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    How to PromoteYour Mobile App

  • You have realized that having a mobile strategy is crucial for your businesss success, and because of this, you have optimized your website for mobile and developed your own mobile app. Now the burning question is: how can you promote your app in order for it to succeed?

    It is not enough to launch it on the app store without promoting it and expecting downloads to start. In this whitepaper, we will discuss various strategies for promoting your mobile app before, during, and after it is launched and we will go over the importance of keeping your users engaged.


    Importance ofGoing Mobile.

    There is no doubt that mobile devices have become

    indispensable in everyday living aroundthe world, and

    the future certainly lies in mobile technology. Businesses

    have been quick so far to cash in on mobiles importance

    and now it is considered the most prominent channel to

    engage with customers. A staggering 69% of travellers1

    begin their search online via their mobile device and this

    figure will rise in the future.

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    Mobile optimization can boost customer engagement, generate more traffic, and ultimately increase sales. In order to highlight the importance of your business going mobile, here are some current statistics:

    In 2017, 5.3 billion2 people worldwide will have mobile phones.

    In 20143, the revenue generated by mobile apps worldwide was $35 billion; this amount is forecasted to increase to $77 billion in 2017.

    85% of people prefer mobile apps to mobile websites.

    Between 2014-2015, smartphone users spent 89% of their mobile media time using mobile apps and 42% of mobile sales generated by the leading 500 merchants came from mobile apps.

    The average time people spend on their mobile apps increased by 63%4 over the past two years.

    Between 2014 and 2015, the time spent on travel apps increased by 28%5.

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    Creating a Marketing Plan for your App.

    There are over 1.5 million apps in

    both the App Store and Google

    Play; this means your mobile app

    is going to face hundreds if not

    thousands of competitors in its

    specific market.

    Even though your app has

    awesome features and compelling

    content you need a strategy

    for promoting it before, during,

    and after it goes live in order to

    increase downloads and improve

    user engagement.

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    Part I

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    Before the Launch.

    App Store Optimization (ASO).

    It is important to promote your app before launching

    it in the App Store and Google Play. By promoting

    it prior to the actual launch, you will get your app

    noticed and you can create anticipation and build

    rapport with potential users. These people will then

    download your app immediately once it is live and

    become your first loyal customers.

    Here are various strategies for building up hype for

    your app before it goes live.

    ASO is extremely important; it is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in the app store. It is like SEO but for apps; the higher your app ranks in the stores search results, the more visible it is to potential customers.

    The ASO process requires a crucial understanding of your target customer base, including the keywords your potential customers are using to find apps similar to yours.

    Before launching your app, you need to research these buzzwords

    either in Google Trends or in Google Keyword Planner, and you need to monitor them continuously. There are two main factors when it comes to ASO that you can control: the name of your app and the keywords used to describe it.

    In order to enhance your apps discoverability, it is often a good idea to develop your app names by using a combination of branded and common search terms. The next factor is the keywords you choose to describe your mobile app.

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    Every app gets 100 characters in the keywords section and it is important to experiment with your keywords to find out what works best for your app.

    At GuestU, we handle ASO optimisation to assure that your app gets visibility.

    Make a Short Video.

    Create a promotional video for

    your mobile app outlining its

    highlights and features. There

    are two important things to

    include in your video: device-

    captured footage and clear, simple


    Your video should show people

    how your app works in a way that

    is easy for them to understand.

    Invest some time and effort in

    your promotional video, work with

    high-quality audio equipment, and

    use professional looking footage

    and graphics.

    The App Store sets a 30-second

    limit on promotional videos and

    Google Play recommends videos

    between 30 seconds and 2

    minutes long.

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    Create a VineHow-To Video Series.

    This is a way to take advantage of the power of video

    outside of the app store and on social media. Use

    Vine to your advantage by creating an engaging how-

    to video series. The hashtag #howto is one of the top

    trending tags on Vine.

    Some advantages of using Vine are that it is available

    on multiple viewing platforms; clips

    are short so they are more likely to be shared and

    watched, and the video is in a loop - therefore it is

    likely to be seen more than once before a user clicks

    the off button.

    Create aLanding Page

    You should design a simple webpage for your mobile

    app in order to highlight its features and benefits.

    One of the major advantages to this method of

    promotion is that you can take advantage of Search

    Engine Optimization (SEO) as you have more

    room for keywords than in the app store. Consider

    including these elements in your landing page:

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    The full name of your app as it

    appears in the app store and the

    icon used in the app store.

    Your tagline, if you have one.

    Your tagline should emphasize

    what your app does and should be

    as concise as possible.

    Your video! This is the perfect

    place to showcase that amazing

    promotional video you created.

    Screenshots. Show people what

    your app will look like on their

    mobile devices once it has been


    Calls-to-Action to sign up for

    e-mail notifications. Once the app

    is live, your CTA can be an app

    store button sending potential

    customers directly to the app

    store for download

    Once you have launched your app you should still be maintaining this

    page and updating it regularly with any new relevant app information.

