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    JSA TROPHIES The following trophies may be awarded to JSA sailors and instructors: 1. Championship Trophies for winners of the class championships for which competitors have qualified at JSA qualifying events: The Pequot Cup for Club 420s The Commodore Edgar L. Raymond, Jr. Trophy for Lasers The Joseph Cosulich Trophy for Laser Radials The Midget Bowl for Pixels The Commodore Leo M. Cardillo Trophy for Optimists 2. Season Trophies for best finishes at JSA open events (scored using high point system): The Clinton M. Bell Trophy for Laser, Radial or Club 420 The Christopher Goodyear Neff Trophy for runner-up in open events for

    Lasers, Radials or Club 420s The Thomas W. Fowler, Jr. Trophy for double handed events (Club 420s) The Larry Kean Memorial Trophy for highest score in Blue Jay Open

    events The Timothy Sinclair Memorial Trophy for highest score in Pixel Open

    events 3. Trophies for Specific Events: Malcolm McIntyre Team Racing Trophy Everett B. Morris Trophy for the winner of the Beach Point overnight race The Dorade Trophy for the winner of the PHRF series Sears YRALIS Finals (triple-handed national series) Bemis YRALIS Finals (double-handed national series) Smythe YRALIS Finals (single-handed national series) Founders Trophy for the Girls Championship (Leiter) 4. Trophies for Skills and Achievement: Marlinspike Seamanship Trophy awarded to the individual with the highest score in the Marlinspike Seamanship contest Junior Navigation Trophy awarded to the individual with the highest score on the Navigation Test Blue Jay Class Navigation Trophy Blue Jay Performance Boat Handling Trophy Blue Jay Class Championship Series Shipshape Award 5. Sportsmanship, Character and Achievement Awards: Mitchell S. Weeks Trophy for sportsmanship in the 420, Laser and Laser Radial classes as selected by their peers Brooke E. Gonzalez Memorial trophy awarded to a girl chosen from nominations by clubs for her outstanding character, achievement and dedication to sailing. 6. Trophies for Instructors: Susie Trotman Trophy for outstanding sailing instruction Jesse A. B. Smith Trophy for the Associate Championship

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    The qualifying events for the Clinton M. Bell Trophy, the Christopher Goodyear Neff Trophy and the Thomas W. Fowler Jr. Trophy are the Eastern and Western District Regattas, Larchmont Race Week and JSA Race Week. For the Larry Kean Memorial Trophy for Blue Jays and the Timothy Sinclair Memorial Trophy for Pixels, scores are computed from the Eastern and Western Districts, Larchmont Race Week and Blue Jay/Pixel Race Week. A helmsman must be a Sailing Member of the JSA, be associated with a Member Club, participate in all three Qualifying Events, and start in at least 75% of the races completed in those Qualifying Events for his class or division in order to qualify for the Season Trophies. For any class to qualify for scoring in competition for perpetual Season Trophies there must be at least 10 starters for that class in more than 50% of the races sailed. Sailors may qualify as co-skippers for Season Trophies if, and only if, they sail together in all three qualifying events as co-skippers. No competitor who has been penalized for a breach of Racing Rule 2 (Fair Sailing) or warned or penalized for a breach of Racing Rule 69 (Allegations of Gross Misconduct) shall be eligible to compete in any JSA championship event or receive any JSA season trophy during the calendar year of said breach.

    A helmsman or crew may compete for the Clinton Bell and Goodyear Neff

    trophies by sailing in two different classes in qualifying events. The sailor must notify the JSA office prior to a qualifying event if he will be sailing in a class other than his regular class. Regular class is defined as the class in which he entered the first qualifying event: Eastern or Western Districts. A sailor may sail the events in one of the following combinations: Laser and 420 or Laser Radial and 420. A sailor may not switch between the two Laser classes.

    A helmsman or crew who misses a JSA Qualifying Event(s) due to

    participation in specified Championship Events (JSA Class Championships, US SAILING Area B or US SAILING National Junior Championships), or to the event sanctioned practice/clinic immediately prior to these Championships, shall be scored according to special methods explained below.

    For the purpose of awarding season trophies, races will be scored on a

    high point system. It should be noted that a high point system favors the boats with the larger fleet and that this reflects the desire to award these trophies to the sailors who have beaten the most competitors. One point is awarded for finishing and one point for each starting boat defeated. A boat withdrawing, not finishing, disqualified, or not participating shall be scored zero points for that race, unless they missed the JSA event due to participation in one of the events listed above. If a sailor was at one of these events, the sailor will be scored on the race results in the JSA Qualifying Events in which the sailor participated; even if it is only one event. Individual scores will be determined by dividing the total number of points a sailor receives by the maximum number of points that the sailor could have received in each of the races in which the sailor participated. The resulting percentage shall be figured to three decimal places. In case of a tie, the sailor that has won the greatest number of first places shall be awarded the place tied for and the other sailor the next succeeding place. If the tied sailors have an equal number of firsts, then seconds, thirds, etc., shall be taken into consideration in breaking the tie. No special race, in which all participants are not allowed to participate, will be used in computing scores for the Qualifying Events.

