopping,web surfing and social networking

    have become significantly morepopular as the range and ownership of connected devices has expanded.

    The survey also shows that the mostpopular uses for connected TVs arewatching catch-up TV and YouTubevideos and streaming films via onlinechannels including Lovefilm andNetflix. Though at 40%, 24% and 23%respectively, social networking sites,streaming music and personal medialibraries are found to be usedfrequently.

    CEDIA recognises the value of suchwell-grounded and detailed marketresearch in helping its membersunderstand the future landscape of residential custom installation.We have recently appointedinternational market researchcompany, Parks Associates, toconduct significant and uniqueindustry research in key territorieswithin the UK, Europe and Africa. continued on page 2


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    gadget galpresents Awards

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    This extensive research project willcomprise two defined parts. Commencingin July 2012, Parks Associates will carryout primary research into the U.K., whichis the single biggest CI market in theregion. This will involve an industry-widesurvey to establish the size and scope ofthe sector highlighting areas of growthand opportunities. Results will be madeavailable in October 2012. CEDIA has alsoengaged Parks Associates to undertake asecondary research project which willmap the scale of residential custominstallation in France, Germany, Italy,Spain and South Africa, countries whereCEDIA membership is expanding.

    This research will help ensure ourmembers, prospective members andindustry professionals can assess thebusiness opportunity in CI and stay intouch with the markets expansion inthese key territories, says WendyGriffiths, Executive Director of CEDIARegion 1. This is the first time anindustry research project has taken placeon this scale in our region and the resultswe gain will add value for our members,helping to shape their own growth goingforward.


    2 COMMUNICATES Your industr y, your voicenews from CEDIA

    exploreTHEFUTURE OF HOMETECHNOLOGYCEDIA is pleased to announce the launchof a high level conference entitled TheFuture of Home Technology, which willtake place at the Inmarsat ConferenceCentre in London on Tuesday 23rd andWednesday 24th October 2012.

    The home technology landscape ischanging rapidly, says CEDIA Chair, GaryLewis. In this shifting marketplace, itsimportant that companies involved in theresidential custom installation industryare aware of the business threats andopportunities, and are sufficiently well-informed so that they can steer theirbusinesses successfully in the yearsahead. We will be welcoming veryspecial, high profile experts from acrossthe technology world to share theirinsights with the conference audience.

    The Future of Home Technology willfeature keynote sessions from respectedleaders in the technology world,alongside sessions from global CIspecialists and educators.

    As part of the conference programme,CEDIA will be announcing the results ofits industry-wide research. In addition,

    delegates willhave the chanceto see productsfrom the eventssponsors on display in a specialshowcase section of the conference.

    More details on confirmed speakers andhow to book your tickets will be revealedshortly. For full details of sponsorshippackages, please contact the CEDIA officevia email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1480 213744.

    Located in the heart of the City ofLondon, near Old Street station, theInmarsat Conference Centre is a uniqueconference venue with a contemporaryfeel, offering outstanding facilities fordelegates.

    For more information on the event, please visit www.cediaeducation.com/events

    For further details on the venue, visit www.inmarsat.com/conference_centre


    Tues 23rd October

    Weds 24th October


    CEDIA LAUNCHED AUTOMATEDHOME AT GRAND DESIGNS LIVEWorking with CEDIA, Grand DesignsLive 2012 showcased cutting edgetechnology in its Automated Home atthis years show which took place from5-13 May at ExCeL London.

    CEDIA members, Brilliant Living,Halstead Technology, Perfect Integrationand RJR Custom Installations wereresponsible for the design and installationof technology in the bathroom and livingroom areas of the home. CEDIA TradeSupplier members Artcoustic, Control 4,Crestron, Future Automation,Kaleidescape, Lutron, Rako and Samsung

    also supported the feature which was oneof the shows highlights, showing andinforming visitors about how they cansave time and money in their day-to-daychores and tasks in the home. The area

    was extremely well attended by showvisitors.

    The Automated Home provided acontemporary blend of ideas, designsand innovations for every room in thehome. It included a robot that cleansyour floor, a shower you can take lyingdown, a lounge immersed in water,glass which acts as a heating systemand a TV which can be customisedaccording to living room dcor.

    This feature will also be part of theBirmingham event taking place from 12-14 October at the NEC.

    Over 190 courses were taken during theweek-long programme designed to helpeducate and inform the sector featuring15 technical training courses across bothinstaller and designer tracks.

    Legendary U.S. AV system designer andCEDIA member, Rich Green, was one ofthe star speakers during the weekaccompanied by Geoff Meads, the highlyrespected UK marketer and technicaltrainer with over twenty years experience

    in the Home Technology sector.

    Major manufacturers and distributors,including Artcoustic, AV Specialists, ElanSystems SA, HFX Systems, iLED, Opus,Peripheral Vision and Radionic alsohosted product displays and focusededucation sessions throughout the week.

    On the evening of Tuesday 24th July, allguests were able to attend a specialConnect with CEDIA event which

    introduced new, prospective and existingmembers to the Association and thebenefits of membership whilst providing aforum for ideas, debate and networking.Later in the week, on Thursday 26th July,CEDIA hosted a VIP event for CEDIAmembers, media, architects and interiordesigners. Media partners for the eventincluded, HiddenWires, rAVe and AudioVideo Magazine.

    CEDIAs latest one week event for the South African residential custom installation sector whichtook place from 23rd 27th July 2012 at the Helderfontein Conference Centre, Johannesburg, hasagain proved an outstanding success.

    The event was spearheaded by presentersGeoff Meads and Rich Green

    The 2012 event was held at the prestigiousHelderfontein Conference Centre

    www.cedia.co.uk 3

  • 2012 CEDIA Awards were announced by super-glam TV star,Pollyanna Woodward, from Channel 5s The Gadget Show at asold-out, medieval event attended by more than 250 industryprofessionals and media in the fittingly regal setting of the GreatHall at Hampton Court Palace.

    4 COMMUNICATES Your industr y, your voicenews from CEDIA






    In a record-breaking year for entries, whichsaw over 100 projects from more than tencountries battling out for the top prizes, thisyears Award winners included a series ofremarkable installations across all MediaRoom, Home Cinema, Integrated Home,Marine and Property Developer categories.These stunning projects represent thecrme de la crme of smart homeinstallations from across CEDIA Region 1which covers the UK and Europe, Russia,the Middle East, Africa, India and Pakistan.

    In Media Rooms the winners were London-based Olive AV for delivering an

    impressively modern twist on an 18thcentury period property renovation andSpanish installer, Smart Business for astunning and multi-functional media roomparadise, appropriately entitled All-in-One.

    South African companies scooped two of thethree Home Cinema categories. CinemaArchitects took the plaudits and the bigprize in the Best Home Cinema under40,000 category for an authenticHollywood-style South African movietheatre whilst HFX Systems created acinema that, according to the judges,showed how it should be done, for its

    Hampton Court Palace wasthis years spectacular venue

  • Pollyanna Woodward,from Channel 5s The Gadget Show

    House Strydom project. The judgesawarded UK-based Smartcomm top prizefor a futuristic home cinema in the Over100,000 Home Cinema category.

    T&T Automation secured the number oneposition in the Best Integrated Home under30,000 and over 250,000 categories