dragos stanca social media summit 2013

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  • 1. Ce NU inseamna FacebookDragos StancaManaging PartnerThinkdigital RO

2. Facebook nu inseamna doar content 85% of people on Facebookare content creators5.5B storiesposted every day(worldwide, average) 3. Facebook nu inseamna doar o pagina Bought Media BRANDEarned Media (Viral Effect- Bonus imps)( Premium Ads-Booked ) Owned Media(Fan Page) 4. Facebook nu inseamna doar aplicatii 5. Facebook nu inseamna aplicatii spam tip quiz 6. Facebook nu. inseamna doar desktop ads 67% YOY growth 2.2 MILMonthly active userson mobile in Romania 7. Facebook nu inseamna doar marketplace 8. Do I want to engage Do I want to be the onlyDo I want to push myIs your only touchpoint with users after theyadvertiser running in message in 1 day?mobile?have logged out of FB?that placement?Do I need massiveDo I need all FBDo I want to display a reach in a small time Do I want retargeting? targeting options?large size creative? window? Do I want to drive Do I want to build actions (e.g. likes, Do I want to driveawareness for my new FBX sales, app installs,engagement? product/service registrations)?release?Mobile MarketplaceReach Block LOXPremium Ads Target Block 9. Facebook nu e doar pentru campanii de 100 deeuro 10. Facebook nu e doar pentru campanii de 100 deeuro 11. Facebook nu se foloseste doar in campanie 12. Facebook nu se foloseste doar in campanieAwareness | Launch / Premium Ads, AudiencesEngagement / content, sponsored stories, offersAcquisition / marketplace, content, apps 13. Facebook nu inseamna like-uri cu orice pret 14. Facebook nu inseamna like-uri furate 15. Facebook nu inseamna poze ridicole 16. Facebook nu e despre spam taguri 17. Facebook nu vrea deputati de tip Chirita 18. Facebook nu incurajeaza ridicolul si prostia 19. Facebook nu trebuie tratat altfel decat cacasa sau biroul 20. [email protected].netfb.me/dragos.stancaDragos StancaManaging PartnerThinkdigital RO