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1. Walter Pincus phone: 201-880-9231 | mobile: 2. OUR GUIDING RULES 3. Overseas Capabilities Factories in ChinaMetal Fabrication Wood Working 300,000 Square foot facility 160,000 Square foot facility Full metal working capabilities including laser/plasma CNC Cutting/Routing, laminating, Pad printing and screen printing thermoforming, powder coating.cutting, powder coating and electroplating. Acrylic Printing 150,000 Square foot facility 250,000 Square foot facility CNC Cutting/Routing, heat bending, polishing, gluing Recent 5-color Heidelberg presses, laminating, Pad printing and screening die-cutting, in-line and manual gluing. Wrapped box manufacture.Electronics 350,000 Square foot facility Injection Molding Manufacture and assembly of electronic 140,000 Square foot facility components and products 75-1000 Ton PressesVacuum Forming 40,000 Square foot facility Pad printing and screen printing capabilities 4. Lipton Counter Hershey Counter Injection molded Distortion printed Digital printed labels Vacuum formed Shipped flat Injection molded 5. Sobe Adrenaline Mini Cooler Slap Backbar Thermoelectric cooler Metal fabrication Metal fabrication Digitally printed label Injection molded Rotating trays 6. Guitar Hero Pallet Display Sabritas Weekender Corrugated construction Corrugated construction Digitally printed Litho printed Shipped flat 7. Timberland Tabletop Canon Counter Litho printed Injection molded Hand mounted onto cardboard tubes Screen printed logo 360 swivel on ball bearings base Interchangeabality of products 8. Fuze Gravity RackPepsi Star Wars Coolers Metal fabrication Vacuum formed Vacuum formed base Litho printed Litho printed graphics Cloth cape & plastic chain 9. Laura Geller Retail EnvironmentSeiko Retail Environment Complete redesign of 600 sq. ft retail store Complete redesign of retail store 10. Lets Form a Partnership Walter Pincus phone: 201-880-9231 | mobile: