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  • 1. The tears are bitter, but bitter is not leaking. -Irish proverb- If we could teach to speak English and listen to Irish society is civilized. -Oscar Wilde-

2. The island of Ireland is located in northwestern Europe, in the north Atlantic Ocean. The ocean is responsible for the rugged western coastline, along with many islands, peninsulas and bays. The most notable geographic feature of Ireland are the central plains surrounded by a ring of coastal mountains. The highest peak is Carrantuohill of 1041 m. There are a number of large lakes in the courses of rivers in Ireland, Bough Nigh is the largest of the British Isles and Ireland. The River Shannon divides the island in two, with a distance of 113 km is the longest river of the island, ranging from County Cavan in the north to the Atlantic, south of Limerick. The island of Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Located west of the island of Britain. Has a total area of 84,116 km . Ireland is separated from the sea by the British island of Ireland. 3. Benedictine Monastery caller Kylemore. The placement of the first stone: 4.septiembre 1867. Today this monastery is the Monastery of the Benedictine nun with school and garden. In Dublin. 4. Blarney Castle is a medieval fortress located in Blarney, near Cork in Ireland. In the riverside Martin.The Convent Good Shepherd isanother of those places you mustvisit on your trip to Ireland, located inCork City this convent was built in1881 and it is a jewel of architecturein this country. 5. The building was destroyed during the Irish civil war being bombed by the government against the rebels. This fact led to the near destruction of the building as well as the disappearance of all important documents that were kept in the civil registry office. After this destruction was initiated in 1932 following the reconstruction and the original design. So in this way in the central area there is a portico with six Corinthian columns in the center of the building with a flashlight copper dome. The Cross is a large cross MuiredachCelta 5.5 meters high atMonasterboice in County Louth inIreland. The cross is considered themost important in Ireland. It was henamed in honor of Muiredach acentury abbot X. 6. The Museum of Modern Art in Ireland operates in the building of the old Royal Hospital Kilmainham, a XVII century building, founded in 1684 as a hospital and to treat the soldiers withdrawn. Functioned as such for 250 years and its design was inspired by Les Invalides in Paris. By 1984 the old building was restored and opened its doors as a museum in 1991.Casino Marino is building a neo-classical architecture located in Marino. The building is a building of solid gray stone in the middle of a garden, was built towards the end of the 70's of 1700 by the Scottish architect Sir William Chambers for the first as the residence of Count Charlemont pleasure and recreation. 7. Bantry House is a historic mansion with gardens in Bantry, Condac Cork, Ireland. The mansion is owned by the White family, Earls of Bantry since 1739. Around 1700, construction began on a principle called Blackrock. In 1750 Richard White bought the mansion to Samuel Hutchinson calling Seafield. In the decade of 1780 the mansion occupied Bantry 320 km2. The north facade was added to the set later. In 1946 he was open to the public since the beginning of the 1990s offers hotel. 8. The stone circles of Drombeg is located in the west of Rosscarbery near Glandore, County Cork in Ireland. It is a circle composed of seventeen menhir with nine meters in diameter from about the year 150 a. C. The circle has a pair of two meters of stones placed in a horizontal direction south-west oriented so that the winter solstice the sun's rays are the altar. The site was excavated and restored in 1958. During this process it was found a pot in the center of the circle containing the cremated remains of a young teenager. 9. IRISH FESTIVALS. The Irish love of festivals, so there are all kinds. The most famous are: Puck Festival Festival of the Rose of Tralee, Tullamore Phoenix Festival-The largest festival in Ireland- Festival of Ardara Match Making Festival of Humor in Verse of The Bard of Armagh Festival of National the Arados County Plows Wexford. Flight of the Earls. St. Patrick's Festival (which lasts 5 days) 10. Irish history is full of myths andlegends, from romantic tales ofwarriors and saints and fairieselderly Celtic myths are part ofIrish cultural codes. such as the most famous stories are based on the Children of lir, who were turned into swans by theirstepmother. 11. The pub is a key element in the culture, society and musical life in Ireland. These are not just places to drink in an Irish pub you can philosophize about the meaning of life, turn to global politics, listen to poetry recitals, keep pace with a Celtic music session or just enjoy in silence for a pint of Guinness in front of the fireplace. 12. The Irish love of tradition, so the country is full of these: - Two traditions are more globally recognized, however, the traditional Irish music and dance. - The bodhran, which is like a drum that is attached in hand, is one of the most popular of Irish music, along with the quot;fiddlequot; - Irish dancing is very competitive, and is taken very seriously in the provincial and national championships - The Irish are a nation to who likes to laugh. - The art of telling jokes and cynicism are elegant part of everyday life in Ireland. 13. The Irish are true artists of the ingenious, and from comedians to playwrights around the world has something to say: quot;True friends stab you from the frontquot; Oscar Wilde, writer. If rain soup, the Irish come to the street with forks quot;Brendan Behan, writer . quot; Do not do to others what you would do them yourself, your tastes may be different quot;George Bernard Shaw, playwrightquot; Being Irish, I have a persistent sense of tragedy, I sustained during the brief periods of joy quot;WB Yeats, poet.quot; I have formed a group called Alcoholics Unanimous. If you do not feel like drinking, call a phone number and come home to convince quot;Richard Harris, actor. quot; My father had a strong influence on me. He was a lunatic quot;Spike Milligan, comedian. 14. One of the parties is striking in Southern Ireland is St. Patrick's Day is an annual holiday that celebrates Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, on March 17. It is a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland (for a party and no legal tradition in Northern Ireland), in Montserrat, and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide by all Irish and sometimes even by people who have no Irish ancestry. The celebration theme is usually all that is green and Irish, both Christian and non-Christians celebrate the feast regularly dressing in green, enjoy the food which includes Irish cabbage and Irish drink, and attending parades. In some establishments sell beer dyed green for the holiday. 15. Northern Ireland wasnt different from the rest of Ireland. However, with the waves of settlers from England and Scotland have evolved to their own cultural identity. There is a theater movement in Belfast and a great literary activity, also has an opera house and ballet company. Among the museums include the Ulster Museum in Belfast, which houses a collection of Irish antiquities, and the Museum of the Ulster Folk and Transport, in Hollywood. Northern Ireland is a mix of attractions for the visitor with a rich cultural heritage, stunning scenery and beautiful coast. Northern Ireland contains the most exciting cultural events: fairs, festivals, dance, music, among other arts. Their cuisine consists of preparing simple dishes of meat and cooked vegetables. You can test the culinary skills of the visitor course haute cuisine, or sample the best dishes at a restaurant to hold Michelin stars in Northern Ireland 16. The Irish (Gaeilge in Irish) is a Goidelic language that is spoken in Ireland and in small communities in Canada and Argentina. Is recognized as an official language of the Republic of Ireland and received a degree of formal recognition in Northern Ireland under the Good Friday Agreement to other varieties that are spoken in Northern Ireland. There is talk in Ireland, some communities in Newfoundland and Argentina. Words in IrishDirections:Weekdays: Basic words:- Gracias: Go raibh - left: cl-Monday: D Luain - maith Agat -right: ceartTuesday: D Mirt - - -anything: T filte-Far: i bhfadWednesday: Give romhat-near: cngarach (do),Chadaoin -Hello: Dia dhuitgo (do)-Thursday: Dardaoin -What is your name?:-Street: srid-Friday D: hAoine Cad is ainm duit?- Avenue: aibhinne-Saturday: Sathairn -My name is Judith Flynn: Judith Flynn is -North: tuaisceart-Sunday: D ainm dom.- South: deisceartDomhnaigh -how are you?:-East: oirthear Conasida t t?- West: iarthar 17. CREATEDBY: Elena Merino Martnez Cristina Agustn Esther Moraga Olmeda