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Guerilla Marketing Workshop Presented By Daniel Schutzsmith @schutzsmith

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We had the pleasure of presenting at the Opportunity Green ( conference this year about Guerilla Marketing. Given our stance and emphasis at Mark & Phil on making sure that all good causes don’t spend their time, energy, and budgets wastefully – we put together a pretty comprehensive workshop that defines Guerilla Marketing, outlines its ingredients, provides real-world examples.


2. Theyre so good atmarketing whats bad,and were so bad atmarketing whats goodPeter Shumlin, Governor of Vermont(@GovPeterShumlin) 3. What is GuerillaMarketing? 4. achieving conventionalgoals (prots and joy)with unconventionalmethods (energy insteadof money) 5. achieving conventionalgoals (prots and joy)with unconventionalmethods (energy insteadof money) 6. BIG BUDGETS 7. Time EnergyGM Imagination 8. GuerillaMarketingPrinciples 9. Its based onhuman psychology:the way people think &react, instead ofjudgment & guesswork. 10. Theres an emphasis onprots, not just sales. 11. It measures relationshipsjust as much as prots. 12. Focus is on markets &target audiences vs.trying to be all things tomass markets. 13. Instead of competition,we support cooperationwith other businesses. 14. Made of many elementsall working together andsupporting eachcomponent of theprogram. 15. Ecompasses the following & more: Reverse Grati Viral marketing Presence marketing Grassroots marketing Alternative marketing Buzz marketing Undercover marketing Astroturng Experiential marketing Tissue-pack marketing Live-in marketing Wait marketing 16. Technology is theguerrilla marketersfriend. 17. Technology is theguerrilla marketersfriend.Live it. 18. Technology is theguerrilla marketersfriend.Live it.Love it. 19. Technology is theguerrilla marketersfriend.Live it.Love it.Prot from it! 20. Some Tools& Examples 21. Be AnExpert(AKA Make Friendsw/ Journalists) 22. Write 23. Tell Your Story 24. BottleHoods recycled glassware is made fromwine, beer, liquor and soda bottles recycled fromrestaurants, bars, homes and events in thecommunity. Our repurposed tumblers, juice glasses,vases, pendant beads and light xtures are all eco-friendly products. Created out of a passion tocreate local jobs, stimulate our local retail economyand help our environment, BottleHoods success isa reection of neighborhood sentiment andsupport for what BottleHood stands for a pride inour neighborhood, our local craftsmen andentrepreneurs, and our social responsibility.BottleHood ( 25. Mark & Phil provides marketing and philanthropicstrategy for non-prots, foundations, and sociallyresponsible companies. Were built on thephilosophy that all good causes deserve a chanceto become great. Running a cause is hard enoughwithout having to deal with the costly and timeconsuming aspects of marketing and philanthropy.Mark & Phil acts as an organizations externalmarketing and philanthropy department. Its really apartnership between you and us. We are your grantwriter. We are your CMO. We are your press liason.And we are so much more.Mark & Phil ( 26. WorkshopActivity #1 27. Write yourbrands story inone paragraph.(who, what, when,where, how, WHY) 28. Some Tools& Examples 29. Do AnEvent 30. Be Mobile 31. Use SocialMedia 32. YOUR TargetBRANDAudience 33. Show thePersonalities 34. Partner Up 35. 36. 37. BuildAmbassadors 38. 39. WorkshopActivity #2 40. Write down anoutline for your ambassadors and partners. (expectations, support,incentives, time, & tools) 41. Some Tools& Examples 42. Pictures Tell AThousandWords 43. 44. 45. Make ItA Game 46. 47. Make ItWearable 48. Be Green 49. YourHomework 50. Choose 1 idea you can dostartingMonday!(dene steps to success) 51. Tips ForSuccess 52. Be Real,Dont Lie 53. No Sales Speak 54. EncourageCooperation 55. Let PeopleCreate 56. Make It ATeam Eort 57. Keep MovingForward 58. StayConsistent 59. ShowThe ROI 60. Its NeverA Nuisance 61. Make TimeFor Marketing 62. Slides Are At 63. Take the Green Marketing 64. Thanks!Daniel [email protected]@schutzsmithMark & Philhttp://[email protected]