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According to my audience research, the incentive that was most wanted was concert tickets. Ed Sheeran was also said to be very inspirational for my audience.Names of Hip-Hop artists that my audience could relate to.Beyonc was said to be the most inspirational artist, hence the reference to her on the front cover.TV was the other media that was consumed the most by my target audience. So there was mention to the popular TV show Empire which is based around the music industry, particularly hip-hop and rap music which my target audience can relate to.Colour scheme suits a primary audience of females.I made the key words in the sub headings a different colour in order for them to be eye catching and attract my audience.

Using cross media platforms- Twitter and Instagram were the most used social networks according to my audience research. Which attracts by audience as they can keep up to data via social media platforms.Celebrities attract my audience more than freebies or colours.Hence why most of the articles mentioned are based around celebrities.Beyonc was said to be the most inspirational artist, hence the reference to her in the contents page.As the age of my audience is 16-19, all the articles mentioned are relevant, up to date news that my audience would be aware of, therefore can relate to. A mix of male and female artists attract both male and female audience members.

Other Hip-Hop artists have been mentioned throughout the interview, which attracts my audience as they would be interested to know what other musicians have to say about Ying & YangAs my target audience is aged 16-19, they wouldnt want to read a large piece of text.Used similar fonts throughout to show how the pages are related, making it more professional. The language used throughout the interview is very colloquial, which my audience can relate to. as its language that theyd use on a regular basis as young people aged 16-19.