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This short slide show was used to support a presentation for Eurika Coaching's Circle of Influence. It show how to make the most of the Internet and your Internet presence.


  • 1. Getting more business from the Internet How to get more visitors to your website and turn them into enquiries

2. Today we will discuss

  • What makes a successful website?
  • Website conversion
  • Website traffic
  • What is more important, your website or the traffic?
  • What to focus on first
  • How to achieve the quickest results
  • Your websites (examples)
  • Questions

3. The End is the place to start! 4. Think about your goals What do you want your website to dofor your business? 5. What makes a successful website? 2 factors Conversion & Traffic 6. Website conversion Websites that get you more business

  • To be successful online, your website needs to
  • Look good - Appeal to your target
  • Contain useful content What problem do you solve?
  • Explain how you are different
  • Remove any risk
  • Counter possible objections
  • Provide social proof
  • Make it easy to find you, contact you & buy from you

7. Above all be the best you can be! 8. Website traffic Target people who need what you provide

  • Good traffic
  • Targeted visitors
    • Have a problem
    • Need for solution
    • Your location
    • Right price
    • Right timescales
  • Offers ROI
    • Lifetime value investment
  • Methods
  • Search engine optimisation
    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO
  • Pay per click advertising
    • Search
    • Content network
  • Social media promotion
  • Off-line promotion

9. Is Social Media a fad? Facebook, Linked In, Twitter http:// =lFZ0z5Fm-Ng 10. What is more important,your website or your website traffic?

  • Your website is like a shop
  • Good website, minimal traffic =Good shop, minimal visitors
  • Not many sales because hardly anyone sees your products
  • Poor website, lots of traffic =Poor shop, lots of visitors
  • Not many sales because hardly anyone can find what they want

11. What to focus on first Theres a big difference between website & traffic

  • When your website is right=it continues to convert
  • When your traffic is right=you still need more traffic
  • Focus on getting your website converting
  • Then add traffic to the mix to
  • turn on the tap for more business!

12. How to improvean existing website

  • Measure, measure, measure
    • Analytics, Tracking & Sales funnels
  • Analyse results
    • Whats wrong?Where are people leaving?
    • Whats right?Whats already working?
  • Fix whats wrong & keep whats right
  • Rinse & repeat as necessary Simples!

13. How to achieve the quickest results

  • Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the best quick fix solution
  • Start with a simple
  • PPC Campaign
  • Landing page (perfect if your sites not ready)
  • Very targeted
  • Fast to implement
  • Completely trackable
  • Turn on & off-able according to uptake

14. Your websites Some live examples 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Questions 20. Thank you for listening I hope you all make lots of money through the Internet!