welcome… to the middle ages!. just the facts! this time periods has been called many things: -the...

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  • Welcome


  • Just the Facts!This time periods has been called many things:The Middle agesThe Dark AgesThe Medieval Period

    The Middle Ages took place between 600 and 1450 CEIn Europe, between Roman/ Byzantine Empire and Modern Age

  • Was it dark Everywhere?NO!

    Outside of Europe, this era was an age of Enlightenment! Even within Europe many new ideas were being introduced.

  • Then why would it be called the Dark Ages?Simply put, Europe was not as prosperous as they were before this time?Many major governments collapsed throughout the world, and new powers took over.

  • Lets start with Europe!After the fall of the Roman Empire Europe broke into small groups, leading to:Less tradeFewer, less advanced citiesFewer, less advanced peopleOn the Upside, smaller governments meant wars! Which meant longer life!From 28 to 30!

  • What type of government did they have?Im glad you asked. FUEDALISM!

  • kwhats that?Feudalism is a form of stratified society!

  • Stratification At the Top was the King

    Next came Nobles or Lords


    Lastly, the PeasantsAlso known as 7th graders

  • How it workedKings would give out the land

    Nobles would rule the land

    Knights would protect the land

    Peasants would work the land

    No mobility

  • Light in the Dark Ages Thomas Aquinas Five Proofs Motion (To move, something must start it)Cause (The Creator creates creations creatively)Necessary Being (must be necessary to exist) Graduation (something cant be better than nothing)Design (Something had to make everything)Catholics loved him. Johannes GutenbergMoveable type printing press

  • Islam (thought we were done, didnt you!)During the middle ages lots of interesting stuff happened.

  • Oh, you want more?Well, lets see:Muhammad was born and later starts a major religion and political movementIslamic dynasties follow in his wakeUmayyad'sAbbasid's Seljuk TurksOttomansMoguls

  • Some of these Dynasties did awesome things!Like the Abbasids (who used a Feudal system) These guys (and gals) make a GIANT empire in around 100 years! Major trading routes through Asia, Africa and EuropeMade Arabic the major language of trade, science, literature, philosophy, and poetryCreated the House of WisdomFilled with information from around the world, all translated to Arabic!

  • CHA-CHA-CHA-CHINA!China also had a feudal systemInstead of feudal lordswe called them warlords _

    Tang Dynasty rebuilt Chinese government Ruled over 80 MILLION people There were only 240 million people ON EARTH!

  • Mo ChinaSong Dynasty (this is when it gets awesome)In the 1000s, the Song changed the world after inventing gunpowder

    In the 1100s, China was producing more iron than Europe in the 1700s

    They made iron plows that allowed for more food to be planted and supported, causing the population to EXPLODE (much like gunpowder)

    They had such a huge trade network that they actually ran out of metal coins. This caused them to invent and use paper money!

  • Reigns down in AfricaFrom 750 to 1500, Muslim kings ruled major African cities south of the Sahara, such as Timbuktu.One of these guys was Mansa Musa. Had so much gold he would hand it out to people as he traveled.Currently Day worth of $400 BillionBill Gates is worth $61 Billion

  • DevelopmentCivilizations began around the Nile river and coastal water

    Salt mines helped African Kingdoms grow

    Trade helped solidify relationships with Europe and Muslims

    Islam gradually spread to Africa where a majority of the population began to convert to Islam.

  • Japan?During the Middle Ages, Japan was an isolationist nation. Japan also had a stratified society:EmperorSamuraiFarmersTowns people

  • Yes, JapanThe middle age brought about the beginning of a structured Japanese society, a centralized nation state. Buddhism was introduced to the IslandBy the beginning of the 700s, Japan adopted a constitution that valued the government, and the Emperor. After many rebellions, the feudal system took over in Japan leading to the creation of Medieval Japan



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