kerrang magazine house style

Kerrang Magazine House style

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Kerrang Magazine House style

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What is House style?

House style is where a magazine uses similar layout and structure. For example, Masthead Font, Colours, logo, placement of pictures and location of barcode.

House Style is used by nearly every magazine on the market today to give each magazine a specific look and layout.

This is usually used so the reader can tell that it is the magazine they are after if they are familiar with the layout and font types of the magazine.

In my opinion House style is effective and makes it so that the audience don’t have to look around for there magazine choice because they know what to expect the front cover to be like.

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As you can see the house style of this magazine includes the titles which is the same colour and uses the same font.

Kerrang magazine always have a big picture usually going over the masthead or below it.

The house style of this magazine includes what is in the magazine at the bottom of the magazine.