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  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    COURSERACompetition and Globalization

    Group C6

    Aayush Sharma- B14126

    Karan Chhabra- B14149

    Pratik Chandak- B14163

    Saran K!dia- B141"2

    Siddharth Sharad- B141"#

  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    Chan!s in th! $ih!rEdu%ati&n 'ndustry

    'n%r!as! in (ri%! &) hih!r !du%ati&n * tuiti&n)!!s+ du! t& d!%r!as! in r!,!nu! su((&rt )&rinstituti&ns

    .h! a,!ra! tuiti&n )!!s at (ub/i% )&ur y!arinstituti&ns has in%r!as!d by 660 b!t!!n 212-13 and 22-3

    .h! ,a/u! &) hih!r !du%ati&n as u!sti&n!d asit has n&t im(r&,!d ith th! in%r!as! in (ri%!

    .h! numb!r &) stud!nt /&ans and ba/an%! &)a,!ra! b&rr&!r b&th in%r!as!d by "0

  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    'ntr&du%ti&n &) On/in!C&urs!s

    On/in! !du%ati&n b!an in th! /at! 19"s and19s

    By 2115 30 &) a// US hih!r !du%ati&nstud!nts !r! !stimat!d t& tak! &n! &n/in! %&urs!durin a t!rm

    .h! numb!r &) stud!nts takin &n/in! %&urs!sur(ass!d 6 mi//i&n

    Un/ik! traditi&na/ &n/in! %&urs!s hi%h %har!d)!!s and /imit!d a%%!ss5 OOC is su((&s!d t& b!)r!! and %an b! a%%!ss!d by any numb!r &) (!&(/!

  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    'ntr&du%ti&n &) OOC

    'nitia/ OOC




    C&urs!ra*Andr! 7!5



    7! :&rk .im!sdubb!d 212 as th!;:!ar &) th! OOC6# mi//i&n in)undin

    42 mi//i&n r!ist!r!dstud!nts

    41#? %&urs!s &n th!

    (/at)&rm C&r! (r&du%t = t!%hn&/&y


  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    C&[email protected] An 'ntr&du%ti&n

    aun%h!d in A(ri/ 212 by 2(r&)!ss&rs at th! Stan)&rdUni,!rsity = K&//!r and 7

    As &) u/y 2135 it had rais!d>6# mi//i&n in )undin andhad 42 mi//i&n r!ist!r!dstud!nts

    issi&n stat!m!nt aim!d t&in%r!as! a%%!ss t& ua/ity!du%ati&n thr&uh&ut th!

    /&b! and brin ab&ut a /!,!/(/ayin !/d .h! )&und!r/&&ks at this hi%hsu((/!m!nts hih!r!du%ati&n rath!r thanr!(/a%! it

    As &) u/y 2135 it had &,!r"# (artn!r institut!s anduni,!rsiti!s

    C&m(!tit&rs in%/ud!d !8and Uda%ity

    OD!r!d &,!r 41#? %&urs!s inar!as su%h as humaniti!s5math!mati%s5 s%i!n%!5 s&%ia/s%i!n%!s5 %&m(ut!r s%i!n%!s5

    busin!ss !t%

    'nt!rna/ )&rums mad! th!/!arnin int!ra%ti,! andr&und-th!-%/&%k

  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    Busin!ss &d!/

  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis



    .!%hn&/&y as d!,!/&(!d in-h&us! in &rd!r t& (r&,id! !nhan%!ds!r,i%!s su%h as (r&,idin int!rmitt!nt ui!s durin th!str!amin &) a ,id!&

    .h! )&%us as &n makin it ab/! t& su((&rt hih-,&/um! traDi%5

    s!am/!ss/y d!/i,!rin ,id!& /!%tur!s and ui!s and aut&matinass!ssm!nt radin

    .h!y /!,!ra!d many &(!n s&ur%! and (aid-)&r s!r,i%!s and us!sAma&n F!b S!r,i%!s )&r n!!ds su%h as !b st&ra!5 s!r,!rin)rastru%tur! and s!ar%h )un%ti&na/ity

