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  • To u,hom it may concern,

    Mr Ong Jia Hon was employed as a contract staffin The Hong Kong Shanghai Bank CorporationIHSBC)

    from I 7 June 2013 till3O August 2013. He was assigired th"e role Jr a creoit controll,XeCUtlVe.

    JiaHon is a dependable individual who is generous in rendering a helping hand. He demonstrated aselflessness and positive attitude, which aliowed him to foster strong uona, with his colleagues. Hedemanded high standards from himself in daily operations. When faced with stress, he still managedto deliver work close to daily standards. In times of setbacks, his optimistic character assisted himto tide through difficult situations and achieve his targets.

    Jia Hon has achieved remarkable results in the short span of 3 months. With his determination tofocus on work, he has exceeded expectations in his given job role by."na".ing ussistance to fellowcolleagues' on top of that, he adapted swiftly into tlie heciic working enrrironirent. In just 3 weeks,he took up more responsibiltites by managing a portfolio single-haniedly, freeing up moremanpower to be diverted to other departments. His efforts ad-ded on to the J.p*-.n,,s record-breaking achievements for the month of July 2013.This has honed his efficiency and managementin his work.

    Jia Hon values teamwork and camaraderie among colleagues. He influences his colleagues with hishigh spirits no matter how tough our assignments-are. He actively took part in company,s eventslike the HSBC run. Besides, he took the initiative to coordinate day - to - day events includingvarious celebrations. His actions were applauded by HSBC, his manage6 una, with his abilityto work in a team.

    His contributions are greatly appreciated. Theand looks forward to working with him again.

    bank sincerely expresses gratitude towards Jia HonWe wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

    Teo Yong Khiang (Mr)Assistant Vice-PresidentConsumer Credit & Risk

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