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    Tractor Machinery

    Tractor Machinery

    Spectrum Energy Systems, specialists in the supply and installation of solar PV arrays and wind turbines up to 500kW, is expanding their operations in the UK following a period of sustained business growth.The company opened its new headquarters in August, this gave the team a new office, engineering workshop and warehouse facilities. Spectrum last moved its operation in 2011, having grown from an initial two founding members to seven permanent members of staff. Spectrum remain close to their roots however, with their new base remaining in the heart of Nottinghamshire.The expansion mirrors the success of the business. Spectrums business grew 300% between March 2012 and March 2013 due to farmers and landowners across the country looking to diversify their income, cut costs and more importantly increase profits through the installation of solar

    panels and/or wind turbines.Spectrums Financial Director, Charles Fletcher comments This expansion has taken Spectrum into fantastic new headquarters allowing us to accommodate the growing team. The move has come at a time of sustained growth and we are looking at a further growth of 100% this coming year. Its all incredibly exciting.Committed to being green, Spectrum will be installing solar PV panels onto their new office in the coming months to ensure all energy used within the premises is from renewable sources. The solar panels will also showcase the high quality products and workmanship which is provided by Spectrum. If youd like to visit the new offices or require further information on Spectrum Energy Systems, please visit or call 0845 47 47 604.

    Continued growth drives Spectrum Energy Systems expansion

    Plain flailing

    Heavy duty, no frills or things to

    go wrong, Wessex CountryLine FL flail

    mowers have a reputation as very tough

    performers. For control of dense vegetation,

    long grass and woodland rides, heavy

    hammer flails pulverise tough material

    while a full width adjustable rear roller

    maintains an even cutting height. These

    machines can be used in-line or offset,

    and are available to suit compact tractors

    from 15hp. They feature a heavy, cast-iron

    gearbox and drive belts that act as shock

    overload protection. They are available in

    1.1m, 1.25m, 1.4m and 1.55m working


    For more demanding applications, look to

    the Wessex FLS-155 or FLS-185, both with

    hydraulic sideshift, in 1.55m and 1.85m

    working widths respectively. Carrying the

    same features as the FL mowers, the Wessex

    CountryLine Heavy Duty Flail range has

    a heavier build and extremely durable

    mechanics, with the hydraulic sideshift

    and 280mm sideways travel allowing for

    easy bypassing of obstacles such as trees

    and posts, resulting in less effort for the

    operator. Wessex International: 01264


    Wessex splits the difference

    Anyone looking to just save time on

    logsplitting or in a commercial situation

    with the need to clear trees, its all the same

    to the Wessex LS-100 logsplitter. This

    powerful British-built logsplitter actually

    turns a boring, back-breaking and time-

    consuming chore into an enjoyable task

    and will handle logs up to 18/450mm in

    height. Strong, simple, quick and easy to fit

    to any tractor with a category 1 three-point

    linkage, the LS-100 powers effortlessly

    through splitting logs with up to 10 tons

    of hydraulic force, depending on the

    tractor hydraulics. A floor-level bed makes

    loading logs onto the splitter safe and easy,

    while the two-handed operation satisfies

    the health and safety requirements. The

    difference the LS-100 makes, compared to

    the boring and time-consuming splitting of

    logs by hand, can be measured in the time

    saved by the large numbers of contractors,

    landscapers, farmers, large estates and

    smallholders who rely on their machines

    year in, year out. Besides, who wants to

    run the risk of using a splitting wedge and

    a sledgehammer flying through the air and

    hitting you on the shin or perhaps worse,

    someone else who happens to be nearby?

    Wessex International on 01264 345870

    Wessex International

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    Bio Gas/Biomass

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    The Mount, Llanfyllin SY22 5LE

    phone: 0845 4989683

    Call 07795 484100to find out more now!

    Our livestock curtains are built according to a system we designedourselves after finding the markets offering of livestock curtains waseither unsuitable or overpriced. Today we can provide curtains thatopen manually or automatically, made from fully waterproof materialsthat can be translucent or in any one of a range of colours, up to 60metres in length and 2.5 metres in height.

    The curtains are top opening, preventing the livestock from beingexposed to excessive draughts but helping you to maintain aconstant temperature and improve the air quality in livestockaccommodation. These pig shed curtains are perfect for newly builtor older sheds.

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    Rural Security

    Tractor Machinery

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    Help us protect the UK's rural communities by making sure your property is secure.

    Isolated buildings, farms, machinery and livestock are targets for criminals. If you live in rural areas:Remain vigilant and always report suspicious people and vehicles to police Regularly review the security of your buildings and property. Keep boundaries and gates well-maintained and secure to restrict access to unwanted visitors. Fit good quality locks to sheds, garages and outbuildings and consider fitting shutters or grilles to windows,

    or blocking them completely. Consider installing security lights, alarms and CCTV to deter intruders and maintain visibility, particularly in dark or sheltered areas of your property. Consider fitting alarms and immobilisers to items of machinery or plant and always store them somewhere secure and out-of-view when not in use. Store fuel tanks in cages or secure buildings away from public view where possible locks, alarms and anti-siphon devices will also help deter thieves.PoachingOver recent months there have been

    numerous reports of poaching in rural areas of Kent. As well as causing unnecessary cruelty and suffering to wildlife, poaching often includes offences such as the illegal use of firearms, trespassing on private land and criminal damage, all of which is costly and disruptive to landowners and local communities. Signs to watch out for include: vehicles parked on verges, in lay-bys or on bridleways lines of people walking through fields with dogs, trying to raise hare or game damage to gates and boundaries around land.Plant and machinery theftInsecure building and engineering sites, as well as farms, can advertise rich pickings for thieves who are looking to steal plant (industrial machinery), such as tractors and

    combine harvesters, generators, forklifts, diggers, cranes and four-wheel drives. Many of these items are stolen for trade in Europe or used to carry out other crimes such as cash machine theft. To help us reduce incidents of plant theft and to track down and return stolen items, we would encourage plant owners to:register off-road vehicles with the DVLA at consider installing tracking systems and immobilisers or removing the vehicles battery or fuse when not in use. security-mark parts with a forensic solution to increase the chance of tracing them if they are stolen. consider registering items with the Construction Equipment Security and Registration national plant-marking scheme:

    The appeal, lodged by the Badger Trust on Thursday (9 October), centred on a Defra decision to allow culling trials to go ahead without a review by an independent expert panel (IEP).At the hearing, the trusts legal team asked three appeal judges to

    rule the culling trials in Somerset and Gloucestershire were unlawful because there was a legitimate expectation that an IEP would be put in place.But no ruling was made. Instead the appeal judges reserved judgment and a decision is now expected some time

    FARMERS are being advised about the advantages of selling straw for renewable energy production.

    Experts said farmers should stop viewing straw as a waste product and regard it as something with could gain

    a profitable price.William Mitcham, of farm consultancy firm Wilson Wraight, speaking on behalf of straw pelleting company Pelco, said: There is real ability to add value to combinable crops margins. This is an option to

    maximise returns.The firm is set to begin procuring straw for renewables in 2016 but is looking to secure supply beforehand.Such firms are beginning to offer long-term contracts for straw procurement which Mr Mitcham said can allow farmers to secure a fixed outlet for wheat and oilseed rape by-product.He said contracts were offered for up

    to eight years in length.It is a risk management tool, people know what they are getting, he added.Pelco is looking to source 660,000 tonnes of oilseed rape and wheat straw for 2016. The firm believes this will make it the largest straw pelleting business in the UK as well as the largest purchaser of straw for renewable energy.

    next week.Although the outcome of that decision will not affect the ongoing trials, it may h