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BACKROUND INFORMATIONEditor: Nichola BrowneCategories: Music magazine Frequency: WeeklyPublisher: BauerTotal circulation: 43,000First issue: 6 June 1981Country: United KingdomLanguage: EnglishWebsite: www.kerrang.comRadio: Kerrang! 105.2FM

BACKROUND INFORMATION Kerrang is a weekly music magazine published by EMAP in the united kingdom since 1981 and australia since the late 1990s.however, Kerrang was monthly due to stiff competition from free local music publications. As well as this, Kerrang is also published in Spanish


It has also off a radio station, kerrang 105.2 FM which broadcasts a national digital service and a specific local variation in Birmingham and the surrounding area. and a digital TV channel ,KERAANG TV. These tend to cover the more mainstream side of the rock and a metal scene, where as the magazine regularly touches on unsigned and more undergrounds bands.Background Information

ALLTOGETHER what i found out is :

Kerrang is a rock music magazine

Published byBauer Consumer Mediain the United Kingdom.

The magazine's name isonomatopoeicand refers to the sound made when playing apower chordon anelectric guitar.

Kerrang has a niche audience.

Kerrang! beganpublication on the 7th June 1981 and was edited by Geoff Barton.

Kerrang first started off as a one time supplement in the Sounds newspaper, which focuses on "new wave of british heavy metal" and also the rise of other hard rock acts.

AC/DC was one of the first bands to appear on Kerrangs frst issue of the magazine.

The original owners of kerrang were united newspapers who then sold it to EMAP in 1991.

In 2008, EMAP then sold its consumer magazine to current owner Bauer media group.

BACKROUND INFORMATION5CONTENT ANALYSIS If you first open the kerrang magazine there is a contents page. This is quite brief but explains what features ,news, reviews and regular are in this weeks issue. The content page is laid out so its is easy to read and tells everything included which is good. Normally the kerrang magazine are using white font on a black background with a small written I think because they want to make the writing stand out and be easier for the readers to read out. what I also found out is that in every content pages there is a editor column. This column involves him or her either describing the content of the issue or answering any question that has been posted in.

PAGES IN KERRANGKerrang usually offers 63 pages in total, this number is the average number kerrang offers for the price it sells its magazines at.

I found out in my kerrang magazine that 52 original pages were used in the kerrang And 12 pages were taken from another magazine, newspapers or another agency who sell cheap copies of information

On the right corner there is a note from the editor. This is alongside a picture of the front cover. At the top of the page you can see a black box with a bold yellow font so as to make the page more noticeable to the readers .The colour scheme of this page is yellow black and white. . I think they used the yellow and black in reverse of each other which makes the page look more artistic.The images are dominant on this contents page, this is positive as it gives the reader a lot to look at and take in whilst looking attractive and not dull by just having all text ,however it can also look a little bit over done and messyAs the contents is mainly imaged based there are few words, however they are used in clear bold block capitals to emphasise the angriness of the magazine as the target market is the genre of rock music. also in a smaller font there is the issue the issues is even though its been published on the front cover. number and cover date, this is to remind the reader what issue this is even though its been published on the front cover.On the right hand side of the page there is along column that highlights the main features included in this week issue. The features are numbered which correspond to the number of the picture this is effective as it gives the reader a taste of what is to to come without giving to much away forcing the reader to read on. small subheadings are used and these are shown in a bright yellow font this is to show their importance by using subheadings and dividing the magazine up they have have made it much easier for the reader to find exactly what they are looking looking for.thid ids an important conventation for a content page SIGNS

A sing is the smallest unit of meaning. Anything that can be used to communicate, we communicate more my signs then we may do by talking to one another.

A symbolic sign is learnt hence when we see it we automatically remembered and followed

Similarly a iconic sign that looks alike to what its meant to mean, we also learn this however these are more obvious signs therefore its is easier to understand and follow.

All forms of media uses signs, especially magazines. Kerrang uses signs throughout the magazine to communicate with its audience.

ADVERTISEMENTSAdvertisements are important to cover the cost of magazinesAdvertisements allow Kerrang to add value to the final selling price.Advertisements may help the magazine to look eye catching.

EDITORIALWe found out as a group that there were 5 pages in total of editorial, with a sum of 26 pages of editorial copy images and 18 pages of editorial images.26 +18 does not equal 5 pages this is due to the fact that the images were all counted but then were put added together which then equaled 5 pages.

PRICEWhen a company is pricing their magazine its crucial for them to consider various factors such as; will the target audience I am aiming at able to afford this magazine.

Photo librariesThese are images that do not belong to the magazines itself and are brought of another agency, in order to make cost cheaper and have a verity of different contents in the magazine.

Photo library26 photo libraries were used on 16 pages.And 129 original photos were used on 17 pages. images and fonts used seemed more violent and aggressive. This is the kind of image that is associated with that genre of music.

Front coverThe type of photograph that is on the front cover of the Kerrang magazine, shows a portrait picture of two members from the band Linkin Park.

The photograph on the front cover is a medium shot of both members from Linkin Park.

The composition of the image is so that both the members of the band are looking directly at the audience. This is arranged so that it grabs the readers eye.

The image on the front cover is important because in order for this photo to attract readers and fans who take interest in that specific band, capturing the mood of those two members with an emphasis of their facial expression is significant.

The image attracts the audience as it shows both the members of the band smiling due to their new album being released. This attracts the readers/fans as they would like to read more about their upcoming album.

We know what is inside the magazine, from the look of the front cover which shows what will be featured in that magazine and sometimes why they are featured in the magazine.

Information on the front cover is arranged around the main image of the two band members. It is mainly shown underneath so the readers can see what the magazine features after looking at the main image.

The information has been arranged like this because it is the second thing that the readers will look at and from this will catch their attention after the main topic that is the release of Linkin Parks albumFront coverThe colours that have been used on the front cover are mainly black, white and red.

These colours are significant and they have been used to draw the persons attention as these colours, mainly black are associated with rock and heavy metal.

They are also largely liked colours mainly by guys that take interest in that sort of genre of music.

The colour of the masthead is black and white.

It is significant as it demonstrates what type of magazine it is from the colours that link to rock and heavy metal.

The type of font that is being used for this magazine is big and bold.

The cover images are often quite serious images of band either in full body shots or medium close up.

Front coverThis font has been chosen because it is clear for the reader to read and also bold font which stands out attracts more attention than any other font.

The representational issues identified are that tis magazine is quite stereotypical as it is mainly aimed at those with an interest in the genre rock and heavy metal. Kerrang is also a magazine mainly read by guys rather than girls. This can be shown by the way that the magazine is layed out and the use of colours which are mainly liked by guys.

Language is targeted to the audience in way that links to the genre of music. In this case rock and heavy metal. This type of music suggests that the readers are "wild" therefore the language of the magazine is "wild" to make the readers more comfortable with what they are reading.

Front coverRelation to cost of productionThe more the content that comes from another contributor the cheaper the production this is due to the fact that the company will not have to waste time finding information or use resources, therefore the final selling price would be also cheaper. Layout The layout is often similar for each issue and often contains the same types of features. we think it is like that because it is easily recognisable to the reader and the bold masthead and cover images attract your eyes to the magazine.

Quality and Reproduction The magazine quality is high production as it uses glossy paper which is more costly then normal paper however it uses the same paper quality for the cover and the glossy paper felt a bit cheap for the cover.

Cover price and production cost The more costly the material to produce the magazine, the more costly the cover price will be. However the magazine does not seem to have a really high circulation hence Kerrang have to sell at a lower price.