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Engaging Junior Secondary Students With Poetry. To warm up. Blue sky Sky above Above my head Head over heels Heads up…. Engaging Junior Secondary Students With Poetry. Strategies to support students: See relevance of poetry Understand the connection between words and rhythm - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Engaging Junior Secondary Students With Poetry+To warm upBlue skySky aboveAbove my headHead over heels

Heads up+Engaging Junior Secondary Students With PoetryStrategies to support students:See relevance of poetryUnderstand the connection between words and rhythmFocus on quality writingDevelop use of detail in writingUse similes and metaphorsRespond to poetry+Engage: What is poetry?What does poetry look like?What does poetry sound like?

+Engage: What is poetry?Sort these poems into poems and non poemsSort these poems intro three different groups+Engage: How is poetry relevant?Write down 10 lyrics (lines) from at least three different songs.Why do you remember these lyrics best?+Airplanes

+Robot Airplanes

+Engage: We use poetry at important times in our livesLoveDeathWeddingsFeelings+10 Things I Hate About You


+Stop All The Clocks

+Engage: Poetry Slam

+Explore: Splatt Poetry

+Explore: Put Together The Poemmidnight forest:Something is alivepage where my fingersBeside the clocks lonelinessI imagine else the moments And this blank move.

+The Thought Fox Ted HughesI imagine the midnight moments forest:Something else is aliveBeside the clocks lonelinessAnd this blank page where my fingers move.+Explore: Stupid Love PoemYou must write a 4-6 line rhyming love poem that uses at least 4 of the following words:MoonSunStarLoveForeverBeautifulRose+Explore: Riddle Poetry

+Explore: Riddle PoetryWhat am I?+Explain: Poetic TechniquesSimilesMetaphorsAlliterationOnomatopoeiaRhyme SchemeSyllablesLine Break+Explain: Similes/MetaphorsI am a carZooming, racingDriving farTwisting, chasing+Explain: Onomatopoeia

+Explain: OnomatopoeiaWhat are all the sounds you hear at the canteen at lunchtime?+Elaborate: Metaphor PoetryDescription:Action:Simile:Reminds me of:Makes me want to:+Elaborate: Found & Borrowed Word PoemsUse the cut up words from the newspaper to create a poemThe poem must have at least 6 linesEach line can have no more than 8 syllables

+Elaborate: Mash Up Poetry

+Elaborate: Mash Up Poetry

+Elaborate: Mash Up PoetryReplace at least 10 words from the poemUse at least 3 of the belowThe poem must make sense:Vampire, werewolf, zombie, darkness, stake, fangsBite, hunt, fly, growl, howl, eat brains, slay+EvaluateFolio of best 3 poemsRecord poems in powerpoint / photostoryWrite childrens bookIdentify and explain examples of poetic techniques in lyrics+


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