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Cameo & Georgia

Music magazine research

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Individually mindedIndependent of thoughtMusically experiencedDefined by attitude,

passion and loyalty

Where Jackass meets playstation and skate culture meets ipod!

Reader profile60% male/40% female

British with a target population of 16-24 year olds

Magazine is focused around bands and what they are doing then the scene they are aiming at.

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Featured story

Image of featured band cut out


Issue for January 15 2011

Pull quote


Main featured band

Pull quote

Plug (using graphic)

Promotional posters


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Issue for September 12th 2009


Main band featured. This gives everyone an insight to the focus of the magazine



Cut out image of artist

bleedPull quote

Promotional plug

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Issue for October 9th 2010

puff masthead



Cut out image of featured band Promotional


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All three front covers have:• The exact same font for masthead• Image of featured band is cut out and layered

within the cover.• Repetion of words such as exclusive, plus, win

and special.However! Every magazine we have looked at

changes its style slightly around its featured band.

Comparing front covers

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Contents pageSame header for contents page

All three contents pages have similar lay outs.

Yellow and Black and constantly used in every issue for contents page headers and text.

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Pull quotepuff

One of the main features with kerrang!s double page spread is a very large image of the featured artist/band. Images and posters are a key element with kerrang!.

Double Page Spread

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Initially as a one-time supplement in the Sounds newspaper

Published by Bauer media group, privately owned by the Bauer family, based in Germany Hamburg, started in 1875, based in 15 countries, it has 282 magazines as well as radio and TV (so its a synergy), total circulation of 38mil, in 2008 it became the uk’s biggest publisher with the purchase of Emap Consumer Media and Emap Radio. They have a 50 % stake in box television which includes •Qtv •4music•Kiss tv•Kerrang! TV•The Box•Magic TV•Smash Hits TV

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The usual cost

£2.20If you subscribe for the year getting 51 issues paying at once 84.15 saving yourself 25% at 1.65 per issue

Kerrang! TVSky channel 368Virgin media channel 342UPC Ireland channel 715

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• June to December 07 – 76,937• December to july 08 – 60,294• July to December 09 – 52,272

A third of its readership has jumped ship over 12 months; it’s hard to see how it will survive as a print title for very much longer with this sort of performance.


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 Aimed at a young audience, through the use of graphics, fonts, layouts and presentation

Take their lifestyles into consideration

Accommodates the young readership by using advertisements that relate to their interests.

Female readers are targeted by the use of male bands on free pull out posters and feature interviews

Interaction letters with prizes for the best

Gig reviews

Usually £2.20 an issue, it’s a weekly issue. Consumers can subscribe for the year saving 25%

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First artist

Present artist

Kerrang! Radio

Kerrang! TV

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