    .h! sh!!r ,&/um! &) data bas!d &n stud!nts mad! ana/yti%s5(!rs&na/iati&n and r!a/-tim! ana/ysis (&ssib/! a%hin! /!arninus!d t& d!sin (!rs&na/iati&n and id!nti)y th! ar!as h!r!stud!nts stru/! t& h!/( th!m.h! aim )&r bui/d a((s bas!d &n m&bi/! (/at)&rms t& (r&,id!r&und-th!-%/&%k a%%!ss

  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis



    Marketing:A(art )r&m a %&m(any b/&5 th!y s(!nt n& m&n!y&n mark!tin and r!/i!d &n &rd-&)-m&uth t& r& &rani%a//y

    Drop-out rate: G&r n&rma/ %&urs!s5 "0 &) th! r!ist!r!dstud!nts a%tua//y b!un th! %&urs! and &,!ra// %&m(/!ti&n rat!as "-90 $&!,!r5 "0 &) th&s! h& und!rt&&k th! Sinatur!.ra%k %&urs! = %&m(/!t!d it

    Human Resources: 't had &n/y 49 !m(/&y!!s !H%/udin its %&-)&und!rs .h! /ar!st t!ams !r! !nin!!rin5 %&urs!&(!rati&ns and busin!ss d!,!/&(m!nt ith 2651# and 9!m(/&y!!s r!s(!%ti,!/y .h!y a/s& hir!d int!rns and un(aid

    ,&/unt!!rs t& h!/( bui/d th! %&urs! iki &r h!/( as a t!a%hinassistantI%&mmunity tut&r

  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    Partn!rshi(sNumber of partners: 3 a%r&ss 16 %&untri!s

    .h! %a/ibr! &) C&urs!raJs (artn!rs a,! its %r!dibi/ity and r!s(!%t in th!hih!r !du%ati&n %ir%/!s and uni,!rsity (r!sid!nts )r!tt!d that it &u/dreect badl on t!em if t!e failed to sign on

    Uni,!rsiti!s d!sin!d and (r&du%!d th! %&nt!nt and &n!d th! 'P hi/!C&urs!ra (r&,id!d th! (/at)&rm t& h&st and str!am it

    A)t!r an issu! ith th! ua/ity &) d!/i,!ry ith th! ;Gundam!nta/s &) &n/in!/!arnin< %&urs! = th!r! as m&r! !m(hasis &n a collaborati"e re"ie# &)th! %&urs! mat!ria/ and d!sin

    Ea%h %&urs! t&&k ab&ut $%&'&&& to create and a (r&)!ss&r s(!nt ar&und 1h&urs &n th! OOC (ri&r t& th! /aun%h and -1 h&ursI!!k a)t!r it as/aun%h!d

    .h!y a/s& (artn!r!d ith n&n-(r&ts and uni,!rsiti!s t& trans/at! th! %&urs!sint& /anua!s and (artn!r!d ith ,ari&us (ub/ish!rs t& (r&,id! diita/t!Htb&&ks

  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    R!,!nu! Str!ams

    (ignature )rack: O(ti&na/ )!!-bas!d !/!%tr&ni% %!rti%at!(r&,id!d )&r >3-1 't as a,ai/ab/! )&r %&urs!s and in%r!asin

    S&m! %&urs!s &D!r!d %&//!! trans)!r %r!dit at institut!s that%h&s! t& a%%!(t ,a/idati&n by th! Am!ri%an C&un%i/ &n Edu%ati&n

    *ACE+ C&urs!ra %har! an additi&na/ >6-9 &n t&( &) Sinatur!.ra%k )&r th! (r&%t&r!d !Ham

    Career ser"ices as /aun%h!d in 8!% 212 t& (r&,id! r!%ruitins!r,i%!s 't d!,!/&(!d a m!an thr&uh hi%h %&m(ani!s su%h asGa%!b&&k5 .itt!r5 !t% !r! (air!d ith hih (!r)&rmin

    stud!nts usin ana/yti%s C&urs!ra r!%!i,!d a at )!!Compan Gear: .-shirts5 mus and &th!r %&m(any brand!d!ar as s&/d &n/in!

