global history review. the middle ages  early middle ages: the dark ages

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  • The Middle AgesEarly Middle Ages: The Dark Ages

  • Dark AgesThe Dark Ages are also known as the Middle AgesThe Dark Ages began with the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 A.D. and lasted until about 800 A.D.

  • Only the western half of the Roman Empire descended into the Dark Ages.The eastern half became the Byzantine Empire.

  • EffectsWhen Rome was an empire, it had a strong government to protect its people all over Europe. After the fall of Rome, there was no centralized government. Roads crumbled and trade declined. The people of Europe did not even share a common language anymore. Soon languages such as French, Spanish, and Italian developed, making it difficult to communicate beyond a small geographic area.

  • EffectsThere was only one common organization uniting Europe:

  • This time in Europe was called the Dark Ages because it was a time conditions were:

    Unorganized (no centralized govt)Uneducated (no formal schooling)Poor (no organized trade)


  • A type of government during the Middle Ages; it is a decentralized government because it was run locally; all based on ownership of land.

  • Social StatusKing

    Nobles: lord, knight (Titles: Duke/Baron; Earl/Marquis)

    Peasants: Priests, Craftsmen, Serfs (bound to the land)

  • How it workedEveryone belonged to a social class

    Based on allegiance (loyalty) to your lord

  • LordAnyone above you in the feudal systemMade rules

  • Anyone below you in the feudal system; followed their lords rules

  • The Black Death

  • How it SpreadWild Rat HumanWild Rat Flea HumanWild Rat Flea Domestic Rat HumanWild Rat Flea Domestic Rat Flea Human

  • Where it SpreadFrom Asia

    To the Middle East


    To Europe

  • Death

  • To the Crusades

  • increased!

  • Yes, but Europeans were exposed to the cultures of

  • They began to with each other more

  • Renaissance

  • A Age

  • Began inWealthiest cities

  • PatronsWealthy people who paid artists and thinkers to do great work.

    Like the Medici family in Florence

  • No perspectiveNo proportionReligious themesMiddle Ages

  • RenaissanceEveryday scenes.More realistic.HUMANISM

  • Mongol Empire

  • Conquered it

  • Made it great

  • African Tribal Empires

  • Map

  • ******************************************


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