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ContactShark iPhone app v1.0 Introduction to Features 7/19/2011

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ContactShark brings LinkedIn and Jigsaw together in one free iPhone app. Research any contact in LinkedIn, find their email & phone in Jigsaw. And much more..Extremely useful for Sales, Recruitment, and Marketing professionals.


  • 1. ContactShark iPhone app v1.07/19/2011 Introduction to Features
  • 2. LinkedIn & Jigsaw - Better Together ContactShark provides feature rich Jigsaw and LinkedIn modules with innovative cross social media integration
  • 3. Home Page Three modules in v1.0 Jigsaw LinkedIn MyContacts
  • 4. Jigsaw Features Simple Search using keywords Advanced contact search usingName, Company, Title, Dept and Level Purchase email/phone using your Jigsaw points Call/Email/SMS the contact Find the same contact in LinkedIn and Google (Usethe Search button) Send a LinkedIn invite (Use the Socialize button) Share contact by email - text or vCard Save to MyContacts and from there save to youriPhone contact directory
  • 5. Jigsaw Login Page Login with Jigsaw username and password Link to for a easy 4 field registration if not a Jigsaw user 10 free points (2
  • 6. Jigsaw Home Page Shows the point balance on the top
  • 7. Jigsaw Simple & Advanced Search
  • 8. Jigsaw Purchase with Points
  • 9. LinkedIn & Google Lookup Find the same contact in LinkedIn and Google using the search button
  • 10. LinkedIn Invite LinkedIn invite to the contact using the purchased email address
  • 11. LinkedIn Features Search contacts using keywords in LinkedIn View detailed profile Invite to connect Message on LinkedIn (if already connected) Lookup same contact in Jigsaw to purchaseemail address and phone (if available) Search contact in Google
  • 12. LinkedIn Search & Profile View
  • 13. Jigsaw & Google Lookup +LinkedIn Messaging
  • 14. MyContacts MyContacts is the repository of contacts from Social Media, CRM and other sources. It is a launching pad for contact released actions and processes.