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    THE PEQUOT CUP Presented by Roderick McNeil, 1924

    JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP (Triple or doublehanded boats)

    1924 Bayside, Arthur Knapp, Jr., Carl L. Weagant, Rufus G. Smith 1925 Stamford, Harry W. Sturges, Jr., B. W. Wenlan, Jr. C. D. Lockwood 1926 Stamford, W. F. Gillespie, Jr., John D. Fox, W. Wilson Herrick 1927 Huguenot, Louis Kennedy, Jr., Frank Hekma, Rushmore Mariner 1928 Bayshore, Lloyd N. Emery, Robert W Grace, John A. Wilbur, Jr. 1929 Larchmont, Robert Reybine, Ned Anderson, Jr., Robert W. Carrick 1930 Pequot, Nicol Bissell, Paul T. Rennell, Cleveland Bissell 1931 Port Washington, Bruce F. Vanderveer, Adrian Iselin III, Paul Woodward 1932 Black Rock, John W. Field, John Pullman, N. J. Gaynor, Jr. 1933 Larchmont, Robert N. Bavier Jr.,Edgar B. Whiting, W. Gregory Maue 1934 Pequot, John T. Arms, Jr., John Abberley, James Gordon 1935 Cold Spring Harbor, J. E. Rousmaniere, George N. Lindsay, M. Hornblower 1936 Pequot, Charles P. Stetson, B. J. Ainsworth, Robert E. Gordon 1937 Pequot, Charles P Stetson, Robert E. Gordon, William F. Watkin 1938 Pequot, Robert E. Gordon, Howland Hayes, R. McNeil, Jr. 1939 Knickerbocker, Emil Mosbacher, Jr., Charles Straus, Jr., R. A. Mosbacher 1940 Indian Harbor, Richard Middleton, William Hulick, Peter Duble 1941 Cold Spring Harbor, Thomas C. Platt, Henry B. Plan, Edwin P. Taylor, Jr. 1942 No Race 1943 Manhasset Bay, Robert Monetti, George Shaver, Raymond Gregory 1944 Stamford, Robert Thomson, Thomas Hume, Douglas Smith 1945 Manhasset Bay, Robert Monetti, Don MacNary, Steve Taylor 1946 Stamford, Douglas Smith, Thomas Hume, William Thomson 1947 Larchmont, A. J. Eckhardt, Jr., Stephan K. Carr, Stanley P. Bell 1948 Larchmont, A. J. Eckhardt, Jr., Stanley P. Bell, William Lynn 1949 Riverside, Judy Webb, Wally Benjamin, Melissa Walker 1950 Rocky Point, George Reichhelm, Robert F. Shattuck,W. B. Osgood, III 1951 Rocky Point, George Reichhelm, James A. Blattmann, W. B. Osgood, III 1952 Indian Harbor, Martin A. Purcell, Constance M. Neher, Carolyn E. Neher, Robert W. Harris 1953 Norwalk,Frank P. Raymond, Mark Lilly, Howard Foster, Jr., Stephen Harper 1954 Larchmont, Pat O'Neal, Dennis Posey, Tyner Corning 1955 American, Fred Hibberd, Jr., David Gundy, Rosemary Kelly, Wm. L. Hitchcock, Jr. 1956 Noroton, William S. Cox, Jr., John Franklin, Sally Smith 1957 Pequot, John Merrifield, Tom Munnell, Peter Clark, Pierce Gerety 1958 Noroton, Kevin Jaffe, Peter Wilson, Carolyn McCurdy 1959 Noroton, Kevin Jaffe, Peter Wilson, Carolyn McCurdy 1960 Noroton, Peter L. Wilson, Robert Wells, Bill Edwards 1961 Noroton, Les Abberley, Harold Scott, Bill Edward, Ted King 1962 Pequot, Wilford Smith, Mike Hafer, Paul Wood 1963 Manhasset Bay, Stephen Moore, Tex Poor, George Huntington 1964 Pequot, Ti Hack, Robbie Lansing, Ward Anderson 1965 Black Rock, Ralph Sperry, Jr., Alan Jones, Christopher Strong 1966 Black Rock, Ralph Sperry, Jr., Lawrence Phippen, Christopher Strong 1967 Rocky Point, Tim Etchells, David Osann, Bret Hall


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    1968 Indian Harbor, Jerome Coe, Mark Rice, Hans Isbrandtsen 1969 Noroton, Manton Scott, Chris Wilson, Steve Heath 1970 Seawanhaka Corinthian, Terry Neff, David Kellogg, Peter Parkinson 1971 Belle Haven, Steve Hicks, Bill Langan, Lawson Fisher 1972 Belle Haven, Steve Hicks, Bill Langan, Lawrence Fisher 1973 Indian Harbor, John Stautner, John Curry 1974 Cedar Point, Henry Brauer, Pat Crump 1975 Larchmont, Gerald Coleman, Steve Csenge 1976 Pequot, John Wallace, Susan Oleinik 1977 Larchmont, Doug Lynn, Ted Luckett 1978 Larchmont, Doug Lynn, Ted Luckett 1979 American, Bill Lynn, Tom Mundinger 1980 Noroton, Chris Kostanecki, Rick Kimball 1981 Port Washington, Tom Danilek, Tom Brennan 1982 Noroton, Charlie Henkel, Phillip Jones 1983 Noroton, Charlie Henkel, Bill Park 1984 American,