    It is very important not to forget to make your website mobile friendly.

    You are trying to promote a mobile app, and most of the people who

    visit your site will be doing so from their mobile phones!

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    Social Media.

    Engage Bloggers.

    Make a list of the top online influencers in your

    target market, like travel bloggers, in order to reach

    them with your mobile app. Invite them to try out

    your app in advance and ask them for feedback to

    help emphasize the app functionality and features.

    In the best-case scenario, if these bloggers test

    out your app and like it, they will most likely share

    this information with their readers and followers

    on social platforms. Their extensive reach has huge

    promotional potential for your app with minimal

    work required on your end.

    You should promote your app on

    the social media platforms where

    your target market is active.

    Promoting your app on social

    media can be quite beneficial

    when you have a tight budget as

    social media will help you reach

    a wider, more targeted audience

    who are going to be interested in

    what you have to offer them.

    Content is key when it comes to

    what you post on social media, and

    the content of your posts will vary

    depending on the platforms you

    decide to use.

    Facebook is the most widely used

    social media platform there is, so

    it is usually a good idea to promote

    your app on Facebook regardless

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    Press Release

    Write about your new mobile

    app in your blog; create some

    anticipation in advance of the

    launch. Once your app is live, it is

    still a good idea to mention your

    app periodically in your blog.

    Right before your app goes live, send out a press

    release to publications your targetmarket reads. If you

    can get the news of your app in the appropriate media

    channels, you will reach many potential customers.

    Do you have an e-mail newsletter

    you send out on a regular basis?

    Be sure tomention the upcoming

    launch of your new app!

    of whom you are trying to target. Facebook even

    has specific paid advertising options for promoting

    the installation of Apps, and within this, you can

    specifically choose Mobile App Ads. Depending on

    your target market and the nature of your app, you

    might decide you do not need to promote it on all of

    the prominent platforms.

    Blog. E-Mail

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    Part II

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    During the launch.

    You have promoted your app in various ways leading up to the launch,

    and now it is live and the downloads have started. The next important

    step is to keep your users engaged; just because they have downloaded

    your app, it does not necessarily mean they will use it. It is important

    to start monitoring how your app is being used right away in order to

    improve users experiences and give them what they want.

    Consider this for engagement:

    If there are any bugs or

    problems in your app, you need to

    fix them immediately. This cannot

    be stressed enough, a new user

    who has a problem with your app

    may never return, so ensuring that

    your app is error-free is critical.

    Use a software analytics tool

    in order to effectively monitor

    your apps usage. Which metrics

    you decide to track and which

    software you select will depend

    on the nature of your app and

    how you intend to measure

    your success. Consider tracking

    session length, session interval,

    and time in app, screen flow,

    acquisition, retention, and

    lifetime value. By monitoring

    these and other factors, you can

    track your users activity and

    emphasize the app features that

    are the most useful to them.

    Giving your users what they

    want will make sure they continue

    to use your app over time.

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    Part III

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    After the Launch.

    Check to see how youre doing

    in app store rankings and update

    your keywords.

    Monitor user reviews carefully, if

    something is not working properly

    fix it right away.

    Keep your online promotions

    going through social media posts

    and regular acknowledgement on

    your blog.

    Add app badges to your e-mail

    signature and feature them

    prominently on your website.

    For your hospitality business:

    Add app badges to reservation

    confirmation e-mails and reminder


    Display your app information

    alongside your free Wi-Fi


    Offline promotions: door

    hangers, posters at busy locations

    (ex. reception, elevator), stickers

    around rooms, etc. Get creative!

    Promoting your app will essentially be a never-ending

    process. You will need to make a plan to re-engage

    your users over time and this should be part of your

    overall marketing plan.

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    10 Ways to Promote Your App and Keep Engaging Users.

    #1 Optimise ASO and plan keywords

    #2 Make a short promotional video

    #3 Create a Landing Page

    #4 Engage Bloggers and Influencers to Download the App

    #5 Explore Social Media channels

    #6 Share your app story on Media

    #7 Listen to your users reviews

    #8 Use offline promotions like door hanger or stickers

    #9 Use badges on your email signature

    #10 Dont forget to monitor your app and analytics

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    It should now be evident that

    mobile technology and mobile

    apps are where the future lies.

    In order for your mobile app to

    be successful, you need a clear

    marketing strategy to promote it

    and keep your users engaged.

    At GuestU we want to help

    your app thrive. We went over

    numerous ways to promote your

    mobile app before, during,

    and after it becomes live. We

    also discussed the importance

    of keeping your app users

    engaged over time. Check out

    our blog, website, and social

    media channels for more tips

    on mobile app strategies and

    engagement, and hospitality

    industry trends.

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