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Front cover features

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Front cover features

MastheadsThe masthead is always in the same place, it is the largest text on the page and is in a unique font. It is always in the same place. If it does not fill the full width of the page then it is aligned left.

Main Image The main image is normally in mid close up/medium shot. This is most common if its an individual artist on the front. If a group/band is featured then a wide shot is more common. The main subject is usually looking into the camera to attract the readers eye and give a more personal feel. The main image is always bright and attractive. The main subject is in a pose that conveys attitude.

Cover LinesCover Lines are around the main image and the masthead. Cover lines never cover the face of the artist on the front as the face needs to be recognizable or people wont want to buy it. Main cover line is the second biggest font linked to main image.