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And This is my StoryHi. Im Suresh, I run a Logistics Business

But I realized that, I had no track of my Income & Expenses..In two Years, My Business grew. I had multiple Branches..

I realized, What a loser I was, spending most of my time writing accounts, which I should otherwise spend on growing my businessI sat down to do it myself, using a pencil and paper

It helped, but was not enoughI tried using Spreadsheets..

I was spending even more time on understanding and learning the softwareI bought an Accounting SoftwareNo.1JollyAccounting Software

In the next 3 months, I had 6 of them, none stayedSo, I hired an Accountant..

Now. I was Back to Square OneI wished I had an Accountant, who can keep my Tax and Accounting records straight, provide me some reports, does not need a holiday but still affordable

He said You can actually replace your Accountant with a Scanner. A Scanner??As if these guys heard me, The next day I met Robin from Reach Accountant

A Bookkeeper called me, left his contacts and took control of my accounts..He created an account for me at www.reachaccountant.com

..and upload them into my Account..Now every day, I scan all my Invoices and Bills..All my branches do the same..

Soon after, I access some really powerful reportsMy bookkeeper accesses my account within 24 hours and prepares my Account

Total Control over all my Branches I can also see these reports on my i-phoneso that I dont miss that important information when I call my customers for payment..

I can handle any audit with confidenceEven bettersince bill copies of every voucher is stored against every transaction

My Business..Now Im back to doing what I like the most

Btw..You would want to speak to themI recommend..