    C&urs!ra shar!d ar&und 6 t& 1#0 &) r&ss r!,!nu!s )r&m th!%&urs! t& th! (artn!r uni,!rsity R!,!nu! sharin ith th!(r&)!ss&r as /!)t t& th! uni,!rsity

  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    P&t!ntia/ R!,!nu! &d!/s

    'n,!st&rs usua//y h&(!d )&r 1H r!turns &n in,!stm!nt but%ru%ia//y sh&!d (ati!n%! ith this (r&L!%t .h!y5 h&!,!r5hint!d at an im(&rtant dir!%ti&n hi/! statin that C&urs!rash&u/d a%%umu/at! hih-ua/ity %&nt!nt hi%h %&u/d b! /i%!ns!d&ut.h! )utur! r!,!nu! m&d!/s %&u/d b! %at!&ri!d int& 3 maL&rr&u([email protected]

    *+ C!arging for content deli"er: Eith!r thr&uh %&//!%tin/i%!ns! )!!s )&r (r&,idin %&urs!s t& n&n-(artn!rs institut!s ORi,in a )r!! d!m& )&//&!d by )!! A/s&5 th!y %&u/d (artn!r ith%&r(&rat! t& train !m(/&y!!s,+ C!arging for premium ser"ices: 'n%r!as! s%&(! &) th!Sinatur! .ra%k and trans)!rrab/! %r!dit A/s&5 /&&k int&s!r,i%!s su%h as human-(r&,id!d tut&ria/s &r manua/ radin

    + C!arging for access to student data.tra/ic: .h! hiham&unt &) stud!nt r!/at!d data and traDi% %&u/d b! m&n!ti!dthr&uh %ar!!r s!r,i%!s5 t!Htb&&k r!)!rra/s &r ad,!rtisin */ik!

    M&&/! and Ga%!b&&k+

  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    Curr!nt Status andGutur! P/ans

    O,!r 13 mi//i&n us!rs5 2 mi//i&n %&m(/!t!d %&urs!s5 1"93 %&urs!s and 13(artn!rs

    EH(andin in China and 'ndia5 by und!rstandin /&%a/ r!uir!m!nts

    ;!adin OOC (/at)&rm C&urs!ra has ann&un%!d it i// b!in %harinstud!nts t& submit assinm!nts )&r radin in %!rtain %&urs!s29->99ith (ri%!s adLust!d )&r diD!r!nt /&%a/!s E = C&r(&rat! Ginan%! %&,!rs "!/!%ti,!s %&,!rin ,ari&us ar!as &) C&r(&rat! Ginan%! S(!%ia/iati&n%&urs! )!!s ar! s(/it #-# b!t!!n th! (/at)&rm and th! (artn!r uni,!rsity

    E/s!h!r!5 S(!%ia/iati&n m&d!/s ha,! b!!n d!,!/&(!d t& !n%&ura! )u//tim! !nr&/m!nt t&ard a d!r!! ast ay5 th! Uni,!rsity &) '//in&is/aun%h!d th! iBA .h! (/an /ays &ut siH S(!%ia/iati&ns that %an ua/i)ystud!nts t& !nr&/ in siH )&r-%r!dit %&urs!s at th! uni,!rsity hi%h r!su/t inan BA %&stin ar&und >25

    Gundin status i) >1461 mi//i&n in 6 r&unds )r&m 12 in,!st&rs
  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis



  • 7/24/2019 Coursera Analysis


    U8AC'.: G&und!d [email protected] S!bastian .hrun *)&r-(r&t+

    [email protected] > 211 i//i&n )r&m Char/!s Ri,!r !ntur!s5 St!,! B/ank5Andr!!ss!n $&r&it

    'nst!ad &) (uttin u( %&urs!s ith d!n!d tim!/in!5 it &D!r!d %&urs!s &nd!mand ith su!st!d %&m(/!ti&n tim!s

    G&%us!d &n t!%hn&/&y %&urs!s

    A%ti,! d&in ,s Passi,! /ist!nin

    R&und-th!-%/&%k m